Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When life is HARD --

Lamentations 3. 28-29 says:

"When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself.  Enter the silence.  Bow in prayer.  Don't ask Questions. Wait for HOPE to appear."

LIfe gets heavy.   I have heard it said --  "we are  either coming out of a season or going into a season of something.  The 'little' time in between can be a brief respite of bliss -- or it just is a time where we can catch out breath."

I get that.

Whenever,  I think my life is REALLY hard...God shows me another person who 'has it worse'.  However,  when I thought my life was at its WORST -----guess what, it got even worse.

And when God gives me a reminder to put things in perspective - I am always humbled.

Sometimes, well most times, when we pray over something or someone -- the enemy comes back at us with vengeance and the situation gets worse!!

Maybe you feel you are pathetic and/or  too shameful to speak about something important?
Maybe you no longer can live at home with a spouse that has abandoned you --  mentally, spiritual, and physically?
Maybe you have seen more HURT since you have been claiming that Jesus is your Savior than you did before you were saved?

Or maybe just maybe...God has not lived up to YOUR expectations?  

The next line in God's Word says to go off by yourself.

I LOVE being in my car listening to Christian radio and I get lost there.  Many times when I was in a season of 'muck'...I would just drive and get away -- and listen to music and pray and speak to God.

I thank God that in that time of my life - my kids were self-sufficient!

Getting away by myself can also be retreating to my bedroom, watching an old 'classic' and just cry and let the tears wash away some of the hard.

So, HOW can you go off by yourself?  What can you do tomorrow to get away from the situation or person for just a short time?
Have you just given up and forgotten?

Or, when you got away -- what did you do?  

Insanity is doing the SAME thing over and over and getting the SAME result.

I hate to sound like a broken record that just repeats and repeats...but WHAT will change?

Then ENTER the silence -- that means LISTEN for God to speak.  He is constantly speaking to us - but we are mostly always too busy to hear and so - we miss it - until HE finally gets our attention.

This may take several days, weeks, or even years.  I stop typing right now and think back to 'stuff' that took days...weeks...and even years....  and I am reminded -- HE did not leave or forsake me.

What IS HE saying to you?  
What does HE wish you to do?
If you have not heard a clear directive, then it is wise to remain steadfast on the LAST thing HE spoke to you about....  

HE wants you to wait......

Bow in prayer.  I get by myself and I just talk back and forth with God the Father.  Sometimes it is very formal and most times it is just a conversation.

I also write prayers in my journal.  I email prayers.  I head to FB and express a prayer request on a private group chat.  I also sing prayers.  Praise while I  can and try to pray as much as I can.

What do you do?   Do you pray about the situation as much as you have complained about it?
Have you got your self a WAR room?    ( SEE the MOVIE)
Do you and God have that type of a relationship - are you praying without ceasing?  

Don't ask Questions -- THAT is my hardest  -- I mean, God created me to analyze and ask questions...I usually don't DO something at work or at my house -- unless there is a reason to do it......get me?

How do I not ask Questions?  I ask God a lot of questions -- but, I don't expect answers --

Sometimes our being 'absent' is the BEST way to allow another to OPEN his eyes.
Sometimes our being quiet will allow another among us to finally OPEN up and speak.

And when the directive is clear or the circumstances change.....can you just accept it and not question it?  
What do other people around you see coming from you?
Are you displaying faith and trust?  

Wait for HOPE to appear.  Waiting sucks.  Waiting sucks.  Waiting sucks.  I said it over and over - God's timing  ---WHY does it seem that GOD is so sssslllllllooooowwwww -- but I have blogged about this before - I get that now - HIS timing is best.

HE really knows best -- and waiting is WHAT we need to be able to do.

But waiting sucks and it is hard.  That is why it is a breath of fresh air --- to get into HIS Word --and look for answers, listen for Him calling out his guidance and extending His comfort.  But we have to wait --

A wise friend said, "it won't be much longer...but it will still take a little more time"....she repeats herself often -- wise woman.  I now repeat her.  

Where are you right now?  Are you waiting for hope to appear?   Are you willing to wait on God?
Perhaps something has happened and it feels like EVERYTHING you had accomplished in the rebuilding or the restoring was now.....  nothing. 

Maybe you are reading this and YOU TOO have had a SET back...you have received news of a new hurt that YOU did not expect....and  this hit has whammed you --  then.....deal with it  - 5minutes at a time.  

I will pray in agreement with you right now - GOD has this...and HE will provide every need and HE can redeem.  

Believe it.  

Lord, help me to go off -- help me to not analyze and judge.  Lord, for the one reading this -- may she  or even he get the courage or guidance to  do this -- to ENTER into this Word from You and allow it to change them.....To my sweet sister who is feeling SO much guilt..
TOO much guilt....  HE is aware and HE is at work.  Lord, I pray that her husband would be the man you intended him to be.  ( If not Lord....  he is ready to head to you.....  But Lord, that sounds so cold, but when another does not want to live and change and will continue to stay in the rut of insanity...then what?? )  
 Lord, I know -- YOU will make a way and move the mountain.  
In Jesus name - amen

Homework:    Go off and be by yourself....only YOU and God..if only for 5 minutes and question HIM but don't ask for answers.  LET HIM lead.  


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