Friday, April 8, 2016

Marriage Prayer #8


The Lord continues to teach me and change me.   I can freely say, I am not 'bound' by the timing of 40 days.  Let me explain.  In the past, God has asked me to write some prayer blogs for women and for marriages.  EAch time.... it was 40 days worth and I was almost 90% faithful to make sure they were posted -- sometimes even at the expense of my sleep and my man.  However,  in the past year -- HE is so maturing me and reminding me constantly that I can't get affirmation from this blog, FB, nor even my man must ALL come from HIM. 

Today is Friday -- I am headed to Titusville to walk with God through A God Encounter Weekend with 47 others.  Already the Enemy has begun an onslaught of banter and crud in my ears.  Just to be real, just last night an honest chat with my husband -- can quickly be used by the darkness to try and return me to a pit.  However, God wins.    With much prayer and intercession -- I move forward, one day at a time.   Marriage is God's way of showing ALL of us.... well, it is as 'close' to the love JESUS has for us and why he died on that cross...for an unselfish task....

A marriage is indeed a  union ....but it must be connected and established by our God.  If it was not established by still can be...!!   Anyway.  I am getting off topic. 

I believe my marriage is a miracle.  I have been asking God over and over -- at 'what point' did it turn... and HE has been showing me many events and such, but basically -- the turning point was when BOTH of us were in love with God.  BOTH of us were seeking the healing touch of Jesus and BOTH of us were getting our whispers from Holy Spirit and not the enemy. 

So...  with that... 

I pray today for a miracle in YOUR marriage.  I am unsure  WHO is reading this -- but -- miracles happen.  Period. 

As I was saying -- I am no longer 'bound' by a time constraint.  AS...  I should
be at Day #10 or 11, but I have lost track -- cause I have placed God first... my husband 2nd...and right now -- HIS  Encounter weekend is 3rd...after this kids will go back in that spot..LOL.  But, I want HIS best for everyone that attends, but I want HIS best for me...  I want to be HIS best..and allow HIM to use me in whatever capacities He says. 

And... another photo:  

When I knew my blog would be about miracles...I had to add in this photo - as THESE two girls are walking miracles.  Each has their own story...each has done mighty and great works already in the name of JESUS.......but HE has SO much more for each of them....

 They have just begun -- 
They and their husbands will reach many for HIS Kingdom and in HIS time. 

They along with their circle of influence  -- well, I will just say it... I believe they will see the coming of Christ -- and that makes my heart sing. 

For that matter -- I believe my children won't have to plan a I believe HE is coming -- soon. 

No worries... I am not marking a date as I know what scripture says, but ladies...and gentlemen - look around. 

We are in a time of great wonder and great darkness...

We are in a time -- like no other. 
We are in a time -- where -- we must know that we know -- where are we headed. 

In this day and age -- marriages are the MOST attacked...why -- cause like I started with -- God's design for marriage was HIS plan -- for us to understand true self-less love. 

Lord, I will end with this -- I know eight women right now that are hanging on... I pray their miracle is VERY Jesus name.  AMEN! 

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