Friday, April 22, 2016

Just some BOLD prayers right now --

Lord, the world is all hyped on the death of a rock star -- Prince.  Lord I pray he loved you -- as if he didn't....he  probably does KNOW you now!

Lord, for the upcoming testing with my students and the rest of the school -- I have had the lowest VAM scores for far too long....I want a higher score, so allow favor to each of my students, when they guess or have to narrow down the answer choice to two them to mark the right one.  And Lord, solve the situation with this high stakes testing - we are really SICK of it.   Or Lord, create a movement within the country -- where all of us just STOP and perhaps all the parents just KEEP their kids home.... LOL.   I don't mean to cause a stir -- but, it  is time again for a change within this testing.   Lord, for the one student that voiced his 'pressure' today - may he do better than he has ever before, but also, remind him that it is indeed - just a test. 

Lord, for a family I know that is knee deep in the illness of ALS....Lord, the new adjustments and so forth, not only for her but for him.  Lord, for the new grand babies of that family, may they enjoy  their granddad for years!   Lord, I pray that the progression of his situation would be slow and that he would have all the time he needs to enjoy his family and You! 

Lord, for another family, that I believe is in rebellion.  Lord, open their eyes to SEE YOU.  Show me to or how t extend the love you feel for everyone.   I have a tendency of only loving those that love me.....   I need to change that. 

Lord, for the family that is seeking GREAT favor and help with a child who is struggling physically -- they need your constant guidance and grace.  Lord, help everyone around them see what needs to be done and gets it done.  Lord, for the medical team that supports this family -- may there no longer be a financial strain and may there be new advances in research to make his life ---  quality! 

Lord, for the women and people I work with each day -- as they are in the trenches at times trying to teach and really -- just being a counselor and mentor.  Lord, help us to recognize trauma in a us to love with discipline and yet, still have compassion to discipline.   Lord, may we me real examples of Your mercy and grace - not only to each other but to our students!   Lord, for the upcoming 'last 5 weeks' of school -- protect us Lord.

Lord, for the family that is working out blending issues.  Lord, that each side would not take sides but that each side would truly blend together.  Lord, for the parties involved...may they seek counsel and be willing to change or amend previous plans and structures.  Lord, the ONLY way this family can move forward it to blend and reconstruct -- so, I pray that all parties involved will see the need to seek help and then DO it.

Lord, for the mother tonight that is in her house - with her boys...but he has left.  Lord, for her heart and head as she is 'alone' and yet - I know you and a 1000 angels are right there too.  Lord, give her a dream, a vision for her future and make it so totally CLEAR to her WHAT she is to do -- besides WAIT on You.  Lord, for the husband who insists it is her fault ....God I bind Satan , in the name of Jesus that he would flee him -- and that he would see his own sin  ...he would see his need for forgiveness and the many years of habits that has lead him to THIS point...well, Lord, I pray they drive him crazy until he comes into full repentance to You and then....Lord, that godly sorrow would help him change and that he would not allow the enemy to pull apart his family.   Lord, these are desperate prayers - but real prayers.

Lord, for the one in a hospital bed this eve -- fighting infection.  Lord,  we ask that you take this away faster than the antibiotics seems to work -- so that she CAN be home with her new baby and the rest of her family.  Lord,  use this time to speak to her -- to teach her ---Lord, may she draw even closer to You.

Lord, for the one getting married soon -- that all the details would fall into place, that schedules and guests would all communicate and enjoy each other and that this marriage is Your will.

Lord, for the Believing God bible study Group -- which started out at 27 strong ....but some of us have not finished -- yet... Lord, for EACH of those ladies -- that their miracle they claimed back in January -- THAT it comes into fruition.  Period.  And for that -- I thank you Lord.   Lord, that those who were unable to keep up -- get the necessary time to finish this study and believe God -- believe YOU like they never have before. 

Lord, for the new bible study - So Long Insecurity -- Lord, as I already stated, that insecure women open the book and secure women close the book.   Lord -- take over that FB page and direct us all.  Lord, help me to foresee any problems and allow the responses from each person willing to open up be blessed -- as I know when we read HOW you have saved, redeemed, and extend grace to others -- we learn and we  see that our own situations - come into perspective!

And finally Lord....

there are requests I thought of today - that I can't share --
there are requests that I have already prayed over and forgotten --
and there are my own -- my heart wants to hear YOU all the time.   My head wants to constantly be in communication with You Lord and my eyes -- want ONLY to see Your hand at work.  Lord, use me -- may this random bunch of prayers speak to one or many this eve....but also may it teach another that prayer is vital and it is just speaking/talking to YOU.

As the power is NOT in the is in the ONE I am praying to - YOU God have the power.
You Lord, will provide and answer and Your will be done -- In Jesus name.  Amen. 

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