Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks - This is meant to encourage you!

In 2009, my heart ached.
In 2010, my heart was frozen.
In 2011, my heart felt awkward but hopeful and cautious.
In 2012, my heart was hopeful but timid.
Today, my heart is healed and thankful.

I don't mean to bring up the past - but I mean to remind anyone that reads this -- LIFE is hard and it takes TIME to reach our healing.

The past is that - my past, but it was my  destiny ---that was  steered......and so therefore, I do remember-- often --the PIT from which I came OWN pit - that I put myself in.

 Many times it seems if we are thrown into that PIT and many times we are....or we are pushed, but either way -- we were in a PIT.  I was in a PIT.  I am thankful HE pulled me out of there - HE pulled us out!

We stop and think that our problem 'just happened' or 'suddenly hit' and when we get beyond the other side of it -- and if we really allow God to reveal it to us......the problem came on so slowly and we ignored all the warning signs and we just moved forward so the hurt was a LONG time coming.  So, the healing most often has to take a LONG time coming.

The Enemy is a liar and he is so sneaky....and he has all the time in the world to lie and slowly make a path to that PIT so that when were are just right there...we fall in.    

But -

 Don't give up.   Don't give in.    God wins.

Today my heart is heavy for the people around me -- the hurting ones.

My husband and I spent almost on hour in prayer this am.  I don't say that to brag -- I say that in that is one of the reasons why my heart is healed today - prayer!!!

 One thing I had to confess to God  this morning is that -- HE is in control.  HE brings His children to our minds and we pray and we both believe in miracles, but we must also release those people to some don't get their healing on 'our' timeline.  But, HE knows.

Several times in the past few days, my husband has had to remind me that I am not a super hero....I can't FIX stuff and even though I pray and ask God to intervene....HE really is still the Savior and the FIXER!

I had to release several today -- trusting them to God, that in their pain....they will find their solace in HIM.

HE is the only one that can truly heal.

We may want SO much for that friend to see a Savior...
We may want that loved one to finally be set free of her sin....
We may want that one to be loved on at Thanksgiving time and have her children with her...
We may want to experience that true peace to see our loved ones again   or  have an answer as to 'why' they were taken so soon...
We may just need a miracle in an area that we can't get control of....

Whatever the circumstance, whatever the need - HE does know it and HE is making a way  -- the perfect way.  We must just pray that our will lines up with HIS...

That is hard to watch - when you can see WHAT God would want that person to do - but you can't make them....they must find that way themselves.

Holidays are hard - filled with much joy, laughter, pain and sorrow - and HIM.

So, with that - I will pray:

I cry out to our God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light.  ( 1 Tim 6.18)  -- that HIS will be done!  For each and every one of the people HE has brought to our attention in the past few weeks and months....I continue to pray that the God of HOPE will fill them with all the joy and peace as they TRUST HIM and walk with that they will overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit ( Romans 15.13) and may HIS healing hand not only restore their families, but create for HIS glory and HIS honor -- a new family and a new person - refined  by HIS fire, molded by HIS hands, and created by HIS mercy and love.  I praise you Lord for what you are doing and what you will do in their lives...Amen.

Lord - heal her heart....return those kids to her.
Lord - heal that addiction .... set her free.
Lord - heal that heart and her sorrow.
Lord - meet the financial need.
Lord - bind that enemy away from her - set her free from the immortality.
God protect all of them and their families around.
Lord, that eyes would be opened.  Amen.  
Thank you Lord!

And God, that she would believe that YOU can heal her marriage too -- Oh Lord, that she would know -- it can be done.  Amen.

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