Monday, January 6, 2014

Prayers #28 -- just want some loving....

The entire nation is worried about the cold coming.
 Yesterday, Packer fans are hoping that the 'pack' wins.
 Yesterday, I just want another week of VACATION and I have NO right to fuss or even think I deserve another week -- being a teacher is the BEST job.

Hunter is back at college.
Taylor is still gone.
House is pretty empty.  WE have a Boston Terrier.   But she seems to 'rule' the house a bit.  

For our anniversary we spent ( Zero Down and Zero interest) the MOST money ever on a mattress -- after 26 years on a mattress - it is TIME to get a new one!!   We went ALL out and got the 'Temprepedic' -- the real one.  No knock offs -- No generic brand.  The real one.

It is AWESOME.  The best $3499.00 I have EVER spent.  Don't repeat the price and don't tell me I can get it cheaper -- I did my research - they don't go on sale.  But - it is WORTH every penny and every payment!  amen.

Just saying.

The comfort of a good bed -- to awake with NO back/soreness...heaven.

But...Bella -- is NOT allowed.  It is foam -- I CAN not risk the event - of her maybe ---getting sick - or deciding to pee on the bed.  She does not do that - she really is a GOOD dog, but she has done a few crazy things since we have moved here.  Anyway...

As I said, both kids were gone.  We put her to bed in her basket, in the living room, the first night they both were gone.  She lasted until about 3am and Bren heard her -- scratching our door.  We let her in.  She slept in her basket near our bed.

Last night -- we did the same thing...but that did not work, by midnight - she was literally crying and scratching my hand that was off the bed a bit.  She wanted in.

I sat with her on the couch - tried to get her asleep there.  That did not work.
Then finally - at 3am...I allowed her in our bed.  She immediately sighed and was snoring within a minute.  ...All she wanted was our human touch ...our love...our body heat.

I thought about that this morning.  I was going to post this prayer right away this AM, but other news got me off track and I was unable to post -- I  had to get to work and be ready for the day.  On  Sunday,  I prayed and prayed for ALL the married couples we knew -- I visioned them kneeling -- together -- looking to heaven and SEEKING God to intervene.   And last night,  as I prayed for them all again -- I continued to just keep a VISION of them together - smiling.  Period.  

My heart was given some PURE joy last night when  a young couple - wanting to get married came for supper.  To hear them, tell us of their plans, and to see HOW they are putting GOD first within their courting - GAVE me chills and HOPE for marriage -- it really did.  I want THAT for both of my kids one day be THAT committed and real.

 It also warmed my heart to hear my husband give them advice -- he really is a romantic!  ( Don't share that with him...)  Anyway, as I said, this morning -- as Bella just wanted in our bed -- to have that HUMAN touch and love and warmth....

THAT is my prayer today.  I know I am off a few days -- but, I just have NOT been able to blog and 'keep up'...but God knows - I am praying.  So by the time I get to 40 days of will really be about 47....but that is OK -- an extra 7 is good.  Seven is God's perfect number!  amen.

Back to my prayer  --

Lord, quite simple -- I pray that the married couples that I am holding before you -- I pray that they will understand and believe that YOU Have to be ALL they need...

but then Lord, bless them...bless them with the human touch and the love and warmth from their spouse....

God -- that is why you created woman for man.....for that physical bond. 

 Lord -- ONLY YOU can make it YOU created it to be -- but each must die to self and WANT YOU first ...amen.  

Lord, I feel I am repeating myself -- God -- but I am relentless and believe -- THAT YOU will prevail. 

Lord, thank you for YOUR word yesterday ...Love never fails -- YOUR love does not -- God I pray that the couples who are 'failing' each other...God I pray they will get FIXED with You and by that... I can TAKE them OFF my prayer list.  Amen.!    !!!!  
And Lord, for a special couple that  we love, that YOU love you,  and love each other - comfort them this evening as they lost a child yesterday -- comfort them like only YOU can.  Lord, even if it was only a child in the womb -- it was a baby from You a gift and they are feeling pain - thank you for the trust in knowing that YOU are their comfort and their Savior.  Amen. 

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