Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Yes, Happy Mother's Day.   This post is coming early.   Happy Mother's Day is the only title that seemed fitting.

I realize I would honor my mother   ( Sandy ) and I love her so --

---- and even my other mother, my mother-n-love            ( Marilyn) but today....I am honoring a new mom in my life. 

The mom of my new son.  Taylor's husband.  Jacob.  

This photo was taken Saturday morning as we arrived in Miami at the Bank United Center, an hour before the Living Proof Live Event was to begin.  I wish I would of snapped a panoramic of the entire view once we started and settled in -- 3000+ women.  ( And there were men there too.)

 In this stadium -- it reminded me of a dream God gave me years ago and it replays in my head  here and there:  I find myself floating up to the heavens.  I can only imagine or what I believe --is a dream of  the Rapture.  I am not going to get dogmatic here -- but each time I have the dream, it seems like rows and rows of people floating up and up and I feel tremendously happy until I realize I can't see 'all' of my kids or someone and then I wake up.    So as I sat at that spot last Saturday morn, and I looked out - I was reminded of that dream.  And I realized I had not had that dream in years so I asked God about that -- its meaning and if He would give it to me again. 

And then, I quickly got distracted and thanked God for allowing me the time and ability to enjoy the weekend with my new friend -- the new mom in my life.    Jacob's mom.  She is also Nic's mom and  Will's wife.   I can put a laugh and chuckle in here ..."we have even slept together now"...

Opps - sorry.  She is so unlike me in many ways and yet SO like me.  But I know, she is a bit more private or reserved - so Kerry, I do apologize for the sleeping reference -- Brendan is the one that has better timing for the humor!

However,  we attended with two other wonderful sisters in Christ and the four of us enjoyed traffic, Dunkin Donuts, and then a supper at 11 pm in the Little Havana area of West Miami.  It certainly was an experience!   All laughs.   All fun.

 Little sleep ...but, what a WORD Beth preached and taught from the book of Samuel.  THAT is for another blog....

This is Happy Mother's Day.

Let me explain.

I so enjoyed getting to know this lady better.  We had a love affair that started last summer.... I say that in jest, cause that is when Brendan and I began to meet both she, Kerry, and her husband Will.  ( Jacob's dad)   Between watching a proposal,  eating wings at a Wing place, and then having stromboli at Bobby's -- these two very kind, generous,  and loving people became instant friends and family.   They are fun!  

And, if you read my stuff -- the wedding was last September, the 2nd one was this past February and now -- we do life together as often as possible.

Please EXCUSE the blurriness of the photo -- I was shaking and trying my best to get a good clear one, but I wanted to capture the emotion as well.    Because GOD blessed me with a perfect 360 moment and the emotion of it  - it something that I wanted to capture. 

At the END of Beth's events -- she does a commissioning statement and imparts a prayer on the women that have joined her for that bible study or that weekend event.   I have stood ONLY ONE other time before doing a commissioning statement LIVE like that one  last Saturday.

   I have done others  in bible studies, written some, given some,  and even  grabbed the hands of another and recited it ----which were all very  powerful but not like this one! 

The  FIRST  one I did was back in April of 2010.  Actually,  April 23, 2010,  at a church in Vero Beach.  I grabbed the hands of the beautiful lady in front of me and it was either Carla Marie...or it was Brooke Weigand..   right now - I can't remember.   I can see Brooke in my memory but Carla Marie was there too!

 As I stood there and we 'imparted' wisdom to each other and a prayer -- I left that Simulcast ( So Long Insecurity, you have been a BAD Friend to me) and was changed and pumped up.  You see, I had been in counsel, seeking help,  as I knew something was wrong within my marriage and I was trying my best to figure it out and love a man who I knew deep down - was lost, separated from God, and running -- and with No 'Eros love ' for me.....  He felt only "phileo"...and I was determined it was only a mid-life crisis and that soon, once he fell back in love with Jesus and His Agape love...his eyes would open and see ME!    However,  that did not play out that way.   Much more transpired in 2010...2011... and 2012...  

As I said, I went to a few other events and watch Beth on TV -- but that was the FIRST LIVE Commissioning Statement Exercise and then .... almost 6 years later, I am standing, face to face with this beautiful women, with a sea of others and as I grabbed her hands - it HIT.

I was overcome.  I could tell Beth was giving instructions for the exercise, but I had heard them before, I just bawled.  Mascara running, nose beginning to SNOT up - bawled.  As I heard Beth say, "this will never happen again"..... and it won't.

As I looked at Kerry, I could clearly see a woman WHO had prayed for her son for 28 years....to have the God ordained and appointed WIFE that would compliment him.

As I looked at Kerry, I knew I had prayed 24+ years for a daughter  and I prayed for THAT husband, that was being raised in a healthy Christian home that he would be the best man to compliment her....

And I realized HOW God had orchestrated  THIS way before I was even a twinkle in the eye of my mom and dad.

 THIS was a part of the DESTINY that Satan tried to DESTROY when he set his fangs into our family --
THIS is what HE was trying to stop.
Satan did not know what God knew...but He could tell -- we had favor.
Now...it was not all Satan...it was our own choices that placed us in a pit back in 2009-2010-2011...  but  GOD won.

So - Happy Mother's Day to the women that God created to give birth to my new son.

Thank you Denise who blessed me with the 'ticket' to see Beth Moore for my birthday... Thank you to Linda ...who gifted her tickets to Cassie and "G".  And thank you Diane ..who gifted her ticket to Linda...   And Thank you Kerry for saying Yes! And thank you Crystal for taking the photo!!   

Thank you God -- for I set off to be ministered to and I was.
I was blessed beyond what I expected.

Next weekend there are 48 women heading to Titusville for another God Encounter Weekend.
God has imparted a vision on Me and I will obey -- as difficult as it is to get 'women' to all agree ...nothing tops the sisterhood of these Encounter Weekends as when God is in the lead...there is not stopping WHAT HE can do. !
I am humbled..   blessed, chosen, accepted, adopted, forgiven and redeemed and I can face my giant...and any other ones that may come my way -- as I have a GIANT Sized faith !!

- michelle

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