Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chocolate milk, a tooth ache, and furniture shopping !

I know that I know the Lord has commissioned me to write a blog for parents of ADULT children.  In my head I think its a few blogs, maybe seven.   I even found a really cool photo /graphic to go with first blog post but I have been procrastinating the writing of those blog posts.  

I have even been thinking over and over as to-- when.  When does it  GET easier to be a parent? It is easier when you can spank them and place them in their crib or when you can literally cut them off your payroll and remind them they are on their own??

Why am I procrastinating?   Why does anyone procrastinate at all?   Cause we probably don't want to do whatever it is that we need to do ----

 I know these next few blogs will be personal.   I have two adult children.  Both are loved dearly and these blog posts are not to shame or disclose a major problem -- it is just that prayers for these two did not stop when they moved out of our home or when one of them got married.

I have a few sweet sisters in Christ that have  adult children, and I  know that they WANT to spank them  -- but can't.

 I have a few dear friends,  who have asked me to pray  for their children,  and I have -- but their children are still making stupid choices and the consequences bleed onto everyone around.  

And, there are some adult children, including extended family, very close to me that know better and yet, they still feel justified to manipulate and tell God what should be next or basically ignore God.

So -- as I reflect this evening  -- I stop and think, "I guess there  are some things --that chocolate milk can't make better!"

I have a tooth ache.  I need to see my favorite dentist but I have been putting it off - too busy.  I pray each night and throughout the day and claim a healing on the  surrounding gums and tooth area, but God has not seen fit to finish the healing --yet.  I know the drill - literally.  This girl was raised on Kool-aid with NO fluoride and there just isn't a spot in my structure that could have a cavity - it is most likely a spot that needs a root canal.  Ya....

  However, I just can't take the time to see Dr. Mark -- I have been furniture shopping.
I have been checking on rates for Comcast vs. Direct TV.  I have been trying to locate the RIGHT color of 'red' that matches the house I am about to purchase.  I have been checking emails daily for E signatures that need to go back to the Mortgage Broker and to our Realtor and I have been dreaming.

Dreaming of where I am going to place each new piece of furniture we have purchased.  I have been dreaming as to WHERE I am going to put the junk drawer  in the kitchen and  WHERE to place my 30 gallon crock and its table top?

( Oh wait, WHERE is that top for that crock to make it into an end table?)  

 I have been dreaming and planning out exactly where to place my plates in comparison to where the silverware will go.  I have been measuring to see if I can keep my regular stackable washer and dryer rather than the "condo" stackable one in the unit.  I have been dreaming about paint palettes and distressing cabinets. I  can see myself unloading  boxes in my dreams and I think I have finally  found the MOST perfect shade of grey for the inside walls.  I just want the next  2 weeks to fly buy and ask someone to WAKE me up when it  has passed.

  However, that won't happen. It shouldn't happen -- one day at a time.

 Did I mention we bought a house?   Or...we are about to.  Tonight, it took several prayers and some God time before a particular addendum was finally understood and e signed  - so it does look like all the paperwork is on target for our closing next Tuesday!!   But anyway ---

So -- when everything seems to get overwhelming I pray but I also grab a swallow of Chocolate milk -- 

 In the meantime, I am asking God to intercede and make a  husband's eyes open to the beautiful wife he has in front of him ....why would he defy God's design and order and commit adultery and then flaunt it in front of her?

And for another sweet sweet woman of God waiting on Him to heal her marriage - as they have  been through a lot but he still has not totally surrendered  his life and heart to the Lord, so she is still unequally yoked and her heart is so lonely to be in fellowship with her husband.

 And in the meantime, I am praying that a mediation event in the next few days won't happen -- that each of the sides will see that the marriage CAN be saved if they both just  fought for the other.

 And in the meantime there is another sweet mother with an adult child, who has found himself going to be a  baby daddy,  where there is  already  heartache, drama,  and troubles.  Both her son and the baby momma and this little one  who is  only a few weeks old in that belly-- need prayer.

And in the meantime, there is yet another wife that has given her husband another chance and extended grace and forgiveness and yet -- he won't  submit, seek godly counsel and be obedient to the vows he made.

And there are a few more -- especially a few more moms who are heartbroken over their adult children's behaviors, patterns, and choices and it makes them question, "what did I do wrong?".

So, with that intercession -- I go and grab a glass and pour myself about an inch and a half of TRU MOO -- and for a brief moment, about 36 seconds, I am LOST in that world of chocolate milk and it tastes so good.

 Then my tooth begins to throb - it is too cold.  "oh ya...I have that toothache"  and my reality sets back in.   And I stare at the boxes I have packed up and look at the next closet that is ready to be organized and purged.  And I grab my bible on my phone -- too tired to read it, I will listen to Psalm 37 that reminds me not to worry about the wicked and to TRUST in God...

And that Psalm reminds me to do everything  with a commitment to Him and delight in that.  I am reminded to be still  -- as the lowly will possess the land and will live in peace and prosperity.

And it goes on to and reminds me - the Lord takes care of the godly and the innocent.  Day by Day -- the Lord takes care of the innocent.....

So I pray --  

Lord, I am SO grateful for the chance to  escape and grab that swallow of Chocolate milk and for that moment it tastes so good -- but God -- for those that need more than a swallow of You -- 

Lord, for those mothers who have an adult child in some sort of jail or prison this evening - God, that their hope would be seen to all around them.  

Lord,  for those mothers who WANTED SO much more for their sons and daughters ....  school, college...a job...a career ....and THEN companionship /courtship and finally marriage.   In THAT order --  Lord, for the mother's mourning of  that dream they walk through the difficult waters of an unexpected pregnancy.  As they try to be supportive and yet, as a mother, they WANT so much more for their son or daughter as it won't be easy raising a child when they are unequally yoked.  

Lord,  for the mother who has had to watch their child hurt so badly because of choices made for them -- like a sudden death of a pet or even the sudden death of a relationship ......

Lord for the mother who has had to watch her child hurt so badly because of the choices he made and the consequences are now in full force ......

And Lord, for this tooth ache -- I trust you -- I know You can totally heal it and I am going to believe You will!  

Lord, as It says in Your Word to take delight in You and You will give our hearts our desires -- Lord, I have seen that SO often and delight when I see it happen in the lives of those around me, so as I pray I pray also for HOPE -- 

I  pray these mothers will continue to have HOPE.  That even if their dream is not as they envisioned....that indeed, they will see beauty out of every ash -- and that they will know that they know within their hearts that YOU are faithful and You direct their steps -- 

And Lord for this random post - may it bless just one more -- especially  the ones that read this entire blog until the end -- perhaps she has an adult child that needs to be spanked too -- IN Jesus name, Amen.  

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