Sunday, June 10, 2012

when the promise is clear, the pain is easy....

Rev. David Vespa spoke today at Grandma Ziemann's memorial service. Tremendous.  He and his wife were missionaries over in Africa about the same time as Grandma and Grandpa.  They were located about 400 miles north of them, but had several visits with each other --being some of the few Americans in that country/region.

He spoke about Eddie Ziemann  ( Grandpa )  and shared a few stories.  His wife spoke highly of Bernice  ( Grandma ) and how she had a gift for making the coldest or bare room look like a million bucks by adding a table cloth from home and then a few beautiful things like nic nacks to decorate with.   That was Grandma...she was always  fashionable, stated her opinion, but she loved and prayed and prayed so much, I know that I know, our children are blessed and healthy because she did pray!

Thinking and pondering the entire service....was just a blessing and mirage of different memories that came flooding back as that was Brendan's weekend home while we were in college as Marilyn and Lowell had moved to Florida.

Listening to the love they had for his ( our )  grandparents and their life there in Africa was just tremendous.  I knew that as Missionaries...they impacted many but I had really NO idea of HOW much.  What a legacy.  Grandpa and Grandma had a grassroots approach and the millions of Christians there now are from the seeds they planted.

There is even a couple here now in Okeechobee that are from Ghana that attend church where Marilyn and Lowell go now....and I have no doubt that they are remind Marilyn...of HIS love and faithfulness.

God is so sweet....HE blesses us with such little things that MEAN so much!

Rev. Vespa said two words about Grandma -- inspiration and faithfulness.  Tremendous.  She was 94 when she went to meet Jesus.  I can only hope and pray that my life....would touch 1% of the people she did......

I can only pray that my children......touch others....there is such a legacy powerful.

She was an inspiration and her HIM was remarkable.  I believe that perhaps the reason she lived so long....was she was a faithful prayer warrior and we had confirmation that she would pray all the time in the nursing home  -- in fact, Marilyn even spoke to a lady that was in the room with her and she spoke of that peace Grandma had, but that she didn't....and so, just this past week, Marilyn prayed with her and she accepted Jesus into her heart...even after Grandma was in heaven....her legacy lived on.  Tremendous.

I believe both Grandma and Grandpa knew of the service yesterday - but they did not need to hover over it, they are enjoying God's presence.  They are in HEAVEN.   I believe all the prayer warfare they did while on Earth....will prove fruitful...even for her children, grandchildren, and great - grands.


Grandma got her vision when she was about 7......I wondered today how many of us got our visions or our 'orders' and ignored them...she believed.

When the speaker spoke about that, I got a glimpse into the heavenlies...and I could see both of them walking hand in hand with their African garb on  walking towards God....I only saw the back of them and they were spry....I had to stop a moment or lose it.....then I asked God, did I really 'see' that?

I believe I did.  It is just another one of those tidbits of blessings...that HE gives me...that HE gives me to remind me - I am deeply loved.

I sit Christ when I can.    I sit humbled.  I pray ....I listen and watch every new Christian video...but, do I really serve HIM?  

Rev. Vespa spoke about service.....the Enemy could really have a field day with my head  nright now...making me feel I am not doing what I need to or I have not done enough, but God reminded me today -- HE calls us to be real and show HIS grace and mercy every moment of our lives and if we are in HIS will.....we are going to shine and show HIS light.

Back to...when the promise is clear...the pain is easy.  Rev. Vespa stated that yesterday and repeated it a few times.  I wrote it down at the request of my hubby......when the promise is clear...the pain is easy.  

I thought of giving birth.....knowing the baby was coming....and thousands upon thousands of women got through it each day....

I thought of sitting with Blake outside in the parking lot as he had is first seizure....knowing that I could sit there and watch my precious nephew convulse....but I knew it would pass.

I thought about sitting outside of the surgery room when HP was having a lump removed and holding onto the thought of the doctor probably was just a cyst!  ......

I thought about when TP came home in 6th grade with her heart broken.  The only time she had a 'boyfriend' and he broke up with her via another pal......and I held her and knew that this pain would pass....

I thought of the night when I watched my uncle have a massive heart attack on the steps of a hall at my other Grandparents Anniversary celebration and then being at the hospital when he was declared dead and watching my mother and my grandmother take in the that time, I was so young and naive and questioned his salvation....and then just blurted out to my folks....YOU must be saved...I don't want to be in a hospital and wonder.......

I thought about the pain of driving home after the phone call from JJ about Blake's passing into the tears ran down my face and I drove on I-75 home...knowing HE WAS IN was painful...but easy....well....easy came in time........


I thought of laying in my bed, in tears....heaving with pain and illness because of such great sadness.....knowing  that my husband could not say the words "I love you", ......but   still I had no idea of sin that was going on...and then finding out several months...years....later.......and even more hurt....but that promise...that  God hates divorce and HIS promise is for my GOOD.....and HIS promise that HE would NOT let me go through anything...anything that HE did not know about...

I thought  of Grandma and Grandpa and how they left their home and their share HIS good they new the Promise was CLEAR.......and their pain would be easy...



God wins.

We celebrated the life of a beautiful woman...and her man.

My family is being restored.

My inner most secret prayers are being Rev. Vespa for HIM is a GREAT is.


we laugh often now ...and we can be silly...cause God shines....
I am so blessed.
Grandma and Grandpa would maybe not approve....but they would laugh and know that God wins.

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  1. PS....he says I love you ...pretty often now! Amen.


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