Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What are you seeking?

  JOHN 1. 38 Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”

The questions I blogged about last night was, "Who told you that?"   

Tonight it is "What do you want?".  
In last night's blog, God is the one who asked the question, "Who told you that?"
 Tonight it is Jesus asking, "What do you want?".  

Teachers always use the Who, What, When and Why type questions to get kids thinking and responding so tonight I ask another question, "What do you want?".  

As  I conversed with God this evening, the Holy Spirit brought me back to this precious photo of when I met Ava for the first time.   What do I want?   
 I can't claim to the idea  of these questions, Beth Moore proposed them  first at the Love Life Women's Conference in St. Louis back in October, and she also had us look at Gen 3.9 - "Where are you?", Matthew 8.26 - "Why are you afraid?", and Luke 11.13 - "How much more?"

She stated that God uses questions to draw us in and Satan uses questions to distract us. 
She reminded us that we can ask questions. 
There are over 3000 questions in the bible which God already knows the answers to these questions but she challenged us to ask them and think, pray, and think more.  
Questions will keep me on the quest and keep me on the mark too. 

My question to myself RIGHT now is, "can I blog a shorter blog this eve so my pal, Rachel , can read it in 5 minutes or will it be one of those epistles again? "

But let me go back to "What do you want?"  

In looking at this photo - I want Ava to be ALL that God has planned her to be.  Psalm 139 reminds me that God KNEW her before she was in the womb.   

Looking at this photo, I want Ava to WANT all of what God has planned for her.  

What do you want?  What are you seeking?  

I can truly only speak for myself but for 38 years I know that mostly what I wanted was Prince Charming, a perfect marriage and home,  perfect kids, and for everyone to like me and notice me.  If you have read this blog for some time -- you know the rest of the story.  

But what do I want now?  

 Big ideas:  I  want the people I love around me to enjoy the life that God has for them.  
I want the people I love around me to see Jesus in me.
I want to see women  around me set free from the chains that bind them. 
I want to see the love Christ shared to use spread to others.  

I want the students I teach to learn much from me but mostly to see Jesus in me.  
I want to figure out the perfect way for kids to learn and retain their multiplication facts.  
I want to be funny and somehow squeeze in 12 hours of learning and teaching into my 5 hour day. 
I want to create life long learners. 

Thinking in vain:
I want to be 27 pounds thinner but I would go for 17 pounds!  
I want to be past the 'menopause' stage and just get through these hormone spikes.
I want to be able to get to my next nail appointment without chewing off the gel and get a positive smile from Sherri.  

Being silly: 
 I want to meet Donny Osmond.   Well, it is a child hood crush. 
I want to have hot chocolate with Lisa and John Bevere and then talk about marriage with my husband within ear shot.
I want to  sit next to Toby Mac, Kari Jobe, or even Robert Morris on an airplane and just chat. 
I want to have NO limits on a credit card one day and just buy stuff that I don't need. 
I would love to win the lottery - but I would need to buy a ticket and never had.  

OK - about now Rachel is ready to quit reading -- seriously -- 

WHAT do you want?  
WHAT are you seeking?  

Truly -- I am seeking  peace, joy, and just an incredible day to day life with Jesus and my man and my family and friends.  I want to be used by HIM and serve -- as I believe HE has brought me to such a time as this for HIS purpose - not for mine. 

So, after you find or carve out a good 20 -  30 minutes, take a journal and sit and jot down - what do you want?  

I pray it is from a spiritual aspect -- I pray that you will seek HIS word each day and as you read God's love letter to you and pray and just be in HIS presence, you will indeed get a true picture of WHAT you want.  

Then I pray you will take the steps needed and either change or do something new to work towards what you want.  

WE were made for SO much more.  
Lord, I pray that whomever reads this seeks YOU and ask YOU about what YOU want for them but I pray they also seek YOU. Lord, as I know, that you will delight in giving them the desires of their hearts if it is Your best for them.  You never bless one for just that one's purpose but use EVERY blessing for the ones around them and for the extended it affects.  You are a good good father and every good and perfect gift is from you.  

Lord, there are wonders, treasures, and knowledge in that book I hold dear - Your Word, I pray that the one reading this would SEEK You in there and find him or herself.  Lord, for the one like me who wanted Prince Charming and the house was shattered... may  You be her everything and may she believe that You will restore.  Lord, for the one like Ava - so innocent and just beginning to walk with you in this life -- may she or he be protected and grow deep roots in You.  And Lord, for the one who is afraid to truly seek and  state what she wants  -- may their courage come from YOU.  IN Jesus name.  Amen.   

I am humbled Lord - please use this to help another -- in Jesus name. 

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