Saturday, January 4, 2014

prayers 25, 26 and 27... I got distracted...

I got distracted on Thursday when it came time to do my posted prayer # 25.
Just did.

I had posted a photo or shared a photo from Sadie Robertson and got several 'likes' and then a question.  My flesh got offended - cause this person never really 'likes' much of anything I post but seems to always be more 'negative' when I post something that he seems  - needs a comment.

I really should not be offended.  It is Facebook -- Social Media.  If I am going to PUT it out there - I HAVE to be READY to take the good with the bad.  Still hurts....

But when it came time for me to post my prayer for Thursday - I spent more time thinking of 'ways to rebuttal'.  And then I even dreamed and God gave me a verse to I spent LOTS of time praying on Friday as to 'what' exactly to say -- and looking for other verses to PROVE ...that God has us doing remarkable faith.

Then the enemy just really snuck in there and got me distracted.

But I still prayed.

Today is Saturday -- I did post the photo again and said my peace.  Truth be told -- I am probably going to share the link to this blog post and then just delete it -- it really is NOT worth the fuss -- sometimes we are just  to be still and let GOD fight for us.

But anyway .....

Today, Hunter packed up his stuff and headed back to Boca - college.  I folded extra slowly and made sure he was sent off with fresh snacks, toilet paper, and laundry soap.

Taylor is out of country - literally -- on a cruise with some friends.

Tomorrow is Sunday - looking forward to church.

Life continues.....but within some wonderful people around me - there is still a hurt going on - ---

So I will continue to pray.

LORD GOD -- only YOU know exactly what is going on within those homes and within those hearts. Lord GOD, I pray they will remember that YOU placed the stars and YOU knit them together and that YOU can move mountains and that ONLY YOU can 'fix' their marriages.
Lord I pray, that the men within those couples will look to you, seek in Epesians and then go to their wives and seek forgiveness.
Lord I pray, that the women within those couples will look to you, seek you, and then read the Song of Solomon and then go to their husbands and seek forgiveness.

But Lord, first - I PRAY that they GATHER their 'flesh' and  place it at YOUR feet - Lord, that is the first step, then seeking forgiveness from the other...and Lord, then seeking YOU for change to occur....OH LORD - I believe that marriage will be restored and their ministry will flourish like never before.
OH LORD, I believe that they will survive this 33+ year 'itch' and be the grandparents and parents to the ones needing them.
OH LORD, I pray she will forgive the hardest parts and allow HIS grace and mercy to change him.
OH LORD, I Pray for that family -- for the hearts hurting - that YOU can change the outcome that appears to be happening .....that hearts can believe that YOU can -- bring beauty out of the ashes when one yields to YOU.....
It is possible -- YOUR word says, YOUR LOVE never fails....God I pray those couples will not fail -- that they will NOT get distracted and that they will fall at their feet - and yield to YOU....and then healing can begin...IN Jesus name - amen.  

And Lord, forgive me for letting a comment get me so distracted -- but thank you for YOUR word.  Give me the courage to just drop it - and delete my rebuttal/post...and I pray for that one -- and his family ....God I pray that maybe one day - he would 'like' something -- not that I have to have his approval, but I won't try and please man....I want to please YOU....I pray he believes the same way.  Lord, I know - my 'acceptance' does not come from man...but from YOU -- forgive me Lord, I will try my best NOT to be distracted again --- from something as 'little' as this.  But, I would say - I do say a prayer RIGHT now for the Robertson men - God I pray protection over them - as I do believe THEY are sharing YOU with many that may never even know who Peter with that - the enemy will attack and I pray they are grounded in YOU - as then -- Glory will be shown!   Amen.  

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