Sunday, December 8, 2013

...God grants silly wishes......

Ephesians 3:20-21

New International Version (NIV)
20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

I state that verse cause this is going to be a SHORT but very important blog....

Guess what -- God grants silly wishes.  

HE LONGS to give us EVERY desire of our heart -- as long as it is IN HIS will....
Sitting in a theater, with my family....singing Christmas songs is in HIS will. 
Sitting at the Bank Atlantic Center reliving childhood memories of a school girl's crush HIS will...

Donny Osmond - what can I say?  

Those that know me - know I get a little crazy when you mention his name.  Praise God for U tube and video -- I can google him anytime and get my 'fix'.  

But seriously -- if he really believes all that Morman stuff - he needs prayer.  He needs Jesus - but, I know HE is faithful.  I have prayed many a times for his salvation!!!    I have - don't judge me.  

Too funny -- as I said, If you know me, you know he is my childhood crush.  I would sneak out of the barn when I was milking with my dad and go in to the house and put my cassette recorder right near the TV.  I would turn on the TV and put the volume up LOUD and hit record.  In 30 minutes I would time it so, that I would sneak away from helping him milk  ( I had to wipe the cows udders before he put the machines on ) and run into the house, carefully take off my barn shoes and tip toe to the living room to turn the tape around and record the last 30 minutes of the show and then I would play it later  - over and over....there was NO such thing as VHS recording at that time in my house.  

So -- that is just one of the many crazy stories I can tell...

I have made Brendan suffer through a concert at the Kravis about 10 years ago ...and even ditched Bren when I thought I heard someone say he was in the one room doing autographs and left Bren with  thousands of other CRAZY women fans.

I was blessed by my Uncle Cal and got a seat at a private concert back  7 years ago and got to see him pretty close up.  Great concert...I was probably the youngest one there.....seriously., I finally got to see him and his sister in concert. I wanted to go, I priced out the tickets but honestly -- we are just too poor right now to justify the cost.   ( I am humbled to admit that - but it is what it is...choices...)

But none the less -- God answers silly prayers.  HE does.

On Wednesday of this past week, I told God.."well, if you would drop them out of the sky..."...and on Thursday HE did.    Thank you to that sweet friend.  Thank you.

And God goes BEYOND...the actual seats were the EXACT same section I was pricing out...THAT is how God words.  HE does nothing....mediocre.  HE blesses and goes beyond!

The people that did not get to use the tickets are in need of prayer.  There are physical challenges within their lives -- my husband and I have vowed to hold them in prayer as they both need a miracle -- but GOD can do that too.

I bought a thank you card today - to send to those sweet people and I pray the words that GOD gives me - ministers to their hearts...that they will believe HE can grant the silly wishes...and HE can grant total healing.

Thank you for reading my blog -- my 'silly' wish.....

I want to tell you - HE can grant YOUR silly wish too....just ask!

- humbled...michelle
Notice the lipstick on his cheek?  It was not from me.....the ladies sitting to my left had a 'few'...and made their way down to that stage -- guess I did not have the courage - but hey...

However, my cheeks hurt today from smiling for 3 hours - as it really WAS a great show full of Christmas songs and the oldies...of which - I KNOW each and every word...LOL! 

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