Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prayer #24 - when my flesh is weak...

Welcome to 2014! 

I awoke at out of bed at noon - made breakfast for my family and then basically laid around all day -- lazy.  My flesh was WEAK!!  Weak.   I think I had a flu bug.  My stomach was upset ALL day.  

I literally wanted to just crawl back in bed all day - and did -- but I thought about 'weak' flesh.

  My flesh was very weak last night - I allowed something that I had been fighting off to creep back in -- my own thing.  My own 'sin'.  It has nothing to do with my family - just me.   Me and my flesh.  Truth be told -- my flesh was JUST weak.  And I did not strengthen it with HIS word -- did not want to - just didn't. 
 Was it rebellion?  Probably.  
  Laziness?  Probably. 
 My Flesh -- oh yep.  

So, tonight's prayer is about our weak flesh......

Lord, I pray that the couples around me here...and far....are   committed to spending more time trembling in the presence of  You - God and allowing YOU  to enter every  detail their  lives.  So WHEN their flesh is WEAK...they seek YOU!  

  Lord, I pray they want to  share their  secrets with their spouse  and hear YOURS and when their secret sins are brought to the light -- then healing can begin.

This is what the Lord says the Lord who made the earth, who formed and established it, whose name is the Lord: Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.
Jeremiah 33:2-3 NLT

If we ask--He will tell. He is truly doing a new thing. One he wants His children intimately involved in. NEW always endangers the KNOWN. My spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak -- 

God I pray that the 'bad secrets' are revealed...but Oh LORD, that YOUR good secrets - the stuff we need to KNOW of YOU -- comes...and comes QUICK!  
My own flesh fell into temptation last night - and for that I sought YOUR forgiveness, but Lord I am standing right here, right now - standing in the gap  for those other  couples as well -- GOD I pray they sought you -- I pray they allow you into EVERY detail of their lives.    I pray that if they needed to seek YOUR forgiveness - than they did that.  

Lord, tonight another 'new' couples contacted us - God for his heart -- HUMBLE it like ONLY you can.  He was  bought and paid for with a price - his parents sowed Your seeds faithfully and his wife has stood by him through MUCH ...comfort her this evening but open his eyes as well.  God I pray he will be SO lonely -- SO distraught and I pray that his sin becomes so unbearable that he wants to come clean onto you - ONCE and for all.  The enemy has gotten its way far too long -  there is a family that needs YOUR divine touch.  EAch son needs to see their father be the man of the home - the head of the house and the spiritual leader in the home -- whether they are 5, 7, and 10 - or 20, 23, and 25...God -- ONLY YOU can OPEN his eyes and only YOU can bind that marriage with YOUR love.  We - Brendan and I stand in the gap this evening for THAT marriage - so far away -- and yet, YOU know exactly WHAT and WHY ...and WHOM -- as THAT is how you work Lord -- thank you.  
Lord, for the couple trying to make a 'go of it'...God I pray they get the counsel they need and their family is spared the consequences of the hurt.  I pray protection over that young marriage.   Lord for each of their three children - grow then in stature and in YOUR grace.  Lord, I pray protection over them!  
Lord for the wife, trying to start her husband has walked away and continues to 'love' his sin.  Lord, for her young family ...Lord, bless her fiances,  Lord, help her continue to forgive him and heal. And Lord, she had MANY new plans for 2014...Lord, she loves you - bless her richly for the time she gave to him ...she was faithful and true.  I thank you that she loves you -- bless her richly Lord.  
Lord, for the wife in that other couple, she is standing by her man and she believes that he is a good man - God I bind the spirit of thievery and has NO permission to remain around them.  Lord, honor the wives prayers -- and rebuild him and restore their finances and their relationship.  Lord for their young children -- God that he will be the godly man and father he needs to be - with YOU as HIS first love ...then he can be the husband she needs.  IN the meantime, help her Lord to trust him through YOU -- in Jesus name... 
Lord, for the husband and wife in YOUR they enter this next phase of their lives - work out the details -- work out the counsel -- work out the out the awkwardness and the hurt -- reveal ALL the truth ...REVEAL what needs to be revealed so that healing can begin.  
Lord, for the sweet couple moving and changing MAJOR  locations -- in their new assignment - richly bless them and give them this time of restoration within their marriage and the time they need to be SOLID in YOU and in their relationship.    Lord, I pray for the counsel you will bring them, to help him heal and forgive the past and for her as well -- to help her heal and learn of the future....thank you for their service and their servant's hearts bless them - in each step they take.  

Lord for that couple, that we fear - has given up hope -- LORD - ONLY YOU can change that.  
LOrd for that couple -- God again -- that he has not given up HOPE ...that she will OPEN her eyes...and that one step will be taken..forward ....but in the meantime - we TRUST that YOU have them both -- YOU can do a miracle -- when they both seek you -- so, I selfishly ask -- intervene....just saying -- but I will trust YOU Lord -- as I know that You work ...and YOU are there --- even when a marriage is unraveling.  
Lord, for that couple --  help them grieve.....together .....
Lord, for that couple as the New Year is bringing MANY challenges and NEW things -- as they LEAD - lead them...
Lord, for that couple as they make a major switch and move our little town - bless them.  Lord, for that couple - ALL the way around the world in ministry -- protect them and bless them as they share YOUR word.Lord, for THAT couple -- that NEED you in a BIG way -- and that couple...and that couple...and that couple....THEY need you but they don't even realize it -- God I pray that this year -- they will and THEY will SEEK you!!  

And finally - for my weak flesh - cure my tummy -- heal my thoughts -- and give me HOPE -- LOrd, I DO want to live on the EDGE with YOU this year -- I want to  KNOW you more...I want to spend MORE time with you and WANT that...and I want to be used by YOU -- even when I am challenged....
Lord, I thank you for my own healing and that YOU forgive -- amen.  

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