Monday, January 13, 2014

Prayer #33 -- Prayer for addictions within a marriage.

1.  I have NO real insight or 'professional' opinion - just sharing this eve.
2.  I do believe that a combination of Professional help and Godly counsel is always needed when a marriage is in crisis.
3.  I know that God does want us to stay married but He has provided an 'opt out' when adultery is involved.
4.  I believe that ONCE a couple is married -- THAT person is God's intended for you - marriage is a commitment.
4.  I do believe that MOST times,  the wife or the husband GIVES up way to quickly.
5.  I know that if 'stuff' is not dealt with -- within our minds and thoughts -- the problem or problems we tried to SHOVE under the rug will return in our next relationship.
6. I do believe that GOD can TOTALLY change a heart, a person, and a marriage.
7.  I do believe that if there is abuse or a fear for one's safety -- the spouse needs to get out of that situation and work at solving the problem  -- but that sometimes it can't be worked out.
8.  I do believe GOD blesses those who  -- 'wait'...but, that HE forgives us when we mess up.  But it is noted -- to continue to sin....when one knows it is against God's instructions -- is asking for the enemy to come on in and stay.
9.  Marriage is HARD work.
But...10.  Our counselor used to say, "you want a dance.....the fine line between communication, sex, companionship, and then sharing life together".....It is a dance and WHEN it finally gets RIGHT -- it is good. And it is SO much better when GOD is the one we are both - DEPENDENT upon.

Tonight's prayer is for a target audience.

....if there has been sexual addiction
...if there has been adultery, emotional affair (s), or even just a co-dependent relationship that is not healthy
...if there has been deception
....if there has been drug and/or alcohol addiction
...if there has been a constant problem with guilt -- or lying
...if there is extended grief
...if there is extreme pride where there is no humbleness
.....and if.....the LIST could go on and on -- the enemy has us bound tight with impressing the world!


THEN GOD is the answer.

 Seek AA or Professional Help.  Google..." I am a Christian and I need to find a place where...."  THERE is help out there -- but I have seen where people are too afraid to seek it or just plain too ....lazy.  You see - they are NOT desperate enough.

I was desperate enough to change a bunch of stuff.  When ONE is really desperate and finally done with trying to control .....then they finally SEEK HIM and HE can begin to prune off the old and bring in the new.

I believe that food addictions are  MORE harmful these days in many marriages -- and it is overlooked.
I believe that ANY illness, addiction, or phobia CAN be fixed with HIS help.
I believe that someone reading this -- will now have the courage to STOP the INSANITY...and finally do something different.

Dear Lord, I pray that the couple reading this or the wife reading this will have the courage to admit that she is powerless over her dependency.  Lord, Your word says, "I am unable to manage or control my life..."  ( 2 Cor. 1.9)  Lord, I believe that once they admit that ---- they will realize that you GOD does have the power to restore them as Your word says, "I am asking Christ to take control of my life." ( Psm. 71. 20-21)  And Lord, I Pray they will YIELD to YOUR will.....and say to You, " I am asking Christ to take control of my Life" ( Matthew 16. 24-2) and I pray they will face reality and face their true selves....I pray they will read Psalm 139 and use those words to speak to You and then I pray they will admit their sin to another -- to You of course -- but to another that the healing can begin.  I believe then they will accept God's help to change the patterns and they will claim, " I will commit my life into the care of Christ". ( 1 Peter 5. 6-7)  Lord God -- ONLY You can help in this matter -- ONLY YOU can direct the one or two that NEED to pray this tonight -- God -- YOUR words, may they come through this blog tonight and may ONE less marriage be lost ...Lord, I pray for the ones around me - that they will CLING to YOU and hold on and seek that 'dance' .....and receive what the locusts have stolen -- God I  pray THEY will begin tonight.  IN Jesus name. Amen.

Lord, and help me to be there if it is me - they reach out too -- help me to remember - it is NOT me ...but YOU Lord and I am most grateful!  Amen.

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  1. Very thoughtful. Hope they, whomever they are, seek the help they desire.


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