Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prayer #30 - A specific prayer for a wife to FULFILL HIS desire.


Really?  I mean - THAT is the desire men have right?
Is that not WHY we were created?

Nope -- God created us because it was not healthy for a man to be alone.  God uses marriage  -- Marriage is a covenant agreement in which a man and a woman are legally and spiritually joined together as husband and wife.

Genesis 2: 24-25 says..."a man will leave his father and mother "-- "and be united to his wife" -- by an act of our will -- there is a bond   -- "and they will become ONE flesh" --

Physical oneness is the ultimate consummation of sexual closeness.  But we need bonding and to  choose to separate from ourselves and be loyal to another.

Matthew 19.6  "they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."  

Ladies -  I am listing this suggestions in love.  We fulfill our husband's desires by admiration - praise his positive character traits and respect the burden of his responsibility.   ( proverbs 31.23)

Support them - provide a peaceful home, atmosphere, and manage the home....if you both work, then share the chores.  ( proverbs 31.27)

We were created to CRAVE companionship - he does too.  Develop a mutual interest and learn to talk to him about his work and what he does.

Be attractive.  ( proverbs 31.25)  Develop inner beauty that earns respect and display inner strength regardless of outward circumstances.  But also -- open YOUR eyes.  What are you attracted to?  So...what does he see?

Sexual Fulfillment (1 Corinthians 7. 4-5)  Talk to each other about your sexual desires and give assurance that your husband is sexually adequate.

I found this list above and I had to take a deep breath and ask I fulfilling his desires?

I will be brief - my husband JUST came to the kitchen and reminded me I needed to come to bed - but this was a burning on my  heart....These last 10 days - I am going to be specific and pray for some general but yet specific areas in marriages.

So with that, I will just add a little personal touch:

 As I said, I went over that list above about ways to fulfill your husband's desires and checked out the scripture links and asked God -- how am I doing?

I do admire my husband - now.  Seriously, I always did but I let that become an idol -- long story, different blog, but now, I make sure that he knows what I do admire.

 I do support him and he supports me but when a marriage is tested -- you figure out  why there is tension and we both are in a place now where we know HOW to get readjusted.

We had to have help - a professional counselor that TAUGHT us how to communicate.

We also had to come up with some NEW ways to have companionship -- got a Harley -- now we are both going to the gym.    It is SO easy to get complacent and in a EVERY area of our marriage -- if you get my hidden meaning -- be creative.

And I will be honest - our therapist was also a sexologist - just saying -- godly counsel well blended in BIG time  and if you read this blog often - you understand that our marriage has been tested and we did survive - it was a miracle and I am so thankful...but tonight -- someone reading this ...

needs to pray this prayer and maybe rethink her marriage -- and admire his husband or find something new to do with him....etc, etc.

Lord, I come to you and I ask for the one reading this, that she will find the courage in YOU and the strength to change what needs to be it is how she speaks about her man or how she treats him.  Lord, I pray she will admire him ( God we are believing he is admirable )  and that she supports him.  Lord I also pray she will dig deep and change what needs to be changed, or even 'spice' it up a bit - but mostly God - I pray the wife reading this has a relationship with her husband where she feels comfortable and loved -- and if not - open her his eyes and may they seek the wise godly counsel and professional counsel needed to solve the problem.  God I don't want to SEE one more family hurt by divorce or separation ...not one more...Lord God - we are Christians - may these wives and their men - may they understand the covenant with You - In jesus name, Amen.   

And PS LORD -- the sex thing....God YOU created something lovely -- if it is not lovely for her - help them seek help and if it is not lovely for him - show her WHAT to do....YOU got it Lord, I know you do - give them the courage to SEEK YOU and fix it.  As it is something YOU created for our pleasure - I bind the enemy that has made it about him...Lord God - restore. Amen.  

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