Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I don't have to be in church to be WITH God"

25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

This verse is from Hebrews, Chapter 10.  

This verse has been SO on my mind for over a month now.  I keep coming back to it over and over.   And tonight I can't sleep, I guess it is time to blog and share my heart.  

I have asked God to forgive me over this verse;  one,  for my own personal stuff and two, because I have used that verse to judge others.  

I am so sorry.   You, yes, you reading this,  may be the one reading this that I need to ask forgiveness from.....

I looked at it this evening in several different versions.  The one above is the NLT or New Living Translation.  

Hebrews 10:25

New International Version (NIV)
25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

There is the same verse in the NIV version.  

The one verse says, let us NOT give up on meeting together...and the other is let us not neglect our meeting together.  

So,  there is to be a time when we meet together.   A specific time. 

Can a soccer player play his game without the teammates?  
Can a volleyball team play with only one?  

No...the TEAM has to show up - they collectively together and fight through to win.  

Like I said, I have been thinking on this verse and speaking to God about it for almost a month now - I believe tonight is the time to share! 

It started like this...  Lord, why don't they come?  Lord, why can't they respond when I ask and see how COOL church is and how we just want them to get the healing we have received.  Lord, why is it always, "he is more closer to God now than ever and he does not need church".  And Lord, why don't they see I see it ....they are a train wreck waiting to happen.....

Then, I would ponder and think and reflect more and another Sunday would go beyond and I would see posts on Facebook or Twitter and the thoughts would come.....Lord, they have time for that.....lord, they have time for that....and yet...I am getting mad here God -- I want them to WANT you...I want them to see....they NEED you!  I mean, Lord is where they will GET their encouragement...not there!   

And the judging began....

Lord forgive me!  

My  husband is now one of my BETTER  friends and praise God I can talk to him now about anything and I did speak to him about  this scripture and my thoughts and feelings have been discussed and discussed.

 He is very wise and reminds me - God has it!  What must I do? - ----pray!   Pray that those I know  who need to assemble  themselves  will be convicted and realize, they need HIM.  Period.

I mean, I asked God to forgive me, forgive us.  Not 'assembling' ourselves was a piece in the puzzle of how our marriage and our family fell apart.  WE allowed everything else to get in the way.  We isolated ourselves because we had soccer or volleyball and excused ourselves when we were not at a sporting event because that was the ONLY FAMILY Night we could have together!!!

That is the enemy.  He was able to get in.  It is scary to think about when the 'guilt' of not being in God's house changed to "well, can't make it this Sunday"...."oh well".   We would forget and the guilt disappeared!   And so easily the conviction was gone.  Gone.

And the Enemy whispers and continues to deceive and lie.  Then SIN transpires and now there is WAY too much guilt to even think about heading back to the 'assembly'.  There is no way I can GO to church NOW.... And in my case, My husband did not want to go to church anymore and I HATED sitting by myself and people asking where he was and so I could go to another church but....'they were just  too  FREAKY there'...etc. etc.  etc.  Excuses.


So, like I said, I had to ask forgiveness of My Lord, as it says in HIS word, DO NOT neglect...DO NOT forsake I  disobeyed.

THAT is what I really WANT to WARN my pals family new friends and circle of influence  about........please, being disciplined by God is NOT fun.
Now mind you, I don't believe we were punished, it was our choice - God allowed.  HE knew, but the Enemy is so cunning and such a liar -- don't think for one all that time, that  I   understood  we were being lied too----- we just thought we were busy! But then again, I did understand it, I would get it while driving and the Holy Spirit would try again to remind me of WHAT was missing.

And then second, I have had to seek and ask forgiveness from God because I have used that scripture to judge others.    I would catch myself if a tragedy  or even something minor discomfort occurred within a family and I could hear myself think, "well, that will make them sit up and take notice that they need to be in church".

Have you thought that?

The bottom line is - IT is a HEART issue.  When you are in love with someone, or falling in love...YOU want to BE with them.  You speak to stick around, and you have a relationship....

When you are not in don't.

When you are really in LOVE with Jesus, YOU want to be with others that feel and worship the same way.  YOU  figure it out. You want to be near HIM.

For SO long -------  40+ years - I did not know what it meant to be in LOVE with my Lord...I do now.

It took a 'death' in our lives, a death in my heart,  to get me to wake up and see ...that something was NOT right - but it was NOT right with my LOVE for HIM.

 When my heart changed....I wanted to be in in God's house and with  that ENCOURAGEMENT and receiving it.  As I realize ...the DAy is coming when Jesus will come to us out of those clouds  and then everyone will see and realize, that Jesus is Lord -- but will HE know you?

There..............I feel like it has been said, I needed to say it.  I needed to confess, and now the Holy Spirit will convict those...them.  HE is a gentlemen - He won't continue to bug you -- if you have squelched Him, you will probably read this and just say - 'whatever'.

 And if there is an open heart and mind -- maybe He is calling you HOME...HE wants to be closer to you or close with you again....

The TEAM needs you ...I need you.  The Body of Christ needs YOU.  YOU need HIM - don't forsake the assembling of yourself -- FIND a house that loves God and teaches the Word.  Find a place where GOD is moving and join in....don't miss out.....

My feelings get hurt when I invite people over for a party and they say they are coming and don't show....

My feelings get hurt when I hear about a party and I know I was not invited...

Simple little illustrations.

I have invited.  If you have never been invited - I am inviting you NOW!

Real stuff -- God has invited you, can you imagine ?  HE sent HIS only Son -- sometimes I think...Do they realize that they are telling God..."they are too good to meet HIM in HIs house?"

But that gets close to judging again -- God forgive me.

Lord, I pray that those that are most dear to me...would, read this, and WANT MORE of you.

Lord, I pray that any others that I am not aware of ....would read this and open their hearts and rejoice cause they HAVE You or SEEK You cause they need you.

Lord, I pray I get MORE of You.
Lord, I thank you so much - for restoring God, bless my church family and body of believers - may we hear, "atta boy ...atta girl" when You return!



  1. that was amazing, thank you for posting. :-)

  2. AMEN!!! So many times early in my walk with God it was the more seasoned or mature Christians at church that would just come alongside and pray with me or have a word or encouragement for me. Now, years later, it has become my turn to be that prayer warrior or encourager for them... and yes I still need it too. We never outgrow that. We are the church and we all are needed to be the hands in feet of Christ, both in and sanctuary and out. Thanks for sharing! Very encouraging!


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