Thursday, August 8, 2013

It is NOT about me....

I met two women this evening and was blessed.
Tomorrow begins the The Cross and the Crown Encounter Weekend for the ladies of my church.
This week has been an eye opener -- wow!   Whoa.

The Enemy certainly attacked - each day.  I even said today, "well today will be better as we are not fasting today and we get our final training and meet our co-leaders"...and boy, was I wrong.

But something happened today, that I believe the Enemy wanted to see happen.  I believe he wanted to see me squirm and wiggle but most importantly...he wanted to bring shame and hurt to my husband  - my man.

I won't share details, that is for us, but WOW -- GOD showed up.

It was not about me.
I sat there -- thinking 'oh man...this is HARD for me'....and then I could see the look on a man's face... and I realized how HARD it really was for him.

But, God's grace is ever present and HE is faithful to always draw close to the one who draws close to HIM.   And instantly, I saw the Holy Spirit comfort and God won.

Clearly today, in a little personal experience at lunch, what Satan meant for harm,  God totally turned it around for good.    Real Good.

And HE showed and reminded was not 'about me' was about God!
And HE showed me that ....HE redeems perfectly.

Back to those two women --

After supper this eve, we had a wonderful time of prayer and they both spoke over me...a word from God.

I want to share that -- but I will at a later time....tonight, I am keeping that for myself and for me to just journal about and praise God for.

But also tonight,  one of the ladies said over and over..."it is not about you this weekend"...

"It is about God".....

Lord, empty me of me and fill me with YOU.
I even want MORE of You.

I thank you for this opportunity and I will heed what they said.
I receive it and thank YOU for it.

I will share this..."I have been a dried up sponge for FAR too is NOW time for the anointing to flow and my ministry will flow too".  Amen.

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