Saturday, September 14, 2013

...MY healing does not always look like what you think...or what you want....

I was up --pretty much all of the night.

Thinking and praying for a family 1400 miles away - a family that is mostly a stranger and yet, a family that ---- is my brother and sister in Christ.

And THIS is not about me....oh Lord, that someone would read this and see that THEY too....would have this type of relationship with YOU....and seek YOU....and claim YOU....

When the sun came up, I was reminded - HE makes all things new.  God does make all things new.

As I sit here now - reading my  past blog posts about claiming healing  and reading  Trace's emails from this summer .....

I can hear the Spirit of God whisper.....

  "My healing is complete and it does not always LOOK like what you want to see".....

Wow -- speechless.  
YOU are doing something so precious for Trace 1400 miles away.  I may never know the extent to which  it is  ....I may not be privileged to see the 'end'...but I DO trust YOU enough God to know that she will be healed here and there with You too.

Thank you Lord.
I will trust you.

Beloved,  worship ME by living close to Me.  This is My original design for man, into whom I BREATHED MY VERY BREATH OF LIFE.  This is My desire for you:  that you stay near Me as you walk along your life- path. EAch day is an important part of that journey.  Although you may feel as if you are going nowhere in this world, your spiritual journey is another matter altogether, taking you along steep, treacherous paths of adventure.  THAT is why walking in the Light of  My Presence is essential to keep you from stumbling.  By staying close to ME, you present yourself as a living sacrifice.  Even the routine part of your day can be a spiritual act of worship, holy and pleasing to Me.   - God 

Genesis 2.7, Psalm 89.15, Romans 12. 1-2

Dear Trace, 
I am not even sure if you will ever read this....
But I wanted to tell you -- I am so proud of you.  
I look forward to the day in heaven when we will worship together. 
I look forward to meeting your children there and your devoted husband too. 
I will always treasure our high school time -- especially that night we walked from the high school to 2nd street in the freezing snow just to throw snowballs at Brendan's house and then we walked ALL the way back to your house in that freezing  weather and tried to warm up our freezing cold soaked bodies with hot chocolate at your house.   We were stupid silly kids and even back then ...I was being a  selfish kid that just sort of maybe would get a 'glimpse' of silly!!!   
I will also remember the day I was there at your house  and did dishes after supper and your dad commented on how  "I cleaned around the entire sink"....funny how some little memories stick.  
You stick.  
You have touched many.  THAT was a part of the word I got from GOD -- YOU are a deeply rooted and planted TREE in HIM...and your legacy will live on.  How beautiful!  
And - 

I have NO doubt that the word I got from God for you -- YOUR CHILDREN will be fine.  THEY will flourish and because of them -- there will be MANY in HIS Kingdom!!   That is such a promise.  

And I know that I know- HE is doing a healing in you right  now.... spiritually and mentally -- and I am NOT giving up the prayer for a miracle of physical healing  - not until...

I pray that today, YOU will be blessed by your children and family. 
I pray that today - HE will give you, your daily bread.  
I pray that today will be cherished.  And we won't worry about tomorrow.  

Everyone should be concerned about today - we are all one heart beat - one breath away from meeting Jesus - I am so thankful ..HE is your savior!  
- Michelle 

aka -- Chelly 

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