Saturday, September 17, 2016

Perspective -- Just ask!!

I awoke this morning like usual because my bladder had to be emptied but also because I could hear the word, "perspective" loud and clear in my head.  

I laid there, thought - prayed  - dreamed a bit and then got all cuddly with my man and snuggled until I knew that bladder had to be emptied.   I asked God "what? - what perspective?"

Later, in the shower and now as I am typing, I believe  Holy Spirit  is speaking to me.   God also used a book -- and Beth's words.....

If you have read my blogs of late, I think I have hinted or shared about the fact that since summer -- my head and thoughts have been pretty wrapped up in stuff.  Last night I sat and had a conversation with God about this "season" I am in  -- I do believe the enemy is trying so desperately to totally bombard everything around me so that I lose hope.  I totally think, the enemy is using every circumstance around me to point out or remind me that God may be withholding something -- but I certainly see and hear God right in the middle of this season. 

I believe the enemy has been able to cause doubt in certain areas, and we are human, so one day it is easier to fight the battle and another day it is very hard.   In the past 3-4 months, I have questioned many aspects of WHAT God wants me to accomplish and questioned my position or part in those endeavors and  God has allowed some situations within my life and circle of friends that are indeed testing me.  In these months I have experienced some painful stuff that just hurt my heart so badly and yet I have had MORE experiences that have filled my heart so perfectly with His Love -- tangible stuff! 

Today, I get to hear a fresh word from God through Beth Moore.    I am expecting it!   Last year at this 'Saturday'  I was unable to attend the entire Simulcast because my daughter was waiting on me to join her and we went shopping for that DRESS as NEXT weekend marks the First Anniversary of her wedding day.   Here would be one of those reminders of HOW God holds me and gives me extravagant love through situations and events that HOLD my heart when the enemy is piercing it! 

In the middle of this season, God has certainly be showing me much,  as I said, holding my heart, and also blessing me in ways that are BEYOND what I expected - of course!  THAT is how Good God is! 

However, my flesh just wants today -- and I ask God to provide my needs.   And then I read this in the Chapter of Audacious entitled:   You Would Ask Me

 pg. 132

  "want is a far more powerful motivator than need - You can take this one to the bank:  we humans desire most what we love most.  It is as simple as that.  If you come to audaciously love Jesus , you will audaciously seek Jesus.  you will audaciously serve Jesus.  You will audaciously show Jesus to people who don't know Him, You will audaciously surf angry seas to fulfil your holy calling.  You won't be able to help yourself.  You will want to be alive and awake to His company because you automatically want who you love.  "  

THERE is is!!   THAT is the perspective that I needed to be reminded of!  

1 John 5; 14-15
Now this is the confidence we have before Him: Whenever we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.  And if we know that He hears whatever we ask, we know that we have what we have asked Him for.  


Lord,  I am asking.  This has been a HARD season of my life but I am thankful and I will PRAISE YOU and continue to do the assignment you have placed upon my head and heart.  I need YOU there and here in every aspect of it and You never fail - praise YOU Lord.  Lord, I WANT to love that audaciously that the need is met and the wants will come but I won't LONG for them.   

Lord, there are some messy situations right in front of me and I want to be that LOVE that hope to others, but I am asking YOU to send thousands of angels right now to whisper in my will be well!   Lord, for the present  uncertainty within my body -- I claim all will be well!   Lord, for the circumstances around me and my family -- I claim YOUR will be done.   

This is one of THOSE blessings! 
Lord, for those I am interceding for --    I pray they LOVE you audaciously and trust you with an unending fire...   I pray their circumstances would ease and YOU would orchestrate within their lives those moments where ....they will just move forward and KEEP On -- in spite of what they see in front of them.     Lord, some of these women I love and I am praying for daily -- well, YOU know, I cry I want it FIXED and NOW.... and I want to be a comfort and encourage as I speak and text them...but I have heard you Lord,   sometimes you allow a death...sometimes you allow the divorce...sometimes... you allow the PAIN -- cause there is a greater good and cause.   Help me to discern, hold my tongue or proclaim healing...but BE MY WORDS.. 

Lord,  YOUR will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven...    
It will be supernatural - radical and I am ALL in.   
Thank you LORD.  

****   If this prayer is for you today -- read it, post it...   IN Jesus Name, I pray you GET your miracle, but first...I pray you have that Audacious LOVE for HIM.   

*****If this blog touched you -- and you  want to encourage me -- I won't let my pride get in the way -- I am asking that YOU pray for me today -- and I ask for your encouragement as well!   

God wins.  
God is winning. 
God will win in YOUR circumstance. 
Don't give up -- your miracle may be RIGHT around the corner.  
HE loves YOU that much -- He died for you.  Yes you.  

- humbled - Michelle

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  1. Praying for you! Your words always come at the right time. Our God is Good all the time.


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