Monday, December 23, 2013

Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs - (Full Version) Prayer #15


  1. I am convinced that many marriages don't 'make' it cause both parties don't know REALLY how to fight.

    I am convinced the enemy lies perfectly to each one - the husband and the wife and IF we are not right there -- ready to battle --we get HIT...

    I know that perhaps -- from 'man's' perspective -- some marriages are better off - apart.

    BUT -- I believe that once a couple has been joined in holy matrimony -- THAT is God's best for you....THAT is God's choice for you ...and THAT is whom God WANTS you to fight with--- to work it out.

    God DOES not want you to divorce.

    And I know that 'if' you don't work out the WHAT ....what is causing the hurt -- the consequences that will be reflected in your children and family.....will follow you for the rest of your life. And IF you don't deal with the reasons why -- hearts are being deceived -- it will follow you to the 'next' relationship -- it will. That is a proven fact - do the research.

    If you are being abused -- hurt - physically -- THAT is another story. Get OUT!

    I am obviously praying for marriages and my tone has been -- that they are in trouble.


    I have been in prayer for three families that NEED a direct intervention. They need a mountain moved. But....these prayers can be for anyone - any marriage. I have added a fourth couple/family.

    I must be bold....

    When you hear, "I don't believe I love you - nor that I ever loved you..." - that is a lie.
    When you hear, "we just can't make it...." - that is a lie.
    When you say, "I want to give up..." -- that is Satan getting victory!

    I am being bold this evening.

    I found a really cool - heart provoking video - going to try my best to LINK it here to this blog.

    I cried when I watched the video. The woman was the one who the enemy attacked first - and he convinced her that she no longer loved her husband. She committed adultery. They divorced -- but God was not done. Listen to how God used the next 7 RESTORE them.

    Today I have been praying for those three couples and as I said, I added a fourth couple this past week - as they are in a DEEP crisis of faith right now. I can't judge...I know GOD is big enough - but I have been praying and commanding angels to nudge them both - the wife and the husband to pick up God's word....

    I marveled as I watched this video - as the couple HE restored fell in love with God after their divorce.
    I often wonder if I would of done that - I was in love with God ....when my marriage fell apart, so I had some I said, I marveled at this video - as it seems they did not have the tools - but GOD is big enough and HE provided.

    I know NOW that I would of found someway to get healing......but I praise God that HE knew, I needed to be in LOVE with HIM and secure in HIS be able to forgive and wait patiently while he worked on my man.

    This evening -- I am praying - that one would read this and watch the video and believe -- there IS hope for us...for my marriage.


    I am being BOLD -- DON'T give up!! Don't!
    I promise the GOOD that God can do -- will WARM your heart so -- in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Do a little more research and type in on You Tube ' I am Second The Scruggs' and then notice a video post by Lauren Scruggs as well -- know who she is? She is the daughter of this couple -- the model who was in the helicopter accident about 2 years ago -- .....Talk about GOD using a family - HE restored that family - cause HE knew what was going to transpire within their lives. I FELL in love with God even more this moment -- HE wins.


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