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  Today we have a guest blogger.  Her name is Eunice.  I have posted her stuff before, she is dear to my heart but can't use her real name at this point, cause of circumstances but indeed I know God is using her to write and minister to others.  This blog ministered to me several days ago with another circumstance and the Holy Spirit reminded me of it this morn when I was praying and thinking of a precious family in this community.  

 I think words are some of the most powerful things God created to help another.  His Word is one big help.  His Word is truly the only thing that can point us to total freedom and knowledge, but I know God speaks His Words through other mediums as well.  

   Eunice  wrote this after something had happened all of a sudden.  Or was it  a progression and one just finally realizes it??  I get that.  One particular phone call, one day everything in my world turned around.  And I have had a few other days where I have asked God, "really?".  

  But, after these last ,ten plus, years, I know God is good and when a WHAMMY hits HE is right there and He was not surprised and I trust that.   

Today a family that is very dear to the community will celebrate a life that was suddenly taken.  It is very hard to see the 'why' in this now and we may never know the why.  It may be hard to see the 'what' in this, but God is RIGHT here -- RIGHT there and a comfort for me is that I know this family seeks the Greatest Comforter there is!!  

 The only solace in this is that -- we believe, we know once she was absent from the body -- she was present with the Lord!!    Amen.  

So,  as you continue to read this -- you will notice that Eunice's  circumstance may be a bit different -- but God is not.  
As you read this, you will notice that a wife is wounded -- but God is RIGHT there with her.  
And as I read this again, I thought of a young husband with four precious children and I know GOD is right there.   

And I know God is RIGHT there -- holding the hands of the mother-n-love that is doing her best to hold it all together. 
God is  RIGHT there for the father of a young man who will forever look at life differently.  
God is RIGHT there for my precious little "4th grader" who is so full of life and I pray that spunk is never lost!   I pray as she grieves the loss of her dear sister, that God will indeed bring beauty from ashes. 
God is RIGHT there for a brother who graced my classroom room one year, who himself had adversities to overcome and yet -- God knew and I pray that God is his total comfort!  

And God is RIGHT there for the other brothers -- the extended family -- the aunts and uncles...all of whom have smiled at me throughout these 29 years of being a resident of Okeechobee.  

I believe MANY hearts are reminded today -- that indeed this 'suddenlie' was not expected -- but it did not surprise God and in HIM we will trust.   

Leah, as a mom -- my heart is especially aware  today as you celebrate her life and as you walk out a new normal --
-----our continued prayers will be lifted for you and the entire family 
                      -- Michelle and Brendan 


Have you ever noticed how suddenly things can change in your life?

Sometimes, things happen that suddenly change for the good. Sometimes, things happen that suddenly change for the bad.

God’s word promises that no matter what, the good and the bad will be worked together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose for him. (Romans 8:28)

What the devil tries to mean for harm, God uses it for the increasing of His kingdom. (Genesis 50:20)

Two years ago after a company Christmas party, my boyfriend abruptly ended his relationship with me. It was unexpected and confusing. He said he just didn’t think he could do it. I tried to reason with him. Address the fears he was facing but despite my best effort, he left my home and I thought he was done. Suddenly in a state of confusion, I sat at a restaurant with my girlfriend trying to rationalize the suddenly that just happened.

The next day, during our Sunday church praise and worship, I cried out to the Lord. I knew he sent my boyfriend to me to be my future husband. And he sent him to me rather suddenly. So unexpected, I hadn’t seen it coming. But that’s how God operates…. Suddenly. Precisely. In His perfect timing.

Unknown to me my boyfriend had slipped into church sitting behind me. I’m not sure what conversations he had with God and what they worked out. I know he had a conversation with my brother in law and expressed to him he wanted to marry me…. But no ring.

As he sat behind me through church service, he made a paper ring out of the children’s Sunday school worksheet. This hand made paper ring, with Jesus’ name on it and the cross also had his handwritten ‘I love you’ on it. I sat in front of him and had no idea his heart had changed so suddenly.

After church, he approached me. Asked me if I’d love him forever, if I’d never betray him, hold his heart and cherish it. Honestly, I was bewildered and caught off guard but I promised all of those things and more. And then….. he knelt down and asked me to marry him. Our lives changed so suddenly.

While to most, my engagement ring was just a paper ring but for me, it is everything. It holds and signifies the foundational love of Jesus Christ, His love poured out on the cross and my future husbands ‘I love you’ written. This was more valuable than any precious and big diamond could ever compare to. And if I knew it wouldn’t rip or wear down, I would still have it on my finger today. Instead it’s safely in cased in my jewelry box where one day I can share our suddenly with our children.

Two years later, I sit, during the wait after yet another suddenly.

An unexpected suddenly that has left my heart broken and longing.

My husband, that man who suddenly proposed to me, left again. Despite my best effort to love and affirm him; to address his fears and concerns, he left….. Suddenly.

I’ve read many stories in the Bible where God showed up suddenly. Where He changed things.

Saul (eventually Paul) was a man that persecuted believers. He killed many Christians for their faith in God. One day on the road to Damascus God suddenly shown a light and spoke to him. From that day Saul (eventually Paul) suddenly turned away from his life of killing to professing the law and love of God. (Acts 22)  

A mother came to Jesus because her daughter was possessed. Even when the disciples tried to urge Jesus to send her away, He showed compassion and heard her faith filled cry. Granting healing unto her daughter…. Suddenly. (Matthew 15:21-28)

God suddenly changed a heart. God suddenly healed.

So, what do we do in our pauses and waits, during the mountains and valleys in between the next suddenly?

Expect your suddenly today but prepare for tomorrow and wait for the Lord to come to you. (Malachi 3:1, Matthew 24:42 & 44)

Do not fear. God is preparing you for deliverance. It will come suddenly. (Joshua 10:9, Acts 12:7 & Isaiah 47:11, just to name a few).

Do not give up on the promises and dreams God has given you. Do not give up in your faith and trust that in His perfect timing He will suddenly move in your favor.

My dear brothers and sisters don’t get so caught up in the pause between your suddenlies that you do not allow God to work through you to live a life pleasing unto him. (I Thessalonians 4:1-12)

Like the Holy Spirit fire suddenly came down on the day of Pentecost (Acts2) God will suddenly return to take His Bride of Christ home (1 Thessalonians 5:2).

Make Him your refuge. Allow Him to be your strength in these pauses of your suddenlies (Psalm 34:8)

In the pauses of both the pain and excitement God wants you to fully rely and look to Him.

Be ready. Be still.  For on the day of your suddenly, all will see that HE IS God by the magnitude of the suddenly (Psalm 46:10)

Trusting and waiting…….

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