Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prayers #34 for a marriage - the SANDY Factor...

I have been praying specifically for the union of marriage for the past 40+ days now -- today -- I needed a reminder that sometimes we have to speak up ....to share hope...and give another that hug or pray for them and tell them -- GOD is going to heal your marriage.  

If I could sit with EACH of the 8 couples now we pray for....I would look at the wives and the husband and tell them - GOD is going to heal your marriage.  

If I could sit with you - that may be reading this and your marriage is in crisis -- I would pray with you and tell you - God is going to heal your marriage.  

The HARD part is the waiting and watching and because of free will ....those couples and God have to DO THE WORK.  

Tonight - LORD - I pray that any hurting marriage would have a 'SANDY' around theme ...to encourage them -- that ...YOU CAN and WILL restore their marriage.   And Lord, as I repost the SANDY FACTOR blog - may there be one reading this that gets the encouragement to stand in the GAP for another ...maybe there is someone reading this that is YOUR intended servant to go right up to those 8 couples we pray for ...and be 'sandy' to them. AMEN.  

THIS was a post from November 2012 - I updated it a bit and so you  know - read to the end ...SANDY and my husband are now  great friends. 

 Sandy returned to our church as she is a winter guest and it took almost 2 years, but last January my husband  and I served her communion -- GOD wins.  God heals...God restores.  

BTW - Sandy has returned for this season of the 'cold winter'....I can ONLY imagine what she will see in my husband now.  amen.  

Ok, first of all, I am just so excited......when God gives me the WHAT to write about and then practically writes it for me...... I just get so excited.  I always wanted to publish a book or write and this allows me to do so.  It is the BEST sort of writing...I get to write .......it is published..........and it is there for others to read and enjoy or not.  I get the therpy of writing and the joy of knowing that God gave this to me. 

And, I pray and believe it is written to help another, pay it forward so to speak.  Everything that I do or say now -- I really want it to be about GOD, sharing HIS love for me and how HE can set the captives free. 

Ok - back to the Sandy Factor. 

Ok.  If you must know, the past 3-5 years have been pretty rough in my personal life.  However, God has used different friends... new ones... old ones... faithful ones... to speak and minister to me.  God is like that.  HE is our BEST friend and he places certain ones in our path. 

Ok,  now to Sandy, and there is NO coincedence that her name was Sandy, that is my mom's name.  God has a GREAT sense of humor and purpose and HE reminds me that my mom is one of my best friends too.  But this Sandy is not my mom. 

Let me explain.  In my pain and pathetic state about a three years  ago, I would drag my  butt to church and each Sunday walk up for prayer, cry, break down, and believe  THAT God was going to heal and restore my family.  It became a regular thing.  I was pathetic....I grabbed at the people who were showing me hope.  One Sunday, in January, just after Christmas, the Enemy really lied.  That morning he continued to tell me that I did not need to go forward...nothing was changing... I could pray from my pew.. people were sick of me walking up there, crying and looking all pathetic.  And I believed the Enemy.  I did. 

I sat in my pew, head down, tears falling out of my eyes and just asked God again,   .....why?.......
After only a few moments, a beautiful lady came up to me, put her arm around me and said,  "Your name is MIchelle right?".  And I looked up at her through my blurry eyes, and shook my head yes.  I had no words.  And she said, "you don't know me, but I know you.  I have been praying for you for months, my name is Sandy and I am here to tell you that God loves you and HE is going to heal your marriage".  I just melted.  She was mom, grandma, and best friend all wrapped into one and she has such a belief that it could happen.  She ENCOURAGED me.  She helped me hold on, one more day. 

The next weekend came and again, I sat in my pew and she joined me and prayed.  The next, I went forward but would not actually go up for prayer and she came to me.  Again... The Sandy Factor.  Everytime I saw her, she just held me and prayed and believed that my husband was a good man and that God was dealing with him and that he would be the man I needed him to be.  Her hope, her hopefullness was contagious.  The Sandy Factor. 

She continued to pray, call me and then I began to meet with her at a cell group each Tuedsay.  We prayed often, I cried when she went back 'home'  and I look forward to her winter visit again.  She has never met my husband, but has prayed for him for over a year... can you believe that?  That is a human...being Jesus to me.  That was God. 

The Sandy Factor has returned.... I coined that phrase... I want to be 'sandy' to others... 
Lord,  bless the original Sandy right now, thank you for her love for you and her new friends.  Lord, bring others to my path, I want to be 'sandy' to them. 

I love you Lord, Thanks. 


I want what you want Lord... Matthew 6.33.

When has God used you to be 'sandy' to another?  Please share it with me...if you would like... make a comment!  Thanks. 

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