Monday, April 11, 2016

A Humbled Simple Lamb who loves her Shepherd -- Boundless Grace

God does mighty things.
God heals.
God restores.
God refreshes.

It is amazing to watch and see HIM move and work in the lives of women.
It is amazing to watch and see HIM move in the fullness of His Grace.. His Mercy..and in the Spirit.
It is amazing to watch a beloved daughter of the most High God, get rid of years of unforgiveness and walk in freedom.

God wins.

I used to call myself a 'dumb sheep'.  As I just must rely on HIM all the time.
But the Lord had me change that term...  to 'simple'.

One of the definations of simple is unalloyed.
Alloyed means combination or blend a mixture.

I am unalloyed if I am not with God.
I am just a simple person that NEEDS God.

I am a lamb that had wandered off and got caught in the thicket of sin and my Shepherd left the 99 and found me.... picked me up, broke my legs and held me until I was healed and could walk on my own and I never strayed away again.

I am a humbled, simple lamb --

IN AWE of God's provision.
In AWE of God's orchestrating.
In AWE of the fact - HE will do what HE is going to do and will move ALL obstacles out of the way.
In AWE  of the fact, that with each person I get the honor to pray with -- HE teaches me more.
In AWE of the fact, that in spitie of adverstiy - His plan continues.  That NOT one would perish.

God has boundless Grace for each and every one of us.
I thank my leadership team -- and the intercessory team -- as together HE loved on 42 women this past weekend and our lives are changed - forever.

If you are interested in being at the next God Encounter Weekend, contact me.

- in awe,
- humbled, Michelle

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