Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prayer #31 - I did not settle.

I did some research.  In 1960 72% of adults were married.
 In 2013 only 51% are married - we are on the brink of becoming a minority.

Marriage used to be mandatory but now its culturally optional.

75% of married couples say they 'settled'.

Today 21% of married couples have a spouse from a foreign country.

In the 1950's if you were not married - you were considered mentally ill.


Marriage has become optional.  That was NOT God's intention. God designed marriage.

I witnessed a civil ceremony last night. It was so sweet.
I commend this young woman.  I have watched her for almost 4 years now. I have watched her three children and I have seen her change. She is a young godly woman who has the potential to speak volumes into the lives of other young moms her age!

And I am stating this - so does her husband.  He has been to hell and back and we are praying and believing that this time....he will hold onto his freedom and be a light in this dark world.

I watched that young mom faithfully stand by him.

I prayed with a young son and sister with their mother for his freedom from the sin of addiction.

She married the children's father.  God asks us to marry first and then have sex and multiply but that is not the case in the majority of marriages.  But -- God loves.

This marriage is holy.

God knows.  In spite of the sort of 'backwards' beginning - I know God is blessing them.
I came across a statistic that says 75% of couples in a marriage believe they 'settled'.

God did not intend for us to 'settle'.

I did not 'settle'.

God wants us to use marriage to grow closer to HIM.

I have not settled.

I don't believe she settled.  I believe that she trusted God to completely change her man.

This couple could of remained single.  They have 3 children and they have been through many struggles.  I have witnessed that young lady raise those children on her own but she was faithful and believed that her children's dad -- could beat a stronghold.  We are praising God that he has and praying he will hold onto his freedom.

As I sat and listened to the marriage vows -- I was reminded goodness and in sickness and in health...for rich and for poor....whom God has joined together let no man tear apart.

I did not settle.  I believe I married my 'tall, dark prince' and I was deeply in love.  I am still deeply in love -- but it is different from when I was 16 or is deeper and richer.....and solid, but built through God.

You don't have to settle -- GOD has HIS best for you -- SEEK HIM.

Tonight I just wanted to pray that...

Lord, I pray for the one reading this - if they are married and their union is strong - I pray it gets stronger with you and each other and I pray they will embark on a pure joy within their marriage.  Lord, I pray they will work their best to continue to bond, be one flesh and separate themselves from the world.  

Lord, I pray for the one reading this - if they are married and they 'settled'...God I pray that they will seek a pastor or professional and DO something to make it special and unique.   Because once you are married - THAT IS God's best for you.   Lord,  only YOU can bring beauty out of the ashes and I am believing that YOU will reward 10 fold.  Lord, God you did not intend for us to have a sad life or one of dread.  Lord, that the women reading this will feel those butterflies when their man walks in the room -- may her love grow deeper in You.  May the thought of 'settling' LEAVE their minds.  

And Lord if their is abuse - then God -- she must seek help and maybe ...just maybe...Yes..PROTECT herself - and get away from that.  

Lord--and Lord, I pray for the one reading  this post,  that is on the verge of saying 'I am done'.  God does hate divorce, so just one more time Lord - would you remove the scales off their eyes  and Lord, I pray you would restore both hearts as only YOU can do.  Lord, I pray you would give the one wanting to opt out - a vision of HOW well it could be - Lord, your will be done, In Jesus hame!  

And for my sweet Brittany --- Lord, God - he will become the godly father and reach the potential YOU designed for him and he will lead others -- to YOUR freedom and she will become the woman You describe in Proverbs 31 - completely and entirely ....I pray she won't ever stop growing in You Lord - I love her dearly - You love her more -- may she grow to LOVE you so much-- she her children will want what she has!!!  In Jesus Name and I thank you Lord for the miracle I witnessed - amen.  

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