Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prayer #35 -- FRUSTRATED, they have to understand what submitting to YOU is...

I put a photo of me smiling, even though this post is a bit curt and to the point!
I had a day where I had EVERY emotion under the sun -- but I refuse to believe that God can't heal a marriage and I refuse to believe that God can't heal cancer or whatever...and I refuse to believe that we are to sit by and sort of 'watch'...NOT when I have a voice.
God wins.
Lord, I pray the one reading this tonight is the one YOU intended it for
God only YOU can bring forth the right heart and spirit where this is received and then
it is acted up.  God I WANT the marriage and that prayerful one to WIN...amen.

God can win...wait -- HE does win...but there are still people that don't believe HE will win for them. It is called FAITH. There is nothing God won't do for us -- but most often what WE think WE want HIM to do -- is NOT what is best for us and so many give up and give in -way before a blessing happens.

Bind that unbelief and take a step of faith and don't look back.

Don't give up -- sometimes it is not until we are in the BELLY of a whale..( Jonah ) before we are finally desperate enough to call upon HIM. And furthermore....our heavenly home is the BEST destination ...God never promised us ( pardon the pun) a rose garden - HE promised to be WITH us.

Personally -- I DO NOT want to check out early -- but there are days in which - I would volunteer -- but that is NOT what HE wants me to do -- HE wants me to help - set the captives free!

Sometimes we must STOP the Insanity...why do we continue to do what is NOT working? Some times we must GET up and move...or change...or maybe, actually come under the authority of godly counsel. And maybe we must also seek some professional help as well. When there is a will -- there is a way.

How on EARTH do those addicted to drugs get more drugs? -- they want them - they crave them... they get them....

So why don't we CRAVE God like that - -and the things of HIM? Why are we living dangerously? Why does it seem that people are 'skimming' along -- don't they want HIS FULL joy and HIS full peace and HIS full destiny? There is more to God's mercy and grace....oh we need that - but there is JOY walking with HIM daily...JOY....HE wants us to have our JOY!

Brendan reminded me to stay humble today-- I awoke yesterday a bit snarky....but I humbly come before my Father this eve and say - EMPTY me of me...fill me with YOU LORD....take me -- I am yours. AMEN.

Lord -- I have been a praying and a blogging for marriages...but being real, a marriage is two people and YOU order to become one flesh, we must submit to YOU....tonight -- may they submit, period - Amen.

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