Monday, January 27, 2014

Just an update -- 1-27-14

I felt a calling and God gave me confirmation to pray for the 'institution of marriage'.  Marriages are being attacked.  I prayed - faithfully.  If you read this blog, I started with 3 marriages that were my focus but that grew to 8.  If you read this and 'think' it is your marriage - it could be.
 Call me.
But many of the marriages I blogged and prayed for - never really GOT on the blog -- in black and white -- too personal.

But I prayed that my prayers - touched others out there and I know at least one did.  Praise God.

God brought victory in one  marriage.  I see them often -- but I was a praying for them WAY before I began those 40 days -- it gives me great joy to see WHAT God can do.  I have been praying for my own marriage now for - 4 years...funny how you almost have to lose something before you begin to pray for it.

It appears I hurt one person badly within this 40 days -- can't really expound on that -- but, God knows my heart.

I have to say it - God raised our marriage from the DEAD....if HE can do that - HE can do anything -- it is just that DARNED free will....I HATE it...but I continue to pray that God will win!

What will God have me blogging about next???? - unsure - but when HE speaks - I usually write.

He clearly showed me in ANOTHER illustration this past week, how the 'old chell' would judge people and I had preconceived ideas about a person -- to which GOD does the 360 and uses that person to BLESS my socks off -- I am humbled.  I am forgiven.  I wish I could share that story - I do if you see me in person - but not for public voice.

And I had to practice what "I preach"...Ex. 14.14 ...I pray and believe that GOD fought for me this past week -- as I was not too still at times....but I am 'quiet now'.

God is also preparing me for another trip to Titusville - my Pastor, Linda, and our church are  taking 26 women again to a God Encounter Weekend.  Therefore the enemy has been attacking me and the other leaders  --BIG time.  But that is OK -- that just means our weekend is going to BLOW the roof off.  Chains will be BROKEN!

 If you are interested - come to the after party - 6pm Sunday - at Fountain of Life - just come and witness and hear what GOD did in the lives of all of us -- even us leaders will come back changed.  I really WANT this opportunity for ALL of my friends, family, and circle of influence peeps....I just do.

I want God to shine so brightly in me - that you have to wear sun glasses around me -- LOL.  Well, you know what I mean...but I also want to be SO empty of ME ..and filled with HIM..that you want WHAT I got....

I want to lose 13.5 pounds - working on it.

I am ALSO...   SO sick of heartburn--- maybe it is time to see a doctor about that -- Brendan has indigestion one night - and the whole world stopped  -- all I said was, "welcome to my world - babe".

I miss my nieces and nephews.  It is Taylor' birthday soon.  Mine too.

Our church is beaming with new visitors each week - exciting -- but mostly it is exciting to have my hubby there - even MORE excited than me.

 Funny - for YEARS...I begged him to sit next to me - and come with he can't sit with me cause he is ushering or doing something and it does not bother me ONE bit -- I keep telling myself that 'when we retire'...we can sit in church together.  LOL

Made some INCREDIBLE new friends -- but it  seems  like they are 'old friends'.  I LOVE how God does that.

I was fortunate enough to be able to witness to several women this past month and share my heart - God I love being used....and the 'hurt'  brings a healing!

Ok - so - that is about it --just an update.

School is the same - we are approaching 100 days, FCAT is in April......and I am learning about a 'better' way to teach English - pretty cool stuff.   It makes me think I 'might' want to teach first grade again....maybe...I said...maybe.....

My verse for today :

Ephesians 4.32 -- Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

Until God speaks to me again --

OH -- come see me THURSDAY at Girls with Swords -- I could blog and blog about that - WHAT a word from the Lord!!

I used to want to be Beth Moore when I 'grew up' may just be 'Lisa Bevere'...but in reality -- I just want to be Michelle - a humbled servant - sharing Christ -- I pray that these blogs do that -- if they don't ....then it is wasted words...



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