Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bold Prayers for a marriage -- II.

 I was greeted today with a text and post from a prayer warrior who questioned me on something.  It hit a nerve.  Marriage is God's plan.  It is to be a covenant.  And when one walks away -- and claims to be listening to Christ.....there should be some sort of peace about that decision.   To me, if Christ really 'released' you from the marriage -- then there would be peace and there would be some understanding.   When one of the partners just walks away and justifies why he or she is leaving and then...... begins another relationship with someone  else ....THIS hits a nerve!  

Big nerve.  Big.  This is VERY very VERY hard.  I want to encourage the  one that is desperately still seeking God's will to HOLD on and yet, how can I tell her to do that when pictures are posted on FB of the 'moving on'.    How can I look in her eyes and ask her to wait just a little longer while her heart is being torn up.  Rejection is so very hard to get beyond.  And yet, I have this feeling that the one who walked away is probably suffering from rejection -- way back in his early childhood.  Or perhaps his perception of love and 'what' it looks like and how it behaves is already misconstrued.   I know that God will indeed - "not be mocked".  God's precepts, God's directions and instructions to live like Christ will be judged - eventually.    I totally believe this 'new' relationship won't last or work -- but indeed -- it hurts!  It does not seem fair.     

So I prayed.  I prayed the post would be taken  down.  I prayed the photos would not cause more pain and I prayed that God would totally release the one who is still praying for a miracle.  But I also prayed that the one -- who seems to be MOVING on.... would hurt today.  I did.  I said it.  It is NOT fair.  No!  And it is not very Christlike to pray that he is hurting -- but I am human.  This hurts.   But, I know that Jesus died for that one  that is justifying his behavior as well as me or his wife.  And, I believe God is good and that He is fighting for my dear sweet sister in Christ  who is praying -- probably even as she reads this blog, that You God would move or move her.   So,  I sat down to write and THIS blog.  A year ago I wrote the following prayers -- because of several situations  around me back then and today, I knew I had to get on my knees and pray again and pray more!   As this HIT a nerve.  

Married men are married men.  Period.  There -- I said it.  Married men should not be on date nights with the new person -- if they are not divorced.  Married men should not be on date nights and grant permission for photos to be posted when indeed -- he knows -- she will see them.  Satan -- I won't sit back -- this is wrong. 

And, I went to a beautiful wedding today.  Young love.   A man pledging his love for his bride, to have and to hold,  until death do they  part.  It was a beautiful wedding - on the water.  It was so sweet seeing old friends and acquaintances.  It was beautiful to see the two families interact and it was just precious to listen to one brother, the best man, give a speech and toast that made us all  by laugh but also reminded us that marriage is God's orchestraed plan.  Lord, for this newlywed couple -- Lord, may they both seek you and realize that with you -- that is the ONLY way to find true happiness.  Lord, as the matron of honor stated - blessings all over their union and each of them.  Lord, that this couple won't fall into the trap of the enemy!   


Lord God....I am asking you  again today to speak to each of the wives and husbands that are on my mind....that may read this blog prayer, and for myself Lord, please forgive me.  My flesh  has taken over a bit -- as I am mad at the enemy.   But You Lord -- will win!  

Lord God, I pray that we will ALL be still to hear your voice and allow YOU to fill our hearts with life and peace.

Lord, I pray that you would give each and every person involved the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation so that each one knows You better.  

Lord, I pray that as You placed the stars in the heavens each person represented in these prayers would totally seek You and place their own needs aside and know that they are in this marriage for the other -- not for themselves.  

Lord, I pray for the one who has been waiting for over a year -- waiting on the one in her home to seek You and realize that his actions are not in Your will.  

Lord, I pray for the one who thinks that it is ok to move on - when the marriage ordained by You is still here.  Lord, for that one - would he see that his actions are not in Your will?  

Lord God, may you be first...not our marriage...not our problems...not our heartache...but YOU -

Lord God, I pray that YOU are at the center - period. 

Lord God, may we worship you and not our spouses or problems...Lord, that we would trust that YOU have each of our husbands and that You will not be mocked and You will discipline in Your timing.  

Lord God, I know you desire to walk with me -- but too often we are too busy to listen and walk slowly with you - God, I pray for each one that reads this today -- that they will make a point of walking slower and listening more intently....

Lord God, I pray that each person within their  marriage will submit wholeheartedly to YOU the Lord - the living God.

Lord God - that each of these people....individually will put YOU first and make YOU their first love....and submit to You and your lead and that YOU may be their highest priority. Then I pray the other half NOTICES this change and this devotion to You and in turn -- it will give him or her HOPE!  

Lord, for the ones who are believing the lies ...that this marriage is over or that it can't be saved..... Lord, I bind the lies of the enemy and send them to the abyss  as THIS is not your Will -- and I want Your Will to be DONE!  

Lord God, as these couples work on issues....speak to each other.....and move forward...and as a few of them learn that YOU can redeem them....I pray peace and joy over their circumstance...may they find you in the quietness of their thoughts -- and may they STAY there.

Lord God, I pray they will put You first - amen.  

  Lord, there is a lost one - living on the streets  this eve, or perhaps he has found a couch to crash on -- I pray that his needs  not be provided and that he would be SO miserable that she wants  him to finally come fully to you and not neglect YOUR call on his life .   Lord, as then he will see -- Lord, that he would SEE! 

Lord, there is another still wondering and hurting and she believes she  knows You Lord, but she has hardened her heart -- 

Lord for the church body -- that we carefully LOOK at ourselves in the mirror and do some serious inventory ...."do people want what I have?".  Lord, are we being kind and being Jesus to others?  

Lord, is there purity?  Lord, do they believe they have power?  

Lord, for the church body  -- moving forward.  

 Lord, that they would see WHERE  You are at work and join in.

In Jesus name, amen. 

This morning I was reminded that - GOD wins and HE has a great plan -- HE designed marriage and HE designed it well......HE fully wants everyone to enjoy the fruits and benefits of a healthy marriage - God my desire is that this  prayer will encourage just ONE couple -- to persist!  


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