Monday, December 9, 2013

A Healthy Marriage - prayer #1

I had a wonderful weekend and I believe God has sparked in me a focus to pray for marriages for the next 40 days ....40 days of prayers.   ( And blog/publish them.)

A speaker,  I was blessed  to listen to on Saturday,  reminded me...."we are not to be ministering in the country clubs but in the hospitals".  And God reminded me Sunday morning while at church that many stood in the GAP for me and my marriage at a time I needed them -- and I was being called to stand in the gap for another.

God did the miracle - God healed us... God alone, but it was through HIS hands and HIS feet -- HIS people extending  their time, their prayers, their therapy,  their love, and their encouragement.  I don't think a book could contain ALL that worked together for HIS good when it came to the two of us....

Brendan reminded me of that Sunday.  God did the miracle, but HE needed 'us'.  He asks 'us' to be JEsus to be HIS hands and HIS feet.

The  couples that God has brought to our  to the attention --we love through Jesus and  do we feel we are EXPERTS or ones that KNOW it all??   NO way!!   But, we do love God and want to be used by Him and we have been called to help or share a bit with others.  We know that.

And I am not saying this to brag or bring the enemy upon us....but, we are in a 'healthy' spot and plan to STAY there until HE calls us home. have proper health you must get rest, eat properly, drink fluids and have fun and exercise too!   We are seeking proper nutrition - being in HIS word. And we get rest --physical-- with each other and we REST in HIM as we sit under our Pastor and learn from his teaching.  We also get plenty of fluids -- Jesus water.  The living water -- some days he needs more and other days I do...but we are drawing from the SAME well.  It may of taken us some 25+ years to get here - but hey....better late than never.  And exercise....daily -- daily prayer...daily time in HIM...and then FUN...we got that covered.  It is 'work' but fun work.  So as I said -- I could hear God remind me as the speaker spoke on Saturday -- "I have called you to help other couples!".

God has led several couples to our path within the past year.  Right now there are several  couples we are earnestly praying for and believing that miracles can happen.

And God used that speaker on Saturday - Dannah Gresh to remind us that God created marriage and sex as a form of intimacy - to 'yada' get to know and respect each other to KNOW each other that well...that we become one flesh.  THAT picture of a healthy marriage ...a healthy union - why wouldn't the Enemy do his best to destroy it -- via ALL media, sexual immorality, and whatever... that made perfect sense.

So with that -- I am going to do my best to post 40 days worth of prayers for marriage.
Maybe you are one of the couples that inspired this blog/post - maybe some aspect touches your marriage ...or maybe you have a healthy marriage and you wish to keep it that way.  I would appreciate your comments at the end...and I thank you for reading - michelle

Lord, I come to you as a humble servant and I seek YOUR guidance and provision to accomplish this task.  Lord, today I will pray about our hearts.  Lord, I pray that  my heart does not become lonely.  I pray my husband's heart does not become lonely -- Lord, that we both SEEK you with every ounce of our being and that we SEEK the other as our 2nd love.  Lord, I pray that YOU are our first love.  Lord,  I ask that You reveal our hearts to us - show us what can trigger us what can trigger the enemy to come at us.  God, you placed the stars -- You know exactly how many hairs are  on his head - on my head...Lord, you know exactly HOW this will play out -- God I pray right now that the one reading this, will believe that the lonely heart can be healed...that the lonely heart can feel LOVE like never before...that the lonely heart won't be tempted to find solace in another. God I pray that the lonely heart will open up to YOU this eve, that he or she will pour our their loneliness to YOU and that they will allow you to fill it and then tomorrow, they will do the same and let it fill them tomorrow even more...and then Lord, I pray they check their hearts - are you first?  Lord, I pray that YOU are first and their spouce is 2nd in the devotion...God I believe in marriage, I believe you heal and restore and I pray for those specific couples RIGHT now...that they would have an unction when they awake tomorrow to hold on ...just one more seek professional help....or to just wait on filing for that divorce paper-- OH God - for those couples we are thinking of and for the one that may be reading this -- God I pray that person or that wife or that husband will dream this eve and meet you -- and believe when they awake that YOU can turn this around - In Jesus name, amen ! 

1 Peter 4.8
Above all, love each other deeply, because Love covers over a multitude of sins.

Psalm 119: 111-112
Your laws are my treasure: they are my heart's delight.  I am determined to keep your degrees to the very end.

Today can be the beginning of a new direction..a new life for your marriage -- God CAN heal and restore what the locusts have taken -- even after MANY years!

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  1. Thank you for being willing to stand in the gap for the weary......may the Lord bless you and keep you may His face shine upon you..........


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