Friday, September 13, 2013

..a simple conversation with HIM.....

Ok, the news this eve was not what I expected. Ethan was to the point - the cancer has spread to her brain.

I expected it.  I knew. 

I know, but I want to say this....why DID you put that UNCTION in me to proclaim healing?
Why did I hear 'who says I can't heal her?'...

I did what I believed YOU wanted me to do.
I prayed.
I fasted.
I proclaimed.

I posted a blog.
I have been fighting the doubts cast by the enemy for weeks.

I believed.

I debated and took the risk and put it out there.
I published the post.  I tagged it for Facebook -- I WANT a healing so YOUR glory will shine.
Was I mistaken?    God I pray this was for YOU...for HER...and NOT for me.....

I am God. 
I will heal her. 
She is mine. 
She loves me .....did you forget?  I AM the I AM
I know exactly WHAT I am doing. 
MY GLORY does shine in her. 

I am not trying to say YOU don't.
I realized that when the cancer returned, I mean, I get it -- I can read between the lines but it seemed to me that  this 'impossilbe' feat could be obtained!

Nothing is impossible for me. 

But I visualized the cancer snaking back down her neck.
I believed.
Did I mess up?
Did I share false hope?

No, YOU did what I asked .....I am using you.  I am showing others to claim their faith. 
And my WILL will be done... lives touch other lives, she has touched many and she continues to touch others. 
I have her. 
I will heal her - in MY TIME for MY purpose. 

Ok, I won't doubt and I will believe I have  proclaimed and believed and I  did as YOU instructed.--  I will believe that You are pleased with me.

It is not about me -- it is all about YOU.

Thank you for last night.
I mean, tonight....I realize how GREAT and PERFECT Your timing is.
I am sorry that  it took me  several weeks before I finally 'took You off the hook'...I mean I am sorry it took me so long to SEE that...
And once I did YOUR peace came.  I am humbled.

And her children will be fine.  That is a word for her- to help her, knowing that her children will be fine.   Her legacy will flourish ... she is that tree.   
I will do what I said I will do - the time is short for everyone - I promise to heal her. 

Come to me and rest.  I created you first and foremost to KNOW ME and to live in rich communication with me.   Continue to do that -- I am using you.  Relate to me as your Shepherd, you are my subject, you are the clay and I am the Potter.  

Trace knows this.  Accept this thankfully - I have her.  

I am speaking to her too.  

My desire is for ALL of my children to stay near to ME as they walk along their life-path.  That is why walking in the LIght of My Presence is essential to keep anyone from stumbling. Present yourself as a living sacrifice....every thing you do can be a spiritual act of worship, holy and pleasing to ME. 

Genesis 2.7, Psalm 89.15, and Romans 12: 1-2

I will heal her.  

Thank you God.
Forgive me.
As Lisa said -- I too was that tree and YOU are using me to touch others.
Thank you for the healing for Trace.
Thank you for the guidance you are giving Ethan and her right now.
Thank you for showing me that her children will be fine.
Thank you for each and every person that agreed with me in prayer for her healing and I know they will continue to pray for her.
Thank you for allowing me to do this....I mean, I am humbled that I can be a voice -

I now pray for YOUR peace beyond all understanding for Ethan and her. I pray that her time left is hopeful and joyous, and a sweet blessing to her.   I won't give up the hope that YOU could still heal here where I would see it sooner....
We prayed ( TRACE  and I )  back at the beginning of this summer that she would have enough time  - YOUR time and I believe YOU have been answering that --

I believe YOU are right there with her.
I believe in miracles.

I do believe her life has touched many  and will touch MANY more.
I do believe that  YOU are totally enthralled with her beauty.
Lord, thank you.

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  1. I will still believe in healing...until YOU take her home. Amen.


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