Monday, January 27, 2014

PS- I mess up.

Sometimes the 'over bearing' part of me or the just the IN YOUR FACE with God stuff...

it hurts another - cause there may be conviction or -- I was just to quick to speak.

Many times I know that I know when I am to open my mouth - but opening my mouth may cause some pain and discomfort.

I know that when love is used to 'deliver' the words -- it is taken easier.

I know that the truth hurts most times.

I know that many are hurting - here close to me and far away.

Right now tonight -- another marriage -- some 30+ years in the works  - is being attacked - again.  As Lisa Bevere said the other night -- "divorce??  ...they did not even fight!".

It hurts.

I want everyone to be happy.

I want EVERY marriage to have a happily ever after.

I want every parent to be blessed by their child or children ...not be on their knees begging for God to spare them...

Life it hard.

I am so sorry life is hard for others -- it is not 'easy' for me either.  There are always consequences with our choices -- I am no saint!

Please forgive me if I have offended you --

Sometimes it is just best to leave someone be.....

I don't like that.

I am so glad that someone spoke into me when I did not want to hear it.....

But God wins.

Yes -- I know I read the end of the book too - but that is not what God wins means to me.

God wins in the next 5 minutes...which gives me faith enough to believe for more.
God wins in the little stuff...which means I win.
The GOOD finds it way OUT...of the muck...and GOD gets the glory.

Maybe I should start to say - God gets the glory - now - in the next 5 minutes and at the END of the book --

But so often as the enemy would torment my thoughts in the middle of my crisis of faith - I would ask God - "why does it seem like the enemy ALWAYS seems to get the upper hand and win?".

And God would  not answer -- but ask me to SEEK HIm...and usually right around the corner there was GOOD or a 'ah ha' moment where - michelle won ...or got the upper hand....and Mercy and Justice GOD won!

So, I guess I will just keep saying it - God wins!


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