Monday, July 23, 2012

God is more than a band-aid, HE is a healer.

I wanted to make sure that the photo is first.  This is my dining room table.  This is not my bible, but praise God  as it belongs to the spiritual head of our home.  Praise God.

I have not written much in the past month, been busy enjoying summer, working at the Ins. Office and helping out there, praying, just living but then again, I don't just want to blog to blog...I continually ask God use this for HIM.  HE also uses it for me, I mean, writing is my therapy as well, my hobby.

We went to Wisconsin, rented a Harley and had a great time.  I got loved on by many nieces and nephews and each day brings many new things to light.  My joy was to watch HP and his interactions with the little ones.  He is sort of a celebrity with the younger ones, cause he is this kid that plays soccer and shows up maybe once a year now.  He has a tender heart towards the little ones, he reminds me of my brother Trevor and his uncanny ability to hover over little ones.  And yet most often, when approached with a baby, "don't you want to hold him or her?" -- he replies, "no way".   Taylor got quality time with her nieces and nephews too, she enjoyed each and everyone of them - they are all so different.  After the trip, she realized that from this point on, her visits will be few and far between and they will grow up, and so she says, "why did we ever move away?".  She is 21 now, she has her own life and going to Wisconsin will probably be on her terms and when she schedules it.  And I realized that she realized that when we grow up- things change.  And that is hard to accept at times.  I remember being at that age, it is hard.

Our Harley trip was just plain wonderful - almost 700 miles.  We rode with my brother one day in 103 degree heat, and another with he and his wife - fun, fun, fun. And one day we rode solo -  many conversations and sights, but I am keeping that to myself for now - God used the trip to heal.

Back to blogging --"what shall I blog about Lord?".  "Lord, it has been several weeks, I want to write.".........

Then something really special happened and several different things transpired and I found my purse with about 4-5 scraps of paper of verses that have been my thoughts for the past month and I decided to just share those....

God's word is alive and it is is a living word.  When you read it over, and come back to a story or spot either a few days later or even a year later, it is only GOD that can do speaks to me us ..again in a different manner.

Psm 25 - In your Lord my God I put my trust....This is the beginning of the Psalm that I am presently working on memorizing.  My hubby has about 12 verses down and he practices nightly and I should know them as well by now with all the quizzing, but this is my challenge right now.  Along with two other ladies, I am attempting to learn a verse a day.    The coolest thing, how this Psalm has been right at the forefront of my mind, and when in prayer for others, it is the blessing of praying HIS word that just makes me feel so connected to my Lord.   As, HIS word is alive and active.  When praying for another, it does not feel like God put a band-aid on, it seems like HE really healed her with HIS words, that is why I say, HE is a healer.

God also allowed me to be a part of a healing of a physical need with another - I will keep this one to myself, but to know that you know you followed what HE asked, is humbling.  AND, to see and experience a mire touch of HIS healing - wow!

 God also answered a MIGHTY prayer for another warrior in HIS name and to see that person be set free of many years of oppression is just truly a miracle.  Authentic Faith creates miracles.  I guess I would love to tell that whole story but it is not mine to tell, I just praise God that I got to be a part of it and I got to see it transpire.  God is a complete healer!

John 14.13  And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.   So, this verse.....Let me explain.  I am in constant prayer each day.  It would seem that Enemy likes to continue to haunt me about certain things.  But in Wisconsin, I had 7 days of peace...I mean, being away from our normal routine ---the Enemy still would hit me on a few things, but NOTHING of what  he lies to me about when I am in Okeechobee.  I am not sure I am explaining myself, but the point I am trying to make is that after 6 days of real peace, I realized that SOME day...the little bread crumbs of our past...WILL be gone...THEY won't hurt anymore....THEY really won't come to mind unless something really makes us think or talk about them and it was just the most sweetest presence of learning that.  THAT happened on the Harley, in the middle of Spring Green, Wisconsin, with HIS sun shinning on my face, my husband grabbing my leg and giving it a squeeze, and me, just holding onto him and enjoying the ride!     God is the healer, I experienced MORE than a band-aid.

Psalm 32.2  "Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him".  
No comment on this verse, it fits right in with my realization of HOW great God's healing is.  Nothing is counted against me.  Not my idolatry...not my pride...not my!

These verses also made it to my purse:

I can do everything through him who gives me strength      Phil 4.13
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.       Prov. 16.3
God has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.     Eph. 1.3
For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.         1 John 5.5

I found this too:

"Human frailty is another thing that gets between God's words of assurance and our own words of and thoughts.  When we realize how feeble we are in facing difficulties, the difficulties become like giants, we become like grasshoppers, and God seems to be non-existent. But remember God's assurance to us - 'I will never ....forsake you'.... have you learned  to sing after hearing God's keynote?  Are we continually filled with enough courage to say,  'The Lord is my helper'  or do we yield to fear?"
            - Oswald Chambers

I guess I   wasn't  completely fearful, but as my family continues to heal and as my husband and I continue to walk on new territory in our marriage, I was being gripped with some fear.  We have 'graduated' our counsel with our therapist but we still seek counsel from our Pastor and his wife.  We have really moved beyond much of our past, but the past seems to creep in.  I never want to be blindsided again, but I also don't want to shove or skirt anything under the rug that needs to be dealt with.  So, I laid it before HIM.    And then, God reminded me, HE has this.  But HE has to be the center.  HE is.    We are never going to be perfect.  The consequences of our past ( both of us ) will forever be something that changed us - but in a good way.  The speaker yesterday at church spoke about Ester, her destiny was to save her people.  She was in the right spot and God used her.  God is using us.  God has put more than a band-aide over us and our relationship.  God has just been using this summer to let us grow deeper in knowledge of HIM and in turn, our entire family benefits and is restored.  

One moment at a time, one prayer at a time, one memory at a time.  God does 360's.  I have said it before and HE continually reminds me that HE is more than a band-aide.  HE is Lord.

Be blessed.  If you are in any sort of trial - I know that I know, God wins, HE can restore what the locusts have taken and HE wants to be your LORD.  Be encouraged, be set free.

- michelle

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  1. Hello.....I have to correct something, Taylor does not have nieces or nephews - I don't have a secret older child somewhere in Wisconsin, they are MY nieces and nephews! It is just that she is so much older than they are, she could practically be their aunt! They are her cousins! As they grow, it is a blessing to watch my siblings and their parenting skills. It is a blessing to see them yell, "grandma" and my mother's face shine in glory. They are a treasure. I buy or take them little gifts to remind them of their 'auntie chell'......just had to add that! I am blessed.


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