Sunday, December 15, 2013

Prayers for a marriage - one in particular -- #6

God can do the impossible.  I do believe it.
This is personal.  Back on 10-16-10 I sat in church  -- thrilled because I had just met John James from the Newsboys....thrilled that one of my 'Christian music giants'....was here in Okeechobee.

I mean - little Okeechobee?  Really?

I MADE Brendan take me to their concert in Ft. Pierce in April of 1991 - it was one of the first times I had a sitter for Taylor -she was only a month or two old....

But, I remember literally dragging him to that concert.  We had to sit through two other bands first and our ears were blasted -- it was LOUD, but finally  the Newsboys came out.  And they sang the song -- the one that got me hooked on Newsboys -- "Shine".

That was the only song I knew - but, I could sing it word for word!  Besides Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael  W. Smith, and Petra - there were not too many ROCK and ROLL Christian Bands.

Anyway -- I LOVED their songs and got their music...and sang it all the time.

Little did I know, that one day -- 19+ years later  - my Pastor would tell me--- I 'know' John James....He was the other 1/2 of the original Newsboys founders....he and Peter Fuller.

Anyway -- small world...yep!  Needless to say - I have heard him give his testimony, I have laughed and even fellow-shipped and eaten  with him.  I consider him my friend now....but let me go back to 10-16-10...

ON that day, I was a broken women, and he gave his testimony and he spoke of his wife and how she helped him  through God and prayer realize that God had a plan for him.  You need to hear him tell it--- but that day, I heard EVERY word he said about his wife and I prayed ...God...could my husband  think that way about me one day -- ???  Could he???

He expressed his love and devotion for her and I bought his testimony CD and I have listened to her tell of what God told her and how she was persistent in praying for her husband....while he was deceived.

That was my prayer.

Today, sadly, - even though John fought hard....he is now divorced.  And he is in the process of being healed.  How does one wife...who loved him so much ....7-9 years believe that  he is not God's best for her?  How does she believe that?    I will get those answers in heaven. 

It can be turned around so does a man, after 15+ years...all of a sudden give up? 

However...I realize.... I have been in a place where I was almost giving up -- sometimes giving up is the easier thing to do.  And...Lord...that is YOU KNOW our hearts and in the end....I don't have to account for anyone but myself.    Forgive me Lord...

My heart ached today again not only for John....but for other couples within my circle of life. God is faithful and I am just saying....A LOT can happen so today, it is with  YOU Lord, in is with those 'couples'  in mind...I am praying for all of those that think...they are 'not' in love anymore.....

 Would you allow God....Allow HIM to really work on your heart?? ....amen.

Lord....for ALL of those women and men who have heard their spouse say, " I am no longer in love with you ".....Oh God...I know that hurt...but I know how YOU can restore and revive....
GOD I pray they will pray this prayer with me -- FIX it Lord...change it...and HOLD me until You open their eyes....I want my marriage....a piece of paper is only a piece of paper -- if it be YOUR will....FIX and restore what the enemy has taken ...what the enemy has deceived...AMEN.    


Lord, for the ones who just can't HOLD on any longer -- may they see Your glory as they are obedient to You and what You have asked them to do.  Let them know that they know...when they face You, You and she or he will agree ..."I did everything possible Lord"....  Lord, for the ones who have crossed over and made the commitment  to recommit and begin again - protect those marriages and bring them a body of believers that will support this journey.  


In all circumstances...give peace.  Undeniable peace.  


Lord, for the marriage that is just 'sitting'....either the husband or wife are just sitting and not moving...not being obedient...not living a life worth of his or her calling...or living a life of mediocracy.....Lord, OPEN their eyes, may they WANT YOU so badly Lord!  


Give us hope and bring the 'good news' to many!   Lord, I pray for John - unsure of where he is at the moment - but I  know - he is sharing your message of faith and hope.  Bless him Lord.  Bless his ex-wife and children....   Lord, continue to watch over me, my marriage and my children -- may we always give encouragement
My Wedding Day with my immediate family! 
and testimony of  YOUR great faithfulness and redemption. Amen.  

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