Sunday, June 15, 2014

...I finally spanked her....

This is Elsa, Elsa Frozen as Eva May has named her and I have to admit - she melts your heart.  She is about 13 weeks now....but she has been "mine" since Monday and I am ready for Taylor to be home.

Over this past weekend, I have been in debate with Brendan about 'when' she should get a spanking as she is such a puppy.  But today - I did it.

I was heading out the door, off to church when she escaped and then plopped herself down on the driveway and then walked under HP's car and would not come out.  And well....when I'd walk into the house she'd come out and look at me but then when I would ask her to come in or go near her - she would go back  under the car.  "ELSA!!!"   Exactly .....can you see her little brain going, "I 'll show her..I am in control."  So, I yelled a bit, and enticed her into the house but she went back under there a 2nd time!   So, I got treats and bribed her but then SPANKED her.  Awe....yes... Awe.  I knew that I knew - she needed discipline.

As I drove to church - the illustration so fit what I wanted to blog and share about.
....of course...  God does that!

Like Elsa, we like to be 'naughty' at times...and we try our best to get away with what we can.  But if we don't have a parent spanking us...we usually have consequences of our actions...consequences of the sin we do -- and most often we have to learn the HARD way...that God's way is best.

Let me explain.

Brendan just read  a book by Chauncey Crandall IV, MD.  We met him, he is nick named the "healing doctor".  He is a heart doctor and works in Jupiter/West Palm Beach.

I want to share an excerpt from the end of the book:

Sinning Believers
Christians don't receive as much healing in their lives as they might because of sin. I'm not talking about having what some call the 'wrong kind of faith': I don't want people twisting themselves into mental contortions trying to figure out if they are believing in just the right way as a means of enduring God will act as they wish. God accepts our faith at whatever level we have it and only desired to give us more.  I have seen people with great faith -- like Chad -- whom God chooses not to heal. On the other hand, many of the healings I have witnessed have been in the lives of people who haven't quite known what to make of God's mercy. At times these people are left wondering. Why me? God's ways are far beyond our own.  

What I am talking about is serious sin that anyone with a basic knowledge of the Ten Commandments can recognize. 

 A young woman came to see me with multiple body complaints.  Headaches, aching in her joints, a balky digestive system.  No one could figure out what was wrong.  We did a mega- work up of tests and everything was normal.  With the test results in hand, I sat and talked to her. She was a believer - born again.  "I am sorry," I said, "but I have not found any thing yet. Why don't you tell me more about yourself? Perhaps if we talk for a while, I 'll figure out what I am missing." 

"Yes, actually my boyfriend and I are going on a trip."
"Where are you staying?" 
"At a hotel, nothing special but it is close to the beach." 
"You're staying at the hotel together?"
"Sure, we live together." 
"Can I tell you something? I have looked at everything, I can't find any illness that explains your symptoms. I think you are under spiritual attack, and until you get out of sin this will continue. Living with your boyfriend, having intercourse with him, that is not part of God's plan. You can't be a born-again believer and be living this way.  Christians who know God's will and deliberately sin against it are the MOST miserable people on the Earth. Far more miserable than atheists. So you need to get out of this relationship or make it a chaste one until you are married. I am sorry, but you do.". 

She went away sad because she was unwilling to change. The truth remains, that sin can create illness, psychiatric disorders, heart disease, and many other afflictions. 

 Morality is essentially God's description on the way HE intended things to work. When we neglect His "operating instructions" our physical healthy often starts to suffer.  

So --  how does this excerpt go  with Elsa being spanked?

  Elsa wanted to "sin"... not obey and I had to look after her and then discipline her.  If I would of left her there...she would of gotten hurt or run over. She  is a one sense she did not know better about going under the car, but on the other hand...she knew that by going under the car -- she could stay outside a little longer.  She disobeyed.  I spanked as I am trying to train her to listen better and be safe.

God's operating instructions are clear.  Many like to 'justify' why they can continue to live a lifestyle that is not in line with the moral code God set.... but can you see how Dr. Crandall's words make good sense?

Brendan read this book in 2 days.  He would stop, over and over and read me a portion of it.  Then today I heard him witness to another about 'knowing that when one is in SIN...and choosing to continue to hurts..physically hurt and there are consequences'....

Brendan has also said over and over...knowing what God's will is and then sinning against it -- only leads to hurt.  And now, with this book -- it certainly makes sense to also causes illness.  Illness that Christ Died for...

I have thought over and over about this all day...
There are many that continue to try and 'justify' their choices and their actions - believing that it is God's will...when it clearly is not.
There are also many believers now...that have to WALK in the consequences or the mechanics of their choices.....  Sin is forgiven...and hurts can be healed...but often the consequences of those actions are still a REAL part of relationships and life.

I think often of many mothers that have forgiven the person that 'killed' their child due to a drunk driver.  Forgiveness is a must, but they will forever live with the loss of a child.

I think of addicts...of any kind....they can overcome and have victory within their lives  and be a loving Dad or  husband...but there are still consequences and life choices that will forever be very apparent.

And this hits close to home.... I still have days when the enemy wants to torment my thoughts because of my own  sin patterns that evaded  when I was   out of relationship with God...and I have to take precautions and actions to make sure DOORS STAY closed.
  We both do.
 My husband is very real and clear about the DOORS he has to keep shut and he will share that with me so we can close them the enemy has not given up on us -- his plans are to steal, kill, and destroy all...he still really believes that he is going to win this game with God...but we have decided to FIGHT.

I think my final thought is this...If you are a born -again believer and you know ...there is known sin within your life... check HIM...make sure that doors are closed...that sin-- it can't be justified-- and make sure that you don't need that 'spanking'....

I believe that far too many 'so called born - again Christians'...will be  in hell...because they really did not think God was speaking to them when HE wrote that bible...amen.

Morality is essentially God's description on the way HE intended things to work. When we neglect His "operating instructions" our physical healthy often starts to suffer - Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV 

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