Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It Happened! Part 5! 5 is the number of GRACE......

It happened.  Total HEALINGComplete.  Halleluiah!  

On Monday, I posted a blog.  Part 4.  If you read it , there was a graphic that stated, "Let's Celebrate".  My graphic referred to the fact that it was my first "OFFICIAL" day of summer vacation.  A day that I could sleep in, get my time on the elliptical,  then enjoy the banter between Kathie Lee and Hoda with my glass of hot lemon water,  and just BE in the moment.

  So for me - the Celebrate graphic  was perfect. Yes, I was not aware that while I was celebrating and staying in my pj's for the majority of the morning as I blogged -- there was a family saying goodbye.    I believe the Enemy would want someone to  look that last blog  and question me as to why I would put that out there -- especially with the title, "it is happening".... healing.   However, God won and we defeat the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. 

Rebekah's healing was happening. 
Rebekah's healing did happen.
Rebekah's healing was perfected!
 It was.  My daughter told me last night, "Mom, I have not read the blog yet, but I thought  - how perfect - it is time to celebrate, she is with Jesus".  Tears.  Sweet Tears.

 The little girl in me-- that wants approval has to say,  with complete certainty,   Holy Spirit had given me the OK to edit and post the blog I had written for Jarod almost 2 weeks before.

The warrior woman for Jesus, blessed, chosen, forgiven, and redeemed, has  to say, with  complete certainty-- it was in God's perfect time.   His perfect timing.   As if you read that blog on Monday, July 10th - then you were praying for man who was gently holding his bride as she walked into the hands and arms of Jesus!     Tears. Sweet Tears.

The enemy immediately wanted to throw darts -- "Ha ha  - you were wrong - she was not completely healed here on earth"...and I admit, for about 30-35 seconds  I was really mad at God and asked again, WHY would you have me do that?  And with a most sweet spirit, I could hear within my heart, "she is healed- Trust me".  And with that, more tears. 

My husband and I  were out of town  we chatted at length on our drive home  Monday night  -- and we wondered and questioned God as to why we both felt so boldly that God was going to do a miraculous healing RIGHT here before our eyes and we both asked God to help us understand. 

I praise God that we serve a loving Father that we can question and turn to - and I praise God that we can do this as husband and wife.  God won!  

And we prayed... for the many who would read these blogs and scoff because their faith is weak.
 .... we prayed that we,  ourselves,  would not shrink back and not speak life --- believe in miracles for this present time -- and  to be the hands and feet of Jesus when HE asks us to do it again!

  And we prayed for our daughter, as Pookie is still one of  her best best friends.
 .... we prayed for Jared and marveled at what a testimony he has been through this. 

 He has shown many men ...including my husband and my son - n- love what a husband looks like when the vows..."in sickness and in health" are really experienced
He has shown  those ALL around him that his faith and his prayers over his wife....indeed have  helped God heal her.  I was not there, but when I heard  that she  had asked that he - Jared -  would not leave her and that he would just hold her -- as she walked into Jesus's arms ......I lost it.   Tears.  Ugly but sweet tears.  Tears.

 Tremendous.  Happy Dance!!    God won!

   I prayed this morning that my Grand-daugher's husband would be  THAT kind of a man. In fact, I claimed it.  And if the little one within my Taylor's belly is a boy-- I will be claiming that over him - as well.  I will treasure my last visit with Rebekah as she prayed over the little bambino within Taylor's womb and agreed in prayer with as  that he will be a man of God and be the warrior God has called him to be.  ( or her..) 

   And I prayed with a new awareness and boldness  that my own son would grow into being THAT kind of a godly man for his bride.   I prayed that his bride.... whom I have been praying  for the past 22 years ... is growing and living for Christ  with her family as they continue to  seek God and that in God's timing  she will the chosen  help meet for my son. 

And  I thanked God for my husband and Taylor's husband...and prayed that if we were in another circumstance -- well,  I am not going to speak any illness or despair out--- but  I just prayed that we would not have to experience something like Jared has....but that if we did, I thanked God that we know Jared is family  and  that we would rely on his faith and covet his prayers big time! 

I also prayed some other big prayers,  (with help from some  dear warrior sister's that God used to remind me on Tuesday that God wins - you know who you are cause those prayers are being stated here and now  ) that all hearts will be protected. That all hearts  would  not disappointed but that we all see and know this was a WIN WIN....that no matter what God heals  - period and He decides what is best for each of us - He, never returns void.  I prayed that no one would forget that we are called to believe and proclaim healing until we see His face and that we are right to proclaim that as it says so in His Word.   I prayed that He would show Rebekah's entire family and that includes her church family that His plan is bigger than ours and that the elders would have Holy Spirit wisdom when questions are asked.  I prayed and come against any one that might feel or say "I didn't pray enough" or "I didn't pray right" those are lies from the Enemy.  I prayed for comfort for each and everyone that she touched but especially for that husband of hers and her family. 


3 weeks ago when I saw Rebekah, she was showing signs of healing --3 Weeks ago tomorrow.  Tears. Sweet Tears.   She fussed at me for wearing an FSU shirt.  She cracked  a joke and stated there were plenty of other clothes in her closet that could be worn instead.

 She prayed over my back.  I went to pray around the house and left TP and Pookie by themselves and I returned to find them laughing and cutting up.     And Jared was in the middle of it all. A 3rd BFF!   I asked Pook if she was having any dreams and Jared stated the only dream she had of late was that his dad got a new truck!   So, TP stated she needed to dream that she got a new SUV as well!   Pookie's left arm was working again and as I held it and we went to  pray again,  we were going to pray  over her toes and legs so they would begin to move.  I went  to touch her feet and pray over them and as I did, she quickly said, "stop - owe"....So I did.  I stopped.  I was "oh no! I am so sorry, if I hurt you! "  And then she  laughed -- "oh I am fine - pray".  She just had to make me laugh.  And so then we prayed. Well actually, TP prayed, I told her I was 'done'.  And you know what...God graced me that.  The last time the 3 of us held hands... my daughter prayed and God spoke through her.  And by then, her sweet Pastor and wife were there too -- even more grace, sweet grace from God.    And so, that will happen again one day - in HEAVEN!    Tears. Sweet Tears. 

 I hugged Jared that day and reminded him the next blog was for the Holy Spirit had already told me to write and I did.  I just did not realize at the time, Holy Spirit would have me publish it on Monday, July 10th.  So, if you were like me and you read the blog and prayed for Jared that day -- I am going to tell you - Thanks...cause I know that I know, prayers were felt and really heard.  And I have not had the chance to speak to Jared yet, but I know HOW sweet our God is and  he had to of had THOUSANDS of angels right there with him, holding him up and He hah  to have  been so full  of  the Holy Spirit to be the hands and feet of Jesus until-- Jesus physically took over and walked her to heaven!    Tears , Sweet Tears. 

Rebekah -- thank you - for being exactly WHO God intended you to be.  What a warrior for His Kingdom.  I can still hear you interrupting Tay when she prayed that day, "ooh...I prayed for an unbeliever -- my prayers are BOLDER"  and TP reminding you - "of course, cause that is what you do".  Thank you for making my faith grow.  Thank you for your love and care of my baby.  I think your Auntie said it best on FB with the 'dash' post... YOU my friend have done more within that your 26 years than most do in  a lifetime.  I am so thankful God called you to be my daughter as well.... I miss you terribly already --and I do believe You BIRTHED many many of us whose faith was weak, you caused us to GROW.   I  will  keep your family in my prayers as they walk this new season out - but I will see you again.   God Wins! 

Much love  - "Mrs. Pritchard"..... how I wished you would call me Michelle ...maybe in heaven!  

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