Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prayer #38 - Decisions - Prayer for a marriage

When I wake up in the morning - I have decisions to make. What am I going to wear  - oh but first, how many times can I hit that snooze button before I have to get out of this warm bed...

Ok - you get the point -as a wife and mother - there ARE many decisions that bombard us as women each day.

But what about the decision to STAY married.

In these prayers for marriage - I have shared that my husband and I are in agreement and praying for the marriages of some very special people right around us.  But, I am also believing that GOD is using this blog for others OUT THERE -- like I was when I was in my crisis of faith and my world was stripped form me.  The comfort and solace of the internet and seeking advice from total strangers -- well, I know God is having one read this RIGHT now - and she or he is making a decision to stay or leave.

One.  I would never tell you to go or stay.  I would say - SEEK God.
Two.  If there is physical abuse - that is an entire different situation - seek safety.
Three.  God does want you to STAY and fight for your marriage.  It is biblical.
Four.  I don't believe God just 'releases' you -- but I do know, HE has told many godly seeking women ..."it is ok -- go ahead".

Sometimes the sin just can't be 'gotten past'.  Sometimes the financial burden is too great.  BUT I still believe God would of prevailed .....but in our humanness...we fail.

So -- making that decision.
Looking at a menu is making a decision - choose wisely.  
Seek God.

God will give you Guidance.

G - Gifts - you have gifts and talents and spiritual gifts as well.  As you are trying to decide to stay or go -- does your spouse have gifts ?  Is the present hurt or situation because of a lack of seeking God and proper use of those gifts?  So maybe - could you pray for your spouse instead of thinking you must get out right now?

U - Understanding - have you taken time, enough time to clearly discern what your decision to stay or leave could mean to your spouse and your family?  Are you aware of the consequences of your choices?

I - Impressions - the Spirit of God often brings conviction or establishes truth in your heart ( Psalm 16.7)  so pray for God to speak to you and confirm your decision.

D - Desires - when you seek to please the Lord in all areas of your life, His desires become the desires of your heart.  ( Psm 37.4)

I knew - God had planted  a desire in my heart to wait on Him and work at restoration for our broken marriage.  I knew - the Spirit of God had told me - 'show him grace and mercy'.   I knew - my husband was a good man that had gotten caught up in sin - like me.

A - Advice - God often speaks to us through others (  Prov. 19.20)  So seek advice from those who are grounded in the Word of God with mature and godly wisdom.  And seek advice from those who have successfully overcome similar circumstances.  Many times don't seek advice from close family or friends - they are not objectionable. And I also add in - seek Professional advice too.  A godly family therapist can speak volumes from a broader view.

N - Necessity - evaluate your God-given responsibilities and choose your actions appropriately ( James 4.17)  - exercise with great care -- choices that would  effect your children - your family - your job or livelihood.

C - Circumstances - not all doors are opened by God, but closed doors can help in decision making ( Proverbs 16.9)  consider the obvious situation  and realize that they are not necessarily the final answer.

When my husband's choices and actions were revealed. He moved out. I did not even get the chance to kick him out.  He did it.  That was an obvious  choice and circumstance.  BUT....that did not change my decision to believe  - God could fix us.

 These 'tips' or Guidance -- when making a decision are not mine - I found them in a book written by June Hunt - she is an author and therapist.   But today I wanted to just say it ONE more time....

God can win...HE wins...HE can restore - HE can redeem ANY marriage.

One of my Pastor's gave a brief testimony on Sunday and shared 'his hurts'.....and funny, he stated he felt like THAT was just the MOST one could take -- until he met another Pastor that said, "well, is that all you got?  I will raise you one more divorce and a death, and ....".  Whoa...that struck a chord with me.  God CAN heal ANYTHING.


So today - GOD -- for all the women and men facing decisions to end a marriage or leave a marriage or to hang in there -- GOD - I pray they will SEEK YOU.  I pray they will have a God experience like I did and I pray the people YOU are asking to stand in the gap - stand there...firm...and I pray that Satan will NOT take ONE more family into the divorce vortex....the consequences of our actions will remain forever -- but, YOU can redeem bad decisions. 

  And if divorce is what is transpiring, I pray each party involved has forgiven -- and sought YOU for the peace -- otherwise I know the hurt will just surface again and that unforgiveness will lead to bitterness and bitterness leads to anger and anger + unforgiveness -- can lead to  hell ...it can...if we have hardened our heart so -- I know - I have had that hardened heart and I have seen a hardened heart but ... YOU redeemed us.   YOU restored us.  God I pray that those involved are seeking YOU.  AMen. 

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