Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Who told you that?

Blogging has become somewhat of a 2nd thought thing.    I  used to want to blog every night.   I know God has changed me because at least 3 years ago each and every time something upset me or made me rejoice I would blog. I blogged a lot. 

 It was a part of my therapy.

 It just was.

 I am open, honest and perhaps sometimes too transparent,  but I am authentic.   I am who I am.  I realize that perhaps this medium of blogging scares the crud out of some or most and yet it gives me the chance to express what is on my heart and I pray it helps another.  

I don't mean to sound like a broken record but  a blog and some instant messaging through  social media changed my world and  holds a special spot in my heart.   God used that to speak to me in some desperate moments.   So I know that when Holy Spirit is speaking to me and I am to write - I do.  As I believe that it will touch someone or several.  

I have noticed that I don't blog as much these days  and I ask God, "why?" and the best answer I get from Him is that, "just continue to seek me and I will have you blog when it is time".  

I digressed - back to my thought -- I was just about headed to bed.  I had some  informative fifth grade writings to read and grade and yet my indigestion from supper would not allow me to rest so I just kept trying to do some tasks for school.  However,  I would doze off and awake to trying to complete the task I started  until I finally gave up and went to brush my teeth.

 But then,  Holy Spirit begins to speak and moves me to the computer screen--and I type, asking a loved one right now some very important questions.   Thinking and then seeking God in prayer as I type - please bless this blog and use it. 

Who told you that?  

This is my grand daughter.  Yes, she may be my "step-grandchild" but she is all  mine.   This photo is of our very first meeting.   Little did she know that I had been praying for her, at the point to which the photo was taken,  for over a year.   Even before she was born, I called her Sweet Pea and prayed for her.  I prayed for her heart, her head, and her disposition.  I prayed for her mother and I prayed for her daddy and my daughter - her bonus mom.   I prayed.  I even prayed that when she was born, God would be her will and that His will was hers.     It is hard to stop and think of what you are capable of until God allows it.  It is hard to imagine how just one event can change so much.

  So, I have been thinking about a few things, thinking about some  younger  women that still have tight skin and a full working metabolism and I was thinking of this precious grand daughter .  And I have been thinking about this question  that I want to ask...

Who told you that?

Who told you that you are worthless and stupid?   
Who told you that you would never be loved?  
Who told you that you were unwanted?   

I think of those questions and think of Ava and tears run -- I don't ever want her to think for one moment that she is worthless or stupid.   I would fight the person who told her that.   As I think of her and think of all the lies the enemy tells us -- I hurt.  As even at one year of age -- I just want to protect her and teach her about her identity in Christ.

And I think of another daughter -- one that I love dearly as if she was my own ......

Who told you that he is the best for you right now? 
Who told you that you could put on hold your dreams for this particular season?  

I really want you to stop and think and ask God.   Is this a godly relationship?  Is this Your best for me Lord?  The Lord will tell you -- but have you asked Him?? 

Way too often we settle because we are fearful.   Fear is Satan's way of keeping you trapped.  Have you read Psalm 139 lately and read HOW God knew exactly how everything would turn out as you were created in Your mother's womb?

I remember the dreams you stated and the hopes in the eyes and thoughts of your mother -- don't sell yourself short -- seek God and make sure that you are making decisions based on God's direction rather than your feelings!  

I remember when you came to me and asked for prayer and sought forgiveness and repented from stupid teenage stuff and wanted MORE of God.....I remember!  

Gen 3.11 - When Eve had taken a part of the apple ( Adam was RIGHT there with her ) and they hid themselves as God came through walking and Adam preceded to tell God that they hid cause they were naked and ashamed.  And God says, "Who told you that?".   

Did God actually tell you that this man, this boy, or this person is His best for you? 
Has God confirmed to you that this young lady is to be one to pursue?    I am just going to challenge you to ask God this week, ask that simple question and pray and watch.  God will answer - but are you willing to listen?   I pray you will. 

Who told you that you were to be the holy spirit for your husband? 
Who told you that you were the one  that  was to remind him that he is not praying as he should?  
Who told you that it was your responsibility to make sure,  you hounded him enough to attend at least one service over the holiday?  

 Oh this one could hit home.  Ladies, has God asked you to be your husband's keeper?
 Has God asked you to remind him of his faults and what he is NOT doing?
Has God asked you to be his Holy Spirit?

There is a very old saying about how, "you can't fix stupid".  Ladies, if you are unequally yoked to begin with -- how can you expect to be in a relationship without problems? 

I am not stating he is stupid.  But you CAN NOT change a man -- he can only change himself.

 Ladies, God asks us to train our children and not our men.   And can I ask you this?  Does your husband see in you ---all that you expect out of him?   So, what is the enemy trying to tell you about your husband that You don't want to hear?  As Satan can use anything to distract you.  Is the enemy encouraging you in that area?  
  And By the way -- who told you that belief or thought  was true?  I am just going to say it - so many of us are so overwhelmed with stuff that we have forgotten to place our Armor on Each day.   So we hear stuff and then we just take it as gospel.  How do you know what is true or not true if you don't spend the time to read God's word?

I would challenge you -- I believe the answers to every question and decision ARE within those books of the bible!!   So, bible study is what's needed. 

Her name is Ava. If I ever hear some stinking thinking coming from her, I am going to ask, " Sweet Pea, who told you that?".   I have to add --
It is just so  incredible to fall so head over heals in love with a person so instantly,  that it seems unreal.  And it seems she was designed for us.  That God knew exactly who her BONUS Mimi was going to be -- oh wait.  GOD did! 

  THAT love I feel for her - to protect her and show her exactly HOW much her Heavenly Father loves her -- is something I want to be able to do.   I crave it.

I believe God wants that as well, in fact I know He does.   God CRAVES to be so close to you, you know exactly WHAT HE is thinking.  

And I  want to share some of that  love with others too.  I want the women or young girls around me to learn all about life and love through their parents, or some good mentors, or grandmothers  around them.  I don't want  them to get their worth and value through social media, TV, or a boyfriend.   I want these ladies in my circle of influence to be spoken to in love and cherished by their  brothers, their husbands and  their men.
 I want them to see the goodness in Christ's believers and not feel the judgement of others.
 I want then to be the light in a dark world and enjoy the day to day life with joy in-spite of any circumstances.


So, tonight I just want to pray for those single young women around me and I pray they will ask God this evening, "who told me that?".   And I am thinking of a few very specific single women and one particular young man --   I pray they each  will re-examine their relationships and seek God to confirm what HE has said to them.   And I pray they truly obey what they know God has already told them! 

 Lord, I  pray and I implore each of  them to seek Your face and allow You to confirm what  Your plans are for them and to when to embark on them.  As Lord, I don't believe they are seeking Your love letter to confirm anything -- it just seems like they are allowing the enemy to justify why the relationship could continue and what is next.   But -- THEY are yours and they are adults!!   Lord, I pray that each one of us reading this will check out hearts and thoughts and question what is hailed at us or thrown at us.  I pray for all, including myself, that we learn to love like Jesus did and do His will - by going out and being commissioned to serve God in their capacity.  Lord, for this blog -- again, I just want anyone reading this to question their heart and thoughts. Lord, that they would empty themselves of their own selves and then allow YOU in to fill all the wholes and gaps, In Jesus name - Amen. 

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