Saturday, December 28, 2013

Casting Crowns - Prayers for Marriage - #20

This video shows the birth of Jesus -- his death on the cross and then it asks a question- WHAT are you doing America....?? And it shows the rapture of HIS church - in an instant  - we are taken up.

Unsure what you believe - whether we are caught up pre-trib or post-tribulation...I read the left behind books and have my own opinion -- but...

Yesterday was a day when I felt the enemy was a winning...and today - I have renewed HOPE...

God wins.

Today is Day #20 in my focused prayers for marriage - 1/2 way there -- My flesh really wants to stop - posting and praying -- as it seems like my prayers are MAKING things worse....

My flesh is growing weary and I know that I know - it is just an attack.
 I know this is just the enemy - he is a liar and he is trying his BEST to convince me that I am powerless --

I am not powerless -- I am a daughter of the KING -- my prayers ARE heard!

Today --with my prayers -- the bottom line is SALVATION.....

Lord -- I pray  the people that read this-- understand and know WHY you came and that you will come again.
Lord -- I pray that the married couples around me -- understand and know that their salvation is secure in I do believe that if they will stop and rethink and relook and check themselves ...and their relationship with YOU -- and if it is right where it should be ....then the problems within the marriage CAN be solved -- with YOU...period.  

  God I pray they will fight for their family and their marriages! 

God I pray that in any circumstance -- YOUR good can be found and I pray that no matter the 'what it looks like'.....stuff....God -- YOU can change it!  

Lord -- I pray that the circle of people  around me -- would stop and make sure -- their relationship with YOU is RIGHT on target -- that if they would watch this video - they would know - 'they are not sleepin'...

I pray they don't miss out - on Your Grace and Mercy.  Amen.  

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  1. amen!!! keep the prayer coming they are so needed,,,,,,,


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