Saturday, August 24, 2013

God had I didn't know that already.......

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Ok, the scripture listed below was a piece of God's word that brought me life and comfort at a very crucial point in my life  - well, to be honest I had MANY crucial points, but...

I mean, there can be a season in our life where each day there is a breaking point or a point to where we say - "Lord, I can't do this "....THAT is when this scripture came into my life and it spoke to me.  

>>Show resourcesAdd parallelHabakkuk 2
New Life Version (NLV)
I will take my stand and keep watch. I will take my place on the tower. And I will keep watch to see what the Lord will say, and how I should answer when He speaks strong words to me.The Lord’s Answer to HabakkukThen the Lord answered me and said, “Write down the special dream on stone so that one may read it in a hurry. For it is not yet time for it to come true. The time is coming in a hurry, and it will come true. If you think it is slow in coming, wait for it. For it will happen for sure, and it will not wait. As for the proud one, his soul is not right in him. But the one who is right and good will live by his faith.

So, today, I am sharing it.  

It has been a CRAZY week, God has spoken to me daily - even yesterday with this CRAZY and WEIRD dream that I am still trying to make sense of.  Well, HE gave me the meaning for it right away -- but now....just to think on that....

Anyway --like I said, school started and I have seven wonderful, sweet, cute, and needy bodies within my room that now I get to train, teach, comfort, and speak life into and I am so glad for that.  Yes, I only have seven but that is my blessing.  And I have MUCH work to do  -- learning gains will be made!  Much is expected!   ( as you know- I have a FULL time aide....I can hear my CES peeps saying it now........)  

I also continue to pray for the 25 ladies that went on that Encounter and I try my best to encourage them to KEEP a hold of their freedom - but living in this life is the HARD part, it is a daily thing.  

I also try and keep up on my quiet time and the reading of HIS word...which still seems to take a back seat at times.  But...there has been VICTORY in that!  

And of course there are many others that I hold in prayer - thank God I can pray without ceasing and HE knows my heart is just my communication with HIM!   Otherwise - I would be stressed!  

I am also just trying to be a good mom still - HP has been gone now for 2 weeks and the house is so quiet - I don't hear the battle scenes of some Mortal Kombat video game in the background and I don't wake up and walk to the kitchen to see remnants of the midnight snack.  I can also go to bed a bit earlier as there is no food being cooked at 10:45 after soccer practice and then those  pans of I do miss coming home to a room full of boys watching some athletic event!  

And there is another child, she is busy student teaching and I got to help her plan  a unit for Social Studies last night - well, maybe not plan but just sit there as she told me her plan and I said, "um yes,"  and, "I would do this"---To which I would hear, "mom, how do you know all this?"..."Um, Taylor, I have been doing this for 26 years now!!!!!!!".  

And there is this man that I love that also needs my attention - it is so easy to get caught up in school and work and other stuff - even the kids stuff - that you find yourself on the couch on a Friday looking at each other and not even having the energy to have a date, conversation, and then XXX........LOL.  (took care of that today! )    Sorry - being REAL........  


SO, let me get back to the scripture...

1.  For those still waiting for their miracle -- read the words in HIS word...wait for it - pray and write down those dreams....HE fulfills them in HIS time.   He wins.  God wins.  !!!  HOLD on!!!  

2.  Breathing in HIS word is our life....exhale in prayers...and then breathe in again and exhale...THAT makes perfect sense.  I heard that this week from a preacher - J. Franklin.  He also spoke about how God has told him, the end is near but  so many of us here have scheduled the Holy Spirit OUT of our lives...The Holy Spirit is OUR Power!......praise God for that power -- that strength that can be increased as we walk with HIM...and pray in the Spirit.     This really 'hit' me as John Bevere has just come out with a new teaching series on the Holy Spirit and Francis Chan wrote a book a few years ago about the Holy Spirit - how creative of God...HE is speaking to us all- from different faiths and different venues.   

With that being said of the MOST incredible experiences I had with those ladies at the Encounter was to watch them hunger and thirst for their prayer language....that power.  I was able to pray with three woman...what glory shown.  Wow.   To experience that -- tremendous joy! 

I know that in my own season of pain and when the nights were so long and I just could  not utter ONE more word in English...praying in my prayer language was freeing -- releasing, and comforting...and praise God -- HE heard me directly and not the Enemy.  

And 3...

I blogged a bit ago about my pal - she dealt with Breast Cancer before, now it has come back but in her sternum and neck.  I have sat by the computer and emails...watching for updates on her condition.  I am so far away.  She is able to blog and update with her peeps via the CareBridge site and I hear her faith come through - she is so positive.  She comforts me.  But this week - her husband had to post.  She was too weak.  They have put chest tubes in her to drain the fluid away - he says she is comfortable.  I cried.  

God can still do a miracle.  But...a part of me is also praying for her family.....that this time is not for her to suffer but to enjoy her loved ones and that her healing maybe in HIS arms.  I can deal with that - but I DO NOT want to. I read through the comments and encouragements, I was touched by one in particular -- she was a mutual friend from a LONG time ago.  I was able to then, write to her on Facebook and as I read ...the tears just flowed...OF COURSE God has a team of prayer warriors right there in Watertown....ready to  tend to her and pray over her....OF Course!  

 God is so BIG...God is so wonderful......stupid, silly naive me....even when I claim it is NOT about me, it creeps in there...I mean, I thought I needed to fly there to pray over her because 'she needed that' .....but of course, God HAS it...GOD had it...GOD is there -- in other women of God.   They will pray over her and tend to her.....HOW that blessed me - 1400 miles away.  

Can you see me ??   How naive of me -- HOW sweet of God.  HE is probably laughing.  

God is so so so so so so so sweet!   Sweet.  

Why is it so hard to believe at times?    

Lord, this is for Trace -- minister to her today -- ease any pain.  May she enjoy the family!  
Yours, Michelle

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