Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prayers for ME - and my thoughts and plaid shirts! #21.5

I think I am posting this one today as well.  I believe that tomorrow is going to be busy and If I don't get time to post prayer #22 -- this one will do --as  I believe I have to share it.

Today the enemy got to me big time.

Yesterday I helped TP clean out some stuff in her classroom and I found a old photo of her dad from 4 years ago.  I will be completely honest - why would I lie?  I guess I am sharing something personal. ( Lord, protect this.)   He was wearing his favorite blue and green  plaid Polo shirt.  A WHOLE bunch of memories were triggered up.

You see - I destroyed that shirt in a really BAD mood - um 3 years ago.  Piece by piece in a fit of anger and rage.  It is a memory that is very clear in my head.

It is in the past.  But....those triggers....  It took me a good 2-3 hours of prayer and faith   - to get past the 'past thoughts' that wanted to creep into my head.  Well - they creeped in and sat for only but a moment but  I had to REPLACE them and get RID of them.

I think I  am to post  this today, and share because  -- another person out there reading this -- needs to know that LIFE sucks at times and even though we forgive a hurt and move forward--- forgetting does not completely happen.   There are probably some memories that you won't forget.  They can be a reminder of pain if you let them, or they can be the 'thorn' that keeps you humble.  I mean -- I hardly go backwards anymore....but when I do -- Do you know what gets me 'out' of those thoughts quickly?

I think of Jesus on that cross - and what I HIM...not what was 'done' to me.

I think FAR too many people STAY in that pity party and STAY in that -- I have a problem - LOOK what happened to me --- and they won't get beyond it.

I CHOOSE to move forward - I choose to keep those problems in the past.  I don't want God reminding me of my past EVERY day....with every moment!

But - the enemy has a lot at stake....I have been praying and sending out extra invites to a Bible study next month called GIrls with SWordS at my church  and, I have been proclaiming a victory in a few other prayer requests and so,  I am sure Satan just wanted to ADD in a bit more strife.

No doubt.

I had a cool moment with my #1 first born today - as she was sharing about HOW the enemy had attacked her about her past....when she dug through some UF notebooks and stuff from 4 years ago -  it triggered a different memory with her.  But - praise God, she shared - I shared - and well, GOD won.

We had both put our triggers to prayer earlier in the day before we got to a chatting in her new classroom,  and  we both were singing praise and worship music as we worked in her room,  and we both then shared our hearts -- and confirmed to each other -- that God wins.

 It was JUST the Enemy that attacked again.

She is getting ready to START her career -- and SHE will be bold for HIM - of course the enemy is scared.  Satan hates my daughter.  Satan hates me.

As I said, I am getting ready for another Encounter Weekend - and this new bible ...of course the enemy is scared.

But that is OK -- that is what we WANT to be ...Girls with Swords -- warriors for HIM - in the battle.

God wins.

So this prayer is simple --

Lord GOD -- I bind the enemy away from me....I bind the enemy away from TP - and we believe that with YOU and as YOU are in US...we will DO your good works - amen.
And PS, Lord -- that was BP's favorite shirt and if -- it be your will -- if you would tell the POLO people to REMAKE that shirt in that plaid print, cause I would SURE LOVE to buy him a new one - for the 'new man' that he is...which we love ..which I love...thank you Lord!
And God - for the marriages I am a praying for -- bind the enemy in their unions -- God -- the marriages I am praying for -- the enemy is there -- he is scheming and trying to destroy those families ..but LORD -- I pray that YOU win.  Amen.   


Please let me know how this touched you . . . thanks!