Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Linda Robertson......

Linda, Happy Birthday - sorry I did not know it was your birthday until the day was mostly over, instead I will write....

1.  Happy birthday to my new friend but good friend.
2.  Happy birthday to a woman of God.
3.  Happy birthday to the lady who has tremendous talent.... 4...she is steadfast....5.  she is loyal... 6.  she displays forgiveness and is so humbled by God....7.  she is a mentor and a leader  and 8...she is called by God to lead women. 
9.  Happy birthday to a lady who is also a Grandmother to several wonderful children who call her beloved.....she is the best Grandma.
10.  Happy birthday to the lady who knows how to pray.
11.  Happy birthday to the lady who can get you laughing in one minute and has the grace and dignigty to cry with you and share your pain in the next. 
12.  Happy birthday to a woman you want in your corner.
13.  Happy birthday to a woman who has great sons -- her character shines through them.
14.  Happy birthday to a superior teacher...her teaching skills has made Okeechobee a County of Excellence.
15.  Happy birthday to a lady who is a class act, she always shows grace and dignity and mercy.
16.  Happy birthday to a lady who is loved dearly by Dave.
17.  Happy birthday to God's girl...as she is a woman of God but just a girl too...that loves her Daddy proudly.
18.  Happy birthday to a find friend that can be counted on to pray....19.  to laugh....20.  to listen...21.  to share with....22.  to just hang with.
23.  Happy birthday to a lady that understands and has empathy.
24.  Happy birthday to a lady who knows her Lord and does not claim to know everything but seeks HIM for all of her guidance and answers.
25.  Happy birthday to a wonderful painter and artist.
26.  Happy birthday to a really cool story teller.
27.  Happy birthday to a confident and someone that can be trusted with hurts.
28.  Happy birthday to my friend.....

Linda....I was really trying to get 57....I mean, I think it is pretty cool that you are 11 years older than I, you are like that big sister that I can call upon...and yet,  you just seem like you are 29 when it comes to dreaming and thinking outloud.  I hope and pray that 'age' is not a biggie to you..cause if it was, I am sorry.  ( As I just shared with everyone reading this...you are 57 today!!    And really would of guessed just a few years older than me!) 

But I like this....I have really gotten to know you in just over a year...well, almost two years this coming month, but I feel like I have known you forever....spiritually...but the facts...I am still learning, so I will look forward to learning  ( let's see 57-28= 29) 29 more fun facts about you in the next 11months so I can post early on your birthday next year!  

And I love you as a sister and friend in Christ, so glad that we get to spend time together her on earth and then forever in heaven! 

Seriously, thank you...more words may just lesson the sediment...you truly have been heavenly sent to me and I praise and thank God for your divine appointment in my life and in our lives. 

Happy Birthday to a very dear one I am honored to call friend,

PS, I am sure that BP, TP and HP also send their birthday wishes as well - next year....I won't forget your birthday as NOW I know the date!!!!!   

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