Saturday, June 14, 2014

a letter to my Dad...

Me and My Dad - September 2013
Good morning Dad --

It is June, and it is Saturday, so I bet you are on your way to a Dairy Breakfast somewhere Wisconsin.  I know you - and you will travel even an hour to Washington County or even 2 hours for the chance to look at all the farmland on your way there, supervise in your own head how that particular farmer is doing and then enjoy God's creation and notice everything.  Everything!   How do I know that -- ??  I am your daughter...your oldest, the first one....  And...even though I have spent more years now in Florida and away from you -- I spent enough Sundays riding in the car after church,  and visits home to know some of your habits of delight.

Like a few years ago, when I was in a sad and sorry spot...I got into a vehicle with you and mom and we hours north to visit a Hay Expo.  ???  Yep.   Yes -- I was not dressed as a farm girl and walking in those fields with my flip flops,  watching different implement companies display their 'best' hay making machines was sort of an oxymoron; and,   I will be honest, I could tell the difference between the different types of hay makers and rakes  and that kind of scared me.    It was sort of funny - but VERY sweet.  I so enjoyed the time spent with Uncle Tony and you and mom.  And I believe secretly you were just trying to cheer me up in the hopes that maybe an 'old boyfriend' would be there and we all could chat.  Mind you - I was flattered.  LOL

Ok -so, like I said, you are probably driving to a Dairy Breakfast where you will enjoy everyone there and make small talk with many.  It is funny, that is the quality I got from you that I like the 'least'.   I don't like being in strange places and mingling and yet -- I watched you all my younger life - you have a gift of making a person feel special.  Good thing I married a 'talker' I can stay quiet most times, but when I am by myself - I can talk and make small conversation and I know you and mom are experts at it and I thank you.   I am thankful for you both in that --

I also bet you notice exactly which farms seem to be prospering and which seem to be failing... simply because of what appears on the outside but also because you read a lot and keep up on the local news - farming news.  I know you have a PHD in growing crops and watching the condition of the dairy cows to tell exactly what the farmer is doing well and not so well.  Your gift of discernment and memory has been deposited in me memory can be a blessing and it can be a curse.  LOL  But I thank you and mom both for that --

I also can see you sitting in the farmer's shed or barn...enjoying the pancake breakfast and asking for a 3rd sausage but not too much -- as you don't like to be STUFFED and then there will be chocolate milk to drink and at least ONE ice cream cone!!  Maybe?  Maybe not?   But you see there always had to be a little SWEET at the end of the meal -- I quote you each time Brendan and I share a 'BITE' of dessert.  A meal is just not complete if the last bite is not a sweet one!  LOL

I bet you have one grandkid with you - or maybe have been known to just take off by yourself  -- I do that too.   And I bet you will walk around, think and dream of how that farmer can do it better and how you remember your own farm and such.

I also pray that you are smiling -- and enjoying the day -- the weekend. could be cutting hay  or could you still be planting some grass or hay?   And I bet if there is a local band, playing polka music you will take the time to sit around and enjoy it and think about your dad as well playing his concertina.

So, whatever you are doing....I just wish you a very sweet and Happy Father 's Day.
I love you - and I am proud to call you dad.

I pray that God pours his favor all over you - that you receive your secret most desires and that HIS love just permeates and fills your soul.   I know you love to read the Gospels and I pray that as you read in John or Luke - the story of Jesus continues to fill your heart with hope and much love as Jesus feels for you - and me. I pray that as you read and mediate on His Word, your heart will be filled and more revelation about Christ and His love for the Body of Christ  -- will spill onto your life.  ( And mom's )   And I pray that you will grow deeper in Love with that happens, you will love mom us kids more...and love yourself more YOU are indeed a man worthy to be died for - Jesus did that for each of us.  I love you Dad... Many kids have to have 'therapy' because of their childhood -- I want to publically say this  ...YOU were the BEST dad you could be...and I know  you did the BEST you could.  I have no regrets ( well...maybe some of those shouting matches could of been avoided ) .....but, as an adult now...and a parent...I can see and understand how stress can play havoc into much of our lives.  I am NOT perfect and within all the chaos there were tears and frustrations.....but there was love too.  And many excellent values were taught and demonstrated and as I continue grow older myself and get to listen to other women as part of my own ministry and just living...I know that I know ...we were well loved...protected...and cared for and God knew exactly WHAT he was doing when HE placed a fire in Your spirit for our Mom -- and I will continue to pray and believe that the two of you WILL grow OLD together....and have the peace and fulfillment that You both deserve!  

 And..BTW...I hope you know - I am very proud of you and how you have 'mellowed' out in your 'later' years...I can see that once us kids had a little more 'peace'....but I pray that each of the 9 of us..continue to show you grace, mercy, and your are our DAD.  I love you - mom too - and I look forward to when you can spend some of your winters in the, I can learn even more about you.  You once told Daryl, "that Michelle...her faith is strong"...That was the BIGGEST compliment you could of ever given is not is Christ that lives in me...and that faith...that freedom...that JOY in spite of yucky and hard what HE wants for ALL of us...including every one around me and you.  I love you Dad...God loves you more...and I love mom too -- please know - you are loved and prayed for daily.   Much love,  Michelle  and Brendan too! 

aka - pumpkin...
aka - Chelly
The 9 of us......2009.

PS....  I wrote this today - Saturday in the the time I came to POST it -- My sister and my Dad had GONE to the Dairy Breakfast with TP and well the photos add a bit.  LOL.
Too funny!  I KNEW that is where my Dad was headed today!!

MyDaughter and her Aunt (auntie Dee ) and her girls....

My Dad and Daughter #3...Diandra!  Yep they are on a bus!  Oliver is in the back...

What did I say about Chocolate milk?  

And can you tell....?  They are in a a Dairy Breakfast - if you have ever visited Wisconsin in'd understand!    It is a RIGHT of Passage..... many fond memories! 

the end... thanks for reading!

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