Thursday, October 27, 2016

Justification by Faith

 Justification -- it certainly seems like everyone is trying to justify how or what is important to them.  I am guilty.

Social Media is the context to this blog.  

I have been questioned as to why I even post  on FB and then again, I do find some good in it.  And, I ask and seek God all the time.  I have such a peace though about it -- it wasn't always that way. 

I admit, I have even been posting and trying to justify the reason why and whom I plan on voting for -- for some time I felt it was my "duty" to speak up and inform others.  I also post scripture and try to be funny, but it certainly seems like the majority of the news feed is FULL of the Hilary vs Donald saga.

I just say,   I hope that I use social media  as it was intended to be used for.  ( For social purposes!) 

 Then, something happened to me -- I went to St. Louis and had another Encounter with God and much changed. ------- I already blogged ----you can click this link and read this blog if you wish.
 Cast All Cares

Anyway, today something triggered a thought in me and I wanted to blog.  I came to my blog here and noticed it had been 10 whole days since I blogged last.  I prayed, asked God for some insight and  wanted to write.  I have been thinking and praying -- about the election that is right around the corner.  Our absentee ballots arrived today.   My husband ( my man)  and I will  cast our votes  this weekend,  mail them off, but first I will take my ballot to school and show my students.   The teacher in me never quits.    I just wanted to avoid the polls and the hustle and bustle of the election day.  And, I just want this to be OVER!    ( And my students were enthralled with looking at the ballot -- parents:  please educate your children in life stuff.  I know I am to do that as well -- but there is SO much more we don't have time to do in those 7 hour days!!) Sorry -- I digressed....  

But anyway -- what did I  want to blog?    I asked God!   I knew what I wanted to express, but that may NOT be what God wants me to express!!  

 Some of the posts I have read lately, I have   laughed at,  and prayed for to; especially the person who posted it.   In the past week, it certainly seemed  like there was to be  shame on  others if they didn't  agree with the  a political  post.  Another post basically stated, "I don't know how a Christian can vote for Trump".  And still,  another posted  how Christians have to 'water down' their Christian beliefs to justify their vote.   All  of those posts got me thinking -- and I sought God.

"God, have I done that?".

"Lord, please forgive me if..when I have...and may those that took offense read this and know -- I am sorry!   Repenting!"  ( Repenting may mean stopping a habit or behavior, it could also mean changing!)

And then I got a little frustrated.

I have not watered down my faith.  If anything, I have sought God's Word even more and sought some clear answers for this or for that!

And, I took about 5 seconds of offense and I quickly told the enemy of our souls to LEAVE my thoughts -- but another could take  offense when they  read: "I don't know how a Christian can vote for Donald...".

   I am a believer.

  I love Jesus with all of my heart and I know that I know what I believe in and what I stand for.   For me and my husband.....the definition of marriage and abortion are two very powerful or key issues.  Our freedoms and rights are important as well.  And, quite frankly -- I am just tired of the  SAME.

This media campaign is downright nasty and awful -- but everyone associated with the ugly will stand one day before God as well and have to account for their actions.  I pray I am NOT behind them in that line!!  However -- grace!  

For the past  two years -- I have been learning more and more about God's Grace.  ( Credit is given to God and my pal Sarah!)   I found this  photo  and it suited me perfectly.   It suited the situation.  It suited  my thoughts.  I found it after I read a blog from a popular Christian author and my heart grieved.   She has a blended, multi-racial  family and she has some issues within her life that are very different to mine and yet her opinions on some issues -- I questioned. And some opinions I TOTALLY agree with. 

 So...I extended grace.   I didn't  agree with her on the political stuff.     She has written some very popular books, I bought a few and gifted some away to others.   I probably won't buy any more now -- now, that I have read some recent comments about 'the church' and how we have failed.   Each person has the right to their opinion.   She is in a different place and well, it just grieved my heart.   And I was reminded that the enemy of our souls was still seeking to steal, kill, and destroy and it grieved me today because it certainly appeared that this author may indeed be a false prophet -- but if she is, God will deal with her later!   Enough said. 

My heart grieves for others though too....there is more to grieve out there -- too many still lost and seeking the enemy and his lies rather than Our Lord!  

Then,  I sort of found myself again, asking God -- why is there so much diversity?

He quickly answered...."if my people will who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven,  and  forgive their sins and heal their land".    2 Chronicles  7.14 

It is evil...remember the scripture that says in the last days that people will be lovers of themselves!!  It certainly seems like  we are in the era of where  -- it is always me and no longer do we with repent!  

 Then God Brought me to this:  

Justification by Faith.  

For if we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.  Romans 5.10 . 

I am not saved by believing; I realize that I am saved --by believing.
It is not repentance that saves me: repentance is the sign that I realize what God has done in Christ Jesus.
The danger is to put the emphasis on the  effect instead of on the cause - -"it is my obedience that puts me right with God, my consecration"


I am put right with God because prior to all, Christ died.
When I turn to God and by belief accept what God reveals,  I can accept,  instantly the stupendous Atonement of Jesus Christ rushes me into a right relationship with God and by the supernatural miracle of God's grace I stand justified, not because I am sorry for my sin, not because I have repented, but because of what Jesus has done!  ( GRACE!)
The spirit of  of God brings it with a breaking, all-over light, and I know,  though I do not know how, that I am saved! 

THIS is from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

I had to read that 4x to let it SINK in and  get it.   And that peace that I have been living in  reminded me that indeed, the bottom line is,  that I am the only one that will face Jesus and God when I get to heaven. At my time of judgement.

  I don't have to answer for this one or that one.

 It is just me and God.

 I don't have to worry about -- that author , she has to face God herself.
.....That one on FB will have to face God by  him or herself.
 Prayerfully Jesus will be interceding!
.....That husband will have to face God for the decisions he makes for his family and his kids.
   ....  that wife will stand and account for her own sin.
.......The adult children will have to face God for their choices and so forth.
......The estranged husband will have to account for his actions, he lack of spiritual authority and his choices.
....that Husband will stand before God and account for the wife that NEVER saw Jesus in his walk with Jesus....   ( whoa - THAT thought GOT me!)  
.....The teenager that has decided to roam the world and ...........
....the false prophets.
....those that claim to love Jesus and share Jesus and yet their own co-workers can't tell they are a Christian.
.....those....   that....   she.......he.....    

Bottom line - Grace affords me the ability to live with peace. 

I am justified through my faith in the ONE who created me.
Jesus already worked everything out by the Atonement - when the supernatural became natural by the miracle of God; there is the realization of what Jesus Christ has already done -- "it is finished." 

First off Lord, forgive me and SHOW me where I FIT into those  statements.  May there me less of Michelle and more of God showing through.    Lord, take me to a deeper place with you and give me MORE grace to extend when I see that one -- especially one close that I just want to jack slap some Jesus into her... but yet, you have given me this presence and perfect physical peace that I seem to be able to GRASP onto and I will indeed....extend it!  

Lord, for the ones who believe that your Word can be adjusted and 'changed' in this present day because of love.   Lord, that Your Word does not become watered down when it is being spoken.    Lord, for that one particular author whose  opinions  may be leading sheep astray -- may those, may ANY of us that read stuff in the media and watch on the news , truly USE your scripture to verify and test what is spoken and written.  

Lord, I pray that EACH person who reads this, including me -- is always alert and ready with their ARMOR on!  

 Lord, for the ones who have a voice and seem to express it to shame others.  Lord, for the ones who have social media following -- may their choices, their words, and posts be ones that edify and truly line up with YOUR Word.   Lord, may each and every choice be qualified and judged based on Your holy word and Your divine wisdom.   

Lord, even for the ONE today - as I edit this and I noticed their actions did not follow their words...   Hebrews 6.10 -- You are not unjust and You will not forget the work and the love you have shown him  -- me -- as you have helped me help others and you want me to continue to helps others...

Help us Lord to love the unloved, minister to the ones that are rejected, and be a light in this world of darkness.   Help us to understand the different ethnic cultures and history among them !
IN Jesus name,  amen. 

Lord, may they see Jesus in me!  Amen.! 

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