Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taylor at 2...Taylor at 22....

Taylor at 2....
...was a joy to our lives
...she was planned and anticipated
.....we never knew she would be a 'girl' until she was born - did not have the sophisticated ultrasounds back then!
...was the only child in children's church for YEARS
...got the run of the house for 4 years until the little brother was born
...had this haircut that everyone remarked upon
...was already at the growth and development level of a 4 year old...
..loved Barney and watching Barney the most
...loved any Disney movie but Jungle Book and Aristocrats were the favorites
...prayed and asked for a baby brother
...had the most beautiful green eyes...

I could go on...

Taylor at 22...

...is still such a JOY to our lives!  
...was HIS perfect plan for our lives! 
...is ALL girl and nothing less  but last night, something really HIT me...she is a WOMAN!   
...has been our 'only girl' in so many ways here at home, at the office, at school, and at church
...she still has the 'run' of the house, even though she will say she does not!  
...she has THAT HAIR that everyone compliments!!  
...is still way beyond her years....she has the presence of an accomplished woman!  
....she still loves BArney and those Disney movies!  
....she still prays for her baby brother......praise God she does! 
....and has the most beautiful GREEN eyes...

I could go on...

I really could.  I have so thanked God that part of our healing was her coming home from UF.  I realize now that HE brought her home, as she has been a tower of strength for her brother and for me and she has been a wonderful testament of HIS grace and mercy to many...

She is loved and respected by her brother, me, and her dad and others...

She is a remarkable woman of God - I love to sit and listen to her speak about WHAT HE is doing in her life.......I just LOVE to hear and SEE it.  

She is almost finished with her college path- student teaching next week and today, she was up at the crack of dawn, preparing for her first REAL job ...Varsity Volley ball Coach and try outs are today!  

I sat in the audience last night as she met with her parents and players, and she has a WONDERFUL Assistant too...but I sat and watched her.  

I watched a young girl that is no longer a 'young lady'...but a woman!
 She is a young woman and I could see and hear the respect her team was already showing her.  

I watched my girl...and was so proud.  
I watched my girl and wished that I would of had a coach like that when I was in High School -    someone I knew loved God and would pray for me if needed...

I watched and wished...but thanked God she will be a mentor and fresh voice of HIM for them....
Those girls are one blessed bunch as I know how much she has already prayed over them. 

A mother is so full of love when a child is born, she sits and wonders if she could ever love another as much....
        she sits and wonders if she will do her best...she sits and wonders ...
WOW Lord - how did this happen...

And then all of a sudden, it happened...

She entered Kindergarten, first grade...then fifth...then middle school, high school and then college.  
She did it....where was I?  I know ---- I was there....I saw it all....!

It hits me today -- WOW, time flew!   

Lord, how proud I am of her and her accomplishments... it probably can't even compare to when YOU look and see ALL of what YOUR children do-

...but if I can bring you even a 'part' of this joy back to YOU...       I WANT to! 

...what I experience and feel when I look at this girl - OUR girl....  I am overwhelmed.  !!!

I am blessed, so blessed and well - I just thank you Lord -- it was all YOU.

YOU did this Lord...we were just helpers...or facilitators....to a life YOU have been preparing.  She is beginning a new journey...as she says..the ...'the grown up years'....

Thank you Lord, for letting me be her mom.  
I am humbled.  

And Lord, Ps...he is JUST as proud to be her dad.  Thank you for what he taught and showed her too -- she is a mix of us but MOSTLY she is YOURS!  

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  1. Taylor was such a cute little girl, and now a beautiful young woman. They sprout right before our eyes. I think both Taylor and Hunter had some great parents, to become such great people now. God bless both Taylor and Hunter. And may God heap another helping of blessings on you and Brendan.


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