Thursday, January 23, 2014

Prayers for a marriage # 40 - last one.

This won't be the LAST prayer I post for marriages but the 'end' has come to my 40 days.
I thank God for HIS mercy and grace as, by the calendar - it really has been about 50 days of prayer -- but I have not been able to post each day.  

Truth be told I have been a bit busy with my life...but making sure that God, then Brendan, then my family and THEN my job and my church....are in the right order.

So, blogging and so forth is  usually after my school work  -- but praying is constant.

Tonight Lisa Bevere challenged us at  Girls With Swords to PRAY BIG.

So my last focused prayer is this .....

GOD be BIG in the lives of couples around me.  God be BIG in their hearts - I know you can be- I pray they will SEEK you BIG and be obedient to what You ask of them.
God for BIG miracles in those marriages that are  hurting.  Lord, it is about relationships -- God I pray those married couples would humble themselves to each other -- and seek THE needs of their other half. 

  Lord, only YOU can bind a marriage in love.  Lord, ONLY YOU can bring a dead marriage back to life.
And Lord, ONLY YOU can be the true wife or husband that we crave and need and when we get the blessing to have a godly marriage - may be NEVER take it for granted.  

Lord, for the marriage partners that are praying to have a believing spouse -- or one that was saved.  For those that are 'unequally yoked'...bless those partners that are praying and speaking life into their lost loved one.  

Lord, for the godly ones -- the ones SEEKING YOU and trying their best to be used by you -- bless them, keep them, hold them....and reward them.  Lord, I want YOU to win every time...
I know Lord, you DO win...but I pray there would be MORE godly marriages that -- shine and the glory would be given to YOU - amen!  

God that there would be MORE marriages that are risen from the dead - amen!  

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