Tuesday, December 31, 2013

prayers for a marriage -- #23 - new year

Lord,  the New Year's Eve had brought such pain a few years ago, and then if there was not pain - there was reflection and worry -- tonight - as we approach the eve of 2013 - I have GREAT hope and expectancy for 2014...but that is because of YOU!
Lord, I pray for the families that I hold before you - that the wives of those families will continue to hope and the men in those families WON'T give up -- Lord, I pray that as they lay their heads down this eve -- that they will stop and really reflect and LOOK to you in 2014 - and that maybe tomorrow - they will believe that YOU can pull them out of the pit --
And YOU can restore them -- completely -- Simple prayer Lord, yet all so powerful as I know, that when they PUT YOU first -- and die to their 'self'...Lord, then you can begin anew.... Amen.  

And PS Lord - for my marriage - Lord God - that we both put on habits of Godliness, that we don't have the love of money.  Lord for our finances - we want to build a home and be settled again.  Lord, for our ministry together and apart -- Lord, for the habit of perseverance - that we will persevere - and not allow the enemy in.  Lord, for the growing maturity within us -- lord, that we seek YOUR knowledge and that we are good to each other.  Lord bless our time alone - may our physical time grow with You that we won't seek pleasure in other things or thoughts - Lord, that we remain pure in heart as one heart and one flesh with You -- Lord, for our faith - that it will continue to grow - amen.  

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