Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Casting ALL cares...

 Psalm 55 has some amazing promises from God that will just remind you that HE - God... is indeed in control!   

Placing every CARE in God's hands, just like a baby sets her head down on your shoulder and you melt!! 
Verse 22 says:  

Cast your cares on the Lord
    and he will sustain you;
he will never let
    the righteous be shaken.

                     These verse certainly is one I quote often.  But recently I believe God totally gave me a visual and physically gave me a REMINDER that HE has everything under control.  

Then, as that previous verse reminds me of  my Father God who loves and protects me and HOLDS me, within the very next verse I read this:  
23 But you, God, will bring down the wicked
    into the pit of decay;
the bloodthirsty and deceitful
    will not live out half their days.

 I read that and wonder -- whoa....DO not mess with my Father God!!  

 A reminder that those out of His will...those that do not call upon HIM and those that are not obedient -- there will be consequences.   And ...death....
But as for me, I trust in you.

A few weeks ago, I had an incredible weekend with God.  The weekend ended with a Praise and Worship night at my local church in which God met me right there -- I could go into such details.   Several years ago at my God Encounter weekend -- the Lord literally put me out -- and did holy surgery.  I have blogged about it before; I was not pushed down, nor did I lay down, but God slain me in His Spirit and I was on the floor.  While I was slain, I saw the eyes of God in the form of a Lion and I had this most incredible vision/visit with Jesus.   Like I said, I have shared it before.   

Since then, I have had a few moments where I was slain during some intense prayer and God met me there too -- but nothing like that first happening back in Titusville that last day of my God Encounter weekend.  I just wanted WHATEVER God had for me.    This recent Sunday, while praising and worshiping just a few weeks ago -- something incredible happened again.   Holy Surgery. 

This may be blurry, but I have not mastered how to take a selfie with a baby yet! 
 That night, I tried to fight it.  I put my legs behind me or anchored one leg behind the other as I was not going to wobble.  That did not work.  I felt the HS so thick!   I even sat down as I did not want to fall out and I wrestled with God a bit - I literally felt a force trying to lay me down.     I finally gave in.   And I saw the most incredible vision of blue.   I have looked at some color charts but it was indeed a unique blue color with a matte finish.   Immediately I knew  I was looking at something -- maybe  a robe of some sort or maybe just pure sky.   Then I felt I was laying in a field looking up to the MOST gorgeous trees that were so tall -- taller than I have ever seen.  And then I saw those eyes again -- in the form of a lion.   SO real.   So personal.   But just as I focused on that,   all this time, I could hear the rest of the church singing and praising God but I was having this conversation with myself and God.  ( In my head.)  Then,  as I realized,  I could not move.  My arms were being held down  and  it was for HIS purpose.   I have no idea if it was 2 minutes or 5 minutes...... but it seemed like a long time.   When I finally just told God, "OK...I am not moving and what do you want me to get from this?"----I felt in my spirit that God  would clue me in.   I believe HE was saying,  "you can't do anything - your hands and arms are is ME -- all ME ...I will do it, I am in control, It is all ME!".     

After that,  my eyes opened and yet -- I still could not move my arms.  So, I just sat there, as the church continued to sing and I prayed and just allowed the recovery to happen.   It was a good minute or two before I could move them.  Again, I believe God was making a point --

To CAST all CARES on HIM.   

 The next morning, I asked God to confirm what that all meant.   And He did.  There were 3 very distinct situations that were revealed to me THAT next day ....that I COULD do nothing about -- but that HE could.   He is sovereign, He is Lord, and HE is in control!  
Today, a medical procedure transpired -- the results  have been prayed over but as one lays on an examine table and as one is in the hands of the doctor .... you can't help but be reminded -- HE is in control.   Our lives are but breath away from eternity.  

Today a family watched and waited as their son/brother got a new heart -- literally a heart transplant.  

So, as I share a prayer this eve -- perhaps you are in a situation where you are trying to control or fix something.  I would urge you to read Psalm 55 and cast all cares on God.   I would ask you to place the name of that bully or that person that is being wicked to you or your family -- place that name on a spot in your journal and let God know -- that You are leaving that person with HIM.  

If recently, you discovered some BIG secrets or hurts and you are at a point of making a BIG decision or maybe you are still in SHOCK...I would ask that you place that care at the feet of Jesus.   Allow God to make that decision or next move.  

And, if you are are very tired of the political situations within out country -- I know that going to your knees and placing that CARE at HIS feet -- will allow you to sleep better this evening.  

God is indeed about taking all of our cares.   God is indeed wanting a closer relationship with you and HE wants you to cast EVERY care on HIM.   Even if you believe it is a 'minor' one - nothing is minor to God - HE cares about each detail of you and your life.   He created you.  

I just had to add one more- thank you Jesus for this miracle! 
God gave me some MIMI time with a little girl this eve - made the pain of the procedure disappear for a good half hour!    And as she fussed a bit and then placed her head on my shoulders and let me love and hug her -- I instantly thought about how God WANTS that from me...from US.. .... To CRAWL UP into his arms and lay our heads down on HIS shoulders.      Cast all cares there and allow HIM to hold us.   

Lord, You know EXACTLY WHO is to read this and who will be ministered to by these words and by YOUR Word....may they allow YOU to hold them.  May they cast EVERY care upon you and may they feel YOU hug them in return.  Lord, you know the prayer requests deepest on my heart and in my journal.  Lord, YOU know what transpired and I am listening to YOU and indeed -- since that holy surgery, I have had MORE peace than I have ever know possible.   Lord, use me ...but empty me first of ME...continued refining....continued seeking...continued urging by YOUR Spirit.  May YOUR Kingdom come - YOUR will be done -- on Earth, as it is in heaven.  And Lord, it was NO coincidence when I asked for clarity on that day after...  thank you Lord, as I know YOU have all three situations under control.   IN Jesus's most strong and precious name - Amen! 

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