Monday, July 8, 2013

....when you try to make sense of things.......

One of the things I have learned is THAT I can't make sense of things.

Well let me explain....I can make sense that 2 + 2 = 4.
I can tell you that if I turn the oven on - it gets hot.
I understand and realize that it takes 9 months or longer to produce a baby....and that only women can do that!
I realize that most problems are caused by our own actions but some problems or situations are not our fault or caused by our actions.

THAT is when I continually go to God and ask WHY.?

However, in my 45+ years now - I realize that HE does not have to explain HIMSELF - HE is God.

When we try to figure it out - we are putting ourselves RIGHT there as an equal with HIM.

I don't ever want to do that.
I don't want to even think that I know it all.
I don't.

Earlier this year, I called upon many prayer warriors to pray for a sister in Christ - she is still battling and fighting cancer.   Why does she have to battle cancer again....only God and Trace can answer that, she and God.  But in the meantime...I will pray and ask God to heal her on THIS side of heaven.

Today I read another parent lost a child, cause she was in a hurry and left her 8  month old in a hot car and found him dead.  WHY does THAT have to happen?  Lord, I pray for that mother right now - only YOU can give her any sort of comfort......

The news tonight showed that Airplane that crashed and now the investigators are all working overtime trying to figure out WHY it crashed.....

Years ago, I asked many - to stand in the gap with me and pray for a man that had 'soul cancer'.  I misinterpreted scripture and went before a body of believers and 'called him out'.  I asked strangers that worshiped with me, in a polite  and tearful way, to join  with me and pray for my husband.  I really thought I had it figured out.  I really believed that I would go before many,  seek their prayers,  and  by the end of the week - my family would be restored.
 I just really thought it was THAT simple.

Boy - was I WRONG.
 Now, God knew my heart and HE brought some very good out of that situation but that 'doing' also severed any bit of real hope  in him -

I mean, it totally severed 'what was left' of the relationship I had with my husband.
 He was hurt.   I was to pray for him...I was to seek others to join me in prayer - but I wasn't to make a public spectacle of it - there were many people that were unaware of his actions and it brought shame and hurt on many.  Since then, I have sought out forgiveness from those people....I never meant to cause anyone else pain - I was just wrong.   An immature Christian.  A hurting woman.  But I had NO clue of that at the time.......but I believe God used my choice of action as a teaching point for me and for others as well.  ( HE later taught and showed me where I 'went' wrong - it was a lesson I will never forget!)

One person could say - "who cares, he deserved it".  But...he really didn't.
The bible says, "he who is without sin -cast the first stone".  There was one thing I really did not know or understand....secret sin.  I had secret sin too - I shouldn't of cast a stone - as I was just as guilty of sin.

Sin is sin.
Some sin is public for others to see.
Most sin is private.

But sin is sin.  God is the judge - not me...not others...not others!
I had hatred in my heart.
I had committed spiritual adultery. But no one really 'saw' that....

It is hard to make sense of things.

Taylor created this.....
I am thankful that God planted a seed of hope within me and a love for my husband that I could not deny, so I was able to wait. God continually spoke to me in LOUD impressions and gave me direct words through HIS word and HIS servants.    I wish I could say I waited patiently...from the outside people said I was patient but I really wasn't.  But God had to do so much FIXING in me first and had to change quite a bit of me and how I thought about stuff - cause I was still trying to make sense.   However, I also had to learn to trust God.  I had to let God be my ONE true love.

Once you really get a grip on WHAT that means.....with GOD being ALL.....the rest does not seem to be THAT important.  And the NEED to have it figured out ---diminished.

So again, I blog this evening and there is a deep burden on my heart and it has been a focus of prayer today and I am reminded that I don't have to try and make sense of it all.

I am reminded that God wins.
I am reminded that a window of heaven is opening -- now -- today --- there is a movement within our American churches today -- we want MORE of HIM.
I believe the women of God are rising up.....
I believe the women of God are understanding that we must TRUST HIM more!

And because of that -- the ENEMY will be striking more.  He will continue to seek, kill, and destroy as we as women of God are hated by him.  He is a liar.  And with our world so quick to be mindful of 'what is right'......we, as women of God will NEED to be strong with our ARMOR ON!   WE must be ready!   Our families.....ARE being attacked.  Period.  I bet it is around you too - I bet that if you are reading this and you  are aware of the spiritual rheum - there is someone that you could STAND in the gap for right now....let them know you will pray...please.  THAT meant SO much to me in  my time of crisis of faith....OH GOD...THAT is how HE sustained me.

And I will leave you with this scripture that blessed me so on Sunday and credit my daughter for the graphic!

Lamentations  3. 29  from the Message bible...

"When life is heavy and hard to take,  go off by yourself.  Enter the silence.  Bow in prayer.  Don't ask questions. Wait for hope to appear."

My Pastor said it best....
Get away by HIM.  Allow HIM to speak to you - be quiet.  BOW in prayer - do it.  Don't ask God why...don't ask questions.....listen, read HIS word...and wait for hope to appear and it will.  

I know it will.  
I have lived long enough to know -- that while we are in the 'middle of something' seems hard to see BEYOND the hurt and the circumstances......but HOLD on -- allow the friend to pray for you...

.....allow another to stand in the gap...
Go before HIM....
HOld your tongue - but be viligent in prayer and watch....God will give you little tidbits of blessings or signs where you will know .....HE is at work - so wait for the FULL answer or the HOPE to appear!  

God wins.  
I have seen it within our lives.  Don't give up!  

Psalm 27.13 

 I would of despaired unless I had believed that I'd see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!   

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  1. I'm so in aw' right now. Tears in my eyes . Both your love for each other, the love you have for our Lord Jesus is humbling. It is amazing what God can do and how he restored Your marriage/ family. I feel so anxious and relieved at the same time when I read hour blog. I know we have spoke of this many times, even though it has been some time, I get encouraged , to Believe that God is and will change our family . I myself get really really angry/hurt with certain aspects of our marriage. But I know what God is. Capable of, I know we are in a process right now, and I look forward And will claim victory in my marriage. Thanks again for the words you have shared, that have once again touched me !!! God Bless and I look forward to seeing your new house' that you will make a home :) Jenn Harvey


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