Monday, July 10, 2017

Could it really happen? Its happening -- Part 4 !

I have not blogged in several days  - almost a week.

This morning is my first OFFICIAL day of summer vacation!   Yeah!

 If you read my blogs, you may  access them through FACEBOOK and you will notice that I posted 2 other blog links within the past 10 minutes!!!

  And you may think I have some CRAZY typing skills to post this 3rd one, but this blog was written several days ago -- I just had to wait on the Holy Spirit to give me the "go" to post it. 

And.... one doesn't  have to follow my blogs on Facebook, you can SIGN up for my blogs through email.  There is a link on  the right side or the bottom of my home page.  Therefore you can access them by your email and be notified when a new one is written.  

  I mean - my ultimate  GOAL is to have a blog go VIRAL and I end up on the  Today Show!

My goal -- is to honor Christ -- share what Holy Spirit wants me to write and share and give ALL glory and honor to the King of Kings....Jesus!   

  One reason for the 'delay' in posting this blog is this:  I have to make sure that if I take up  Your  time to  read this blog,  then it totally needs to be something God has written and  your time is sacred and mine as well---time is so precious.

Your time is most precious ....I enjoy blogging but you on that end of it -- it should be something that does not waste your time!   And besides, I don't want anything said on here that could potentially end me up in the ......

However, I will  ALWAYS speak God's truth and use His Word to remind myself and others -- if you stand for His Word will FALL for so many others things -- that are not truth.  Only the TRUTH can set you free!  

Ok, enough of these extra commercial thoughts -- let's get back to the blog the Holy Spirit is telling me to POST.....

 Two weeks ago, after sitting in a chair in a conference room for over 20+ hours and sleeping on a TOO soft of a mattress in my hotel bed,  my back decided to revolt.

 Easy fix... walk slow, walk a little bent over and no sudden movements.   Take 2 Aleve and then....

  Well, I had my hubby pray over me, and I prayed that God would take the inflammation.  And, I asked God if I needed a chiropractor.  I did.    But I also went to see a young lady who is being healed to pray over me.  She was spunky, sassy, and we had a VERY nice visit.  And she prayed.  As I believe God is going to use her hands and feet to reach the unreachable!

   She is different -- it is her story to tell, but she is praying differently and she is bolder!   That was her descriptive word.  It did my heart SO GOOD to have her touch my back and pray for me!  

You see, since I have last blogged  or maybe even if you have not read my other blogs -- there was a bit of me that was very  anxious -- it seemed to me that God was not moving fast enough.

 I believe her Pastor said it best, "we are not giving  up hope, we are giving up control". 

 That was almost 3 weeks ago.  There was such an unction in me  to SHOUT...."don't let anyone parade others around her -- she is NOT dead -- she is being healed".

 ........  BUT.....that is not what it looked like if you went to visit or asked about her.

In fact, people would ask me how she is and I would hesitate to speak, I wanted to ask, "are you a believer? ...Cause I won't hear anything that will tell me it's impossible!   .....Or, are you a skeptic -- that her body has battled enough?   .....As a part of my flesh wants Jesus to come riding up and heal everything instantly so her husband and those around her can say ... SEE -- God does miracles!!"

But....this is their story -- Jared's and Rebekah's.....   so if you ask me how is she doing?   I am going to say she is healing.  Period. 

I did believe that healing was coming.  If you read a blog or two before, the Lord had graciously reminded me that when I had  last seen my pal----I really DID NOT believe that healing could come through the touch of hands or even that HE could use my hands. 

God can USE whomever.  

His Word speaks -- Jesus did not tell his charges to pray for the sick -- He said to HEAL the sick.....

But we lack in faith.  We get scared.  I was scared.   I reminded myself there is healing all over the world and WHO cares if I felt weird....but she has the right one very close to her to touch and pray over her body -- her husband.  

  I got ahead of myself.  Remember when I said  I went to pray and visit her  about 3 weeks ago?    If you read my blogs  it would be WHAT transpired between Part 2 and Part 3 in this series....   but anyway ---

That was right when her Pastor said..."we are not giving up HOPE, we are giving up control".   His is wise.  And He and his wife have been a rock to Pookie and her entire family which is a beautiful thing.....Pastor Cary and Fran -- thank you!

 Well, I went to pray for her and I was not met with the 'feeling of death' ...but a feeling  of despair.  I wanted to pray and ask God to take her quickly -- so see one suffer, especially a loved one -- gosh.  And I struggled.   I could not say those words.   It was hard.  That is when I looked in her eyes and reminded her to fight -- that I was not giving up and her sweet momma said, "she isn't either".

  I did not stay long.  And I will apologize publicly, but I knew that I knew I was to remind her to fight.  I knew I was to see her, but when I go and visit now -- I wait for her to ask me in!

But that day --  I was to remind her ---the healing was already accomplished at the Cross and I knew  she  already knew this.

I felt totally strange  as I left that day, and I felt my hands were tied.  And I bawled and shouted to GOD all the way back into town -- "why?"   ...."Why?".......  and I was flooded with a memories and reminders that no matter what, HE was there.  I prayed --- and shouted both in Enlish and in my prayer language --

Lord, is there a blockage?
Lord, is there anyone there that is blocking the healing?
Lord, she knows that she knows You will heal her.
Lord, I saw a smile on that face just last week - why are you allowing this?

And  my God sweetly  answered and said, "are you done now?".  Do you trust me?

I am honest.... I was not trusting God that moment as I rode back into town.  I went to my knees when I got home, called my daughter, spoke to my husband, and then the Holy Spirit prompted a prayer warrior who had a dramatic healing to  call me  --to remind me that we just boldly pray.  To remind me that as we pray in our prayer language for her -- God was orchestrating the prayers and that He was there and give God the time.  She is indeed a warrior and I was so thankful as I knew God was urging me to believe and go back and pray.   So I would - go  back out there when God called me to and pray.

 God told me to pray --that was Sunday -- Three weeks ago.
 That was PART 3.
My husband and  I went out  there to pray for her at her home, we stayed outside but 'circled the wagons' and thanked God for her healing!

 I prayed that Sunday, 3 weeks ago, but I also released her.  Why?

 Cause I realized that the burden I was carrying was hindering  -- and I WANTED her healing so much that I was allowing the burden to overtake my thoughts.   And, I was being eaten up by it --it is all a process but I just wanted her suffering to be alleviated.  Sooner than later! And I felt that maybe I wasn't the only one being hindered -- that those around her may be feeling the same feelings and unable to express them and so I asked God to help me pray for them.   So I did -- in tongues.  As I circled their home....I touched the metal siding and knew that I knew -- God could use my hands through that metal -- and so I prayed as if I was touching that body that was weak -- but that would be strong again!  

And God reminded me that her husband has probably been feeling that burden and that HARD stuff as well.   And so I prayed for him.   Her other half.  The one totally RIGHT there and in this.  And I knew that I knew - a blog for him was next.  It was just God's timing.  

 Since that day ...... that night ......  there has been healing manifesting - it's little-- but praise You Lord.  ALL glory is given to Him!   In HIS time and  for His purpose.  

But.... there has been is not complete  -- YET.... but I don't serve a God that does things half ass.... yep...I said it .. I used the word my DAD 'instilled' in me.  He always said, if you are going to do a job, do it right.  Not....half....a....  

Sorry -- some reading this will say -- "michelle, the cuss word was not needed -- "  but it  is what it is.  God will do a complete healing.    Period. 

Some are still skeptical - and you may think I am WEIRD and totally cracked for even posting this and encouraging a believe that THIS can happen -- and if the Lord prompts you to question me, please -- do so ---

But...  indeed each and everyone of us will have our complete - true - healing on the other side with Jesus in heaven, but I believe His signs and wonders are appearing right before us. And I am not the only one.  There were over 3000+ hits on my blog between Parts 2 and 3 -- MORE people want this -- just cause they have not seen God move in so long....  but I tell you, HE is moving.  He wants and needs YOU to have those eyes opened!  

There is a young man, about 5 years of age who had a dream recently.  His parents love Pookie and she was a regular person in their home so their son indeed loves his Pookie as well!    He told his momma that Pookie will be healed.  She questioned him and asked, "how do you know this?".  And he stated, "cause I had a dream".  "In the dream there was this big purple cloud like a tornado and it was Jesus" around Pookie.   And she asked, "then how do you know she was healed?".  And he replied, "cause she came to visit us".  Amen!  Child like faith - and a vision I believe was totally from our Father! 

I am believing that little dream was indeed my encouragement to believe as my faith had waivered....and I believe Rebekah was visited by that purple tornado --  maybe even THAT night after I went out there  -- and I believe Jesus asked her if she wanted her healing now and she said, "Yes" and stepped up ....

The rest is for her to share -- but she is that sassy and spunkie Pookie that I so remember!   And we laughed and prayed together when TP and I went to visit her two weeks ago and I had her touch me for my healing.

Furthermore,  I am standing on that dream  and just waiting patiently on God to finish the work  she asked Him to do - to heal her and as her husband continues to take authority over his wife's weak body....I believe the Lord is showing everyone the value of a marriage....and that TWO become one.   And I believe God is also teaching us that the healing is here - it is already done, it was done at the Cross and that we can have physical healing in this world when we submit and rely totally on HIM.

I know how a wife's  prayers can usher in the miracles of God -- and people are raised from the dead, spiritually and physically.  I have read countless stories.  I know how a husband's prayers can be heard in heaven as well.  And many of us have all seen "Heaven is for Real" and desperate  Father's  plea to God brought forth a visit from Jesus.   There are  countless other stories of the Wonder of God.  God is not a man who should lie. Let's face it -- the fact that Rebekah is here on earth is a miracle its self.  But, I do believe God wants to use her and Jared  even MORE!  As this last battle, certainly has been a side-by-side walk!   In sickness and in health....  for His glory. 

So, with that -- this very LONG blog is going to end with a prayer for Jared -- who has been RIGHT there with his wife in this journey and I know that I know, that as a team...they will stand together and tell of this miracle once it is complete -- as people need to see these signs and wonders here....

Lord, I thank you for a man who has been willing to seek you on his knees and face to take care of his bride and love her through this ---- he has been a STRONG warrior for you, seeking anything and everything as he wants Your best for his wife and for their marriage.  Bless him Lord.  Lord, I pray his dream of that little "Matthew"  does not falter or be doubted as indeed, He will be a good good father.  Lord,  pray as he continues to anoint her with oil, and thank you for the healing as it is manifesting that you would encourage him in a way that ONLY You can -- that he knows that he knows...indeed You are right there.  

Lord, I pray for those moments when he is alone with You -- that you do holy surgery on him and refresh his soul as he watches over and protects his wife from the unbelievers or scoffers that just want to doubt you -- and I pray for those around him that are too scared to believe that this COULD really happen.  I pray they will come to know Jesus if they never have accepted him as Lord and I pray that as Rebekah continues to speak to those unbelievers - her words are life to them.  Continue to speak to her now that she has a more clear head because there has been less morphine and we thank you for that Lord, And thank you for holding Jared steady as this healing has been slow --and I thank  You, as You  have given insight to Jared as to 'why' it has been a slow healing....but that will be a part of his testimony and  his blog in the future. 

 Lord, I pray for his armor -- his belt of truth that it does not get taken off.  I pray for his shoes of peace, that in the midst of everything the shoes won't come off.  Lord, I pray for his shield of faith, that no one would come and talk him into thinking of dropping it and I pray for his helmet of salvation....that helmet of Your Word...that continues to speak to him and reminds him that You are in control.  Bless him this moment with something - whether it is a dream or just something of his heart's desire to remind him that indeed.... he knows that he knows you are saying, "well done my faithful servant" every moment of his day.  In Jesus name...Amen!  

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