Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prayers for a Marriage #21 - covering it up....

Taylor and I were talking today --at her new classroom-- as she was putting up POWER words and I was creating a MAP wall.  On her west wall, there  was a blackboard  that had  been taken down and it was never painted  underneath so all you see was four different colors of old paint and then some major BROWN gunk to fill in the holes in the concrete.   So, in all TRUE teacher fashion - we had to HIDE the wall with something and COVER it up.   In cleaning out some of her newly acquired book cases and cupboards, I came across a box of old maps and an old Reader's Digest Atlas.

 Anyway - let the FUN begin!

I covered that wall all right - I am a pro -- been teaching for 26 years now and I know how to cover a wall.  Lee Dixon once took a photo of my room and used it for FIRE safety training as to 'what NOT to have on your wall'...TOO much stuff that is!  LOL

I still love that he used my wall -- how did I know??  He shared the story with me but he had to delete that photo - my 'sunflowers' gave it away.  Too many people  recognized  my unique choice of wall coverings and it became a laughing point instead of a safty message.....needless to say, I have had to learn to try and restrict WHAT I place on my walls now -- as I don't wish to be a fire hazard!

But, as I spent almost 3 hours cutting, covering, and then taping a wall in old maps, I began to think about HOW much we cover up -- in our lives.

I have been thinking and watching -- others.  Married couples do a lot of 'covering'.  Maybe women DO more of the covering - hiding their pain -- or holding it in.

Maybe not.  Maybe it is really the men doing most of the 'covering' with a mask.

What do we cover up for our spouse or ourselves?
Do we have differences in moral principals?
Do we have opposing friendship choices?
Do we have different religious beliefs?

Is there anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness that we cover up?
Is there impatience or insensitivity being displayed?
Is there apathy that you cover up?  

I caught myself today.....thinking about another couple.  They are older.  We were never friends but through the insurance office, I learned a bit of their story.   I quickly judged him as it was always rumored that  he used to be a 'ladies man' -- but now I believe he is committed to his wife.   He  would always be at  church.   Why did she stay - did she ever know?    They never divorced.  They raised a family.  But still....I judged -- I thought and I wondered.  And why today did this couple come across my thought waves?       I believe it was the enemy -- trying just ANOTHER way to distract me.

THEN  I  felt the CHECK in my spirit and repented -- "what do people think about us?".

Covering - We covered SO much for so many years.

I quickly realized -again, HOW fast the enemy can sneak up on you - at it was not even an hour past church......seriously.    Tears flowed -- I would NOT want anyone to 'judge' me like that.  I want people to think of God's grace and mercy when  our names pop into their brains!

Praise GOD we fall under a God this evening -- today - HE  COVERED our sins.

Tonight's prayer is just for that -- covering..

LORD GOD - I pray that if there is a 'bad' covering happening between the couples we love and pray for - God uncover it -- reveal it - open the eyes of both so that a healing can begin.  Lord God,  I pray that they will BOTH lay down their lives -- and allow you to consume EVERY part  and then be covered by YOUR blood. 

 Lord I pray they will fight to SEEK you and learn to forgive....

Lord God - for that one couple in particular -- forgive me for judging and speculating --I know I already asked forgiveness of YOU for this, but Lord, thank you for grace and mercy that you always extend to me!  

 God I pray that their family and marriage is healthy and sound -- that the mistakes of the past - if they were true - are forgiven and I pray they have a RIGHT standing relationship with YOU right now - if not -- then I pray that their eyes will open too ...why YOU allowed me to think of them today - if it was  for YOUR purpose ---- thank you for teaching me and gently reminding me ....
I am just but a 'forgiven' sinner. 

 I was reminded today -- I am under your covering and we thankful for Your miracle of a 2nd chance. 

 Lord God for the couples I hold before you - God I pray that these prayers are reaching their ears...IN Jesus name, Amen. 

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  1. God is using you to pray for other "couples" as he leads you to......that is just awesome! In true God style, He is using your pain, and His healing and provision to bless others. Praise Him! Praise the King.


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