Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Should we sin then.....?

I have been pretty quiet lately. 
Been thinking a lot, busy a lot, and just really asking God ..'what'.

I remember what both Beth Moore  and Patsy Clairmont have said,  and I have heard Joyce Meyers say it too....if you are going to speak - make sure it is of worth or of value. 

Words are so important.

HIS words are so important. 

Today, I will be honest, I got 'hit' with something again.  Now mind, you -- I am ok.  I am.  It is just one of those things....our minds...and how they can wander, so we RENEW it with HIS word. 

Right?  Right! 

I was a sitting and just praying and went to my Believing God devotional for today as Beth has HIS word for each day and then her commentary and of course, it ministered to me. 

Romans 6.1 says....
What should we say then?  Should we continue to sin in order that grace may multiply? 

Beth comments: 

To many, the fact that God has declared us holy and righteous before Him by means of Christ's substitutionary death gives us license to sin.  But we would be severely mistaken to rationalize God's grace and forgiveness into permission to act like pagans. 

Those who presently and actively believe God are prompted to make wiser and healthier decisions.  Authentic faith cannot help but act. 

THAT...really hit me.....Authentic faith cannot help but act.

Beth continues,  If we really believe what the Word says about God and about us, our decisions and behaviors will reflect it.  How we behave overwhelmingly flows from what we deeply believe. 

Now, I , Michelle, wants to comment:

....what we deeply believe.

I believe God is good.  
I believe that I am accepted, adopted, redeemed, blessed, forgiven, and free. 
I believe that God redeems and restores. 
I know God is good.
I know that I am accepted, adopted, redeemed, blessed, forgiven and free.
I know that God redeems and restores.

I know God can 'have this'. 

I know I can do HARD.
I know I can wait.
I know that others can too! 

I believe the Enemy just wants to get into my head today and remind and remind me of my past...his past.....that past...and this failure..and that failure....and why this makes me mad and why that is still happening...

I see the Enemy trying his hand in others around me. 

ENOUGH.....ENOUGH.... Satan -- GET the hell away....YOU have NO authority here!  Amen. 

It is pure and simple. 

Now to act and live in that belief....that is the harder part.   But....we can do hard. 

I believe this scripture reminded me that I can't 'use' this drip or constant lie from the Enemy as an excuse...I know how to get rid of it - through prayer and faith. 

Praise God.
Lord, thank you for Your we can look at it a year ago and it speaks to us in this manner and then in the next glance, it means that and it heals in a different spot.

Lord, I have one friend ( and others ) that is really being attacked right now - Lord, remind her to behave within how she knows...YOU will heal this.  Lord, be there.

Lord,  for my own thoughts today, I realize it may just be my time of the month, or you are working 'death' in one thing ...and 'life' in another, but I am sick of this constant 'drip' the Enemy seems to want to use against me.  Specfically Lord, the timeline....the idea of the timeline and the unanswered questions are like a constant drip and I don't want it anymore.  I am sick of it says in Proverbs today..that constant dripping -- stop the faucet.  Stop the leak.  Take it back in YOUR manner Lord, as when YOU do it...when YOU heal is always so much better than what "I wanted'.....  Lord, if I need to seek some extra professional counsel - burden me - make it happen.  Humble me Lord, I believe I  am so close...I don't want to ever use any of 'it' as a stumbling block.   If I just need the time to sort it out...continue to sustain me.  But Lord -- do it.  IF I just need you 24/7..which I already know the answer to that...just reshow me. 

Lord,  give me the grace to wait. 

Lord, I realize that in the scope of things...this is a 'small' request, but you know my heart and our small requests are just as priceless to you as the big the people in Colorado and the fires...Lord, send rain...but Praise You Lord, that we can come to you and ask. and know - YOU hear and YOU answer.

My flesh feels better now Lord.
My own man reminded me again today Lord, to walk in our Spirit...we can't walk in the flesh here...we must walk in the spirit...therefore, no wonder why the Enemy wants to attack...

Help me walk in the Spirit, period.

I believe my 'dry' spell of writing was relieved....empty me of me...pour in more of you.....

May this be for your glory..not for mine.    Amen. 

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