Friday, December 27, 2013

Prayer -- #19

Lord, today has been TOUGH.

Your word says that 'consider it pure joy' when we are persecuted for our faith....

That sucks.

Just saying.

Tonight's prayer is focused on my married pals but also for a loved one that is SO deceived!

God - tonight the words are this .....
        THIS is YOUR problem.....THEY need YOU to fix it..... SHE is messed up -- the enemy is a liar and I am TIRED of it 'seeming' like he gets the upper hand.  God I CALL upon ALL of YOUR best fighters....YOUR best warriors -- and I pray --  those doing the hurting -- hurt too --  I mean - I pray they would REALIZE that their actions and their sin - is causing consequences ....

those believing the lies...God I pray they are MISERABLE...

Those so deceived -- Lord, help me to show them love, even when I want to SMACK them.  

Not a 'pretty' prayer this eve Lord -- but YOU know - YOU  know my heart -- now I will retreat to my bedroom and read your word ....and remind myself that YOU win.  

God I pray they would FIGURE it out!

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